In all corners of Europe slow itineraries and uncontaminated places are hidden, waiting to be discovered. We of Ecobnb, several months ago, decided to promote a contest to map the most beautiful experiences of ecotourism, respectful of the places and the people who inhabit them.

We believe that the places should be told by those who experienced them during unforgettable trips or those who live them daily: only they can truly convey the emotion that you can feel climbing that mountain, diving into that sea.

The guides of the Italian regions and European countries are many, but they are all the same. We tried to do something a little different, we have forgotten the must-see places, the landmarks that we all know by now: together with you we went in search of hidden gems, unknown places but with so much to offer, slow routes where you can find quiet and peace and discover that trips can also be free and close to home.
October 31 was the deadline to participate, and many of youhave sent us the memories of your green adventures. So we collected your stories about less known and most authentic places of the European continent: the cycle-path to discover picturesque corners of the city, walks in the uncontaminated islands, hiking in high mountains.

Woman on bike surrounded by nature
Green adventure by bike, photo by Pimthida via Flickr

Read all the itineraries:



Top of Colle d’Acquaviva, by Caterina Consiglio

Trekking in the Nature Reserve of Ofento Valley, by Luigi Greco


Trekking in the countryside of Aliano (Matera), by Silvia Cappuzzello


From Agropoli to Trentova’s beach, by Ugo Matone

Emilia Romagna

Cycling to discover the unexplored territory around the River Po, Reggio Emilia, by Nerella Righi

By bike from Fidenza to Cisa Pass, by Davide Pagani


Mountain Lander Italy, by Roberto De Rivo

Piani del Montasio
, by Stefano Zocca


The Natural Reserve of Monterano, by Maria Giovanna Senatore

From Forca Canpine to Pantani di Accumuli by foot, by Alessia Bernardini


A walk to Colla Micheri, by Emanuele Bessone

Trekking Bocca di Magra – Lerici, by Maria Ida Bibolini


To the San Martino Church – Bergamo, by Francesca Faceti


The “Orridi of Uriezzo”, by Fabio Malacarne

Walking on the King’s paths, by Linda Montorio


The uncontaminated nature of the bay of Porto Selvaggio, by Alessandra Russo

Walking between the contrasts of Lake Bauxite, by Jacopo Russo

Visit to Laterza’s ravine, by Sonia De Leonardis


Quartu Sant’Elena – Molentargius park, by Giovanni Garofalo


With donkeys to rediscover ancient forgotten fortresses , by Carmen Menzo

With donkeys to discover the old mine of Floristella-Grottacalda, by Carmen Menzo

The scent of history in the Green Heart of Erei, by Carmen Menzo

Walking in the Vendicari Reserve to the Noto beach, by Walter Francesco Gagliano

Trentino Alto Adige

From Palù to Erdemolo Lake, by Bruno Pallaver

Castel Beseno and nature, where time stopped, by Nicola Bisi


Venetian rowing between old river ports and hydraulic works, by Carmen Delia Gurinov

Mysterious waterways, by Carmen Delia Gurinov

Walking among vineyards, olive groves and joyous spring blooms, by Carmen Delia Gurinov

Walking into the landscape of the reclamation, by Carmen Delia Gurinov

Cycling in the literary landscape from Padua to Arquà, by Carmen Delia Gurinov


Musala, by Djordje Radinovic Kapralovic


Bornholm – Denmark’s island, by Chiara Maffucci


To the discovery of Porquerolles by bike, by Katia Falzone


Impressive Durmitor’s viewpoint peak Prutas, by Jelena Drobnjak


From Tau to Pulpit Rock, by bike and on foot, by Susanna Trino


Walking in Warsaw, from the library to the park, by Daphne della Vite


Wine and Lake tour, by Ivan Nikolić

Cuprija-Sisevac, by Marija Gajic

Vršac Mountains, by Svetlana Živanov

From Donji Milanovac to Rudo (Between Serbia and Bosnia), by Marijana Bosnić

Which one is your favorite itinerary?

We thank again all the contestants, come back soon on the blog to find out the winners!


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