Bike & Boat tour in Cervarese Santa Croce

An unmissable excursion boat on the river side of a qualified guide to admire the traces river crossroads of trade.
  • Travelling time: 7 hours

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Why we love it: It should be awarded the originality of the route and the attention to all the landmarks river in the area

  • Length: 40 km

  • Total Elevation Gain: 25 m

  • Way to travel: By bike, by boat

  • Cost: 0

  • Our Advice: Wear resistant, sealed and arm themselves with good will

Bike rides and boat with tour leader

Bike parked on a white carriage, photo by Luca via Flickr
Bike parked on a white carriage, photo by Luca via Flickr


Path: mainly based on protected and separated from the ordinary roads, on asphalt, gravel roads or riverbanks

From which: Farmhouse La Buona Terra, Via Repoise 73, Cervarese Santa Croce, geographic coordinates 45.400344, 11.712890

Difficulty: medium, total length 40 km, total drop of about 25 m

Estimated Duration: full day

The Catajo Castle is one of the major points of historical significance of the tour, it was built in the sixteenth century by the family Obizzi at Battaglia Terme (Padova). The castle is still privately owned and open to the public with museum function.
Oblique view of Catajo's Castle, photo by Davide Pivati via Flickr

Points of interest: Colli Euganei hydrography, Catajo Castle, Battaglia Terme, Arco di Mezzo, Conca Navigation, canal bridge of Montaigne, Museum of River Navigation

Auhoress: Carmen Dalia Gurinov

Contest "Share your green adventure"

Cover photo:Catajo Castle

Eco-friendly accommodations

La Buona Terra - ai piedi dei Colli

Cervarese Santa Croce (Veneto)

Starting from 20,00 €
B&B La Mugletta

Teolo (Veneto)

Starting from 175,00 €
Casa VerdeCielo b&b

Tribano (Veneto)

Starting from 40,00 €
Albaspina Bioagriturismo

Monticello Conte Otto (Veneto)

Starting from 80,00 €
La Porta Stretta

Padua (Veneto)

Starting from 69,00 €
Il Giardino dei Limoni

Santa Giustina in Colle (Veneto)

Starting from 25,00 €
La Costigliola

Rovolon (Veneto)

Starting from 50,00 €
Tenuta di Lispida

Monselice (Veneto)

Starting from 90,00 €
Relais nel bosco Aunus

Roverè Veronese (Veneto)

Starting from 100,00 €
Ca' Giustino Venezia centro storico

Venezia (Venezia)

Starting from 95,00 €
Ca' Riza Residenza Tipica Veneziana

Venice (Veneto)

Starting from 0,00 €
botte & bungalow

Spresiano (Veneto)

Starting from 49,00 €

Conco (Veneto)

Starting from 64,00 €
La giardinetta bnb

Conco (Veneto)

Starting from 70,00 €
Agriturismo Porcaloca

Casale Sul Sile (Veneto)

Starting from 65,00 €