From Battaglia Terme to Valsanbizio

Traces the ancient road layout of travelers, savoring the smells and sparkling soft colors Valsanzibio up to the belvedere of Villa Barbarigo and its impressive gardens
  • Travelling time: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Why we love it: What has impressed you the perfect alternation of natural sites and historical elements from the substrate as the strong Venetian villas. A pleasant immersion in Valsanzibio.
  • Length: 9 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 67 m
  • Way to travel: On foot
  • Cost: 0
  • Our Advice: Come suggerisce il titolo il periodo migliore per percorrere questa passeggiata è la primavera: tutti i fiori sbocciano in tutta la loro espressività.
From Battaglia Terme to Valsanzibio, Veneto, Italy
From Battaglia Terme to Valsanzibio, Veneto, Italy

Location: mainly on country roads and paved roads with low traffic, river embankments

From which: Viale degli Alpini, Battaglia Terme, GPS coordinates 45.291901, 11.774527

Difficulty: medium, length of 9 km, total drop of about 67 m

Estimated Duration: half day

Example of dewatering, photos of Louis Prearo via Flickr
Example of dewatering, photo by Louis Prearo via Flickr

Points of interest include dewatering Reclamation Consortium, Valli Selvatiche, ancient village of Valsanzibio, Villa Barbarigo

The itinerary wants to enhance the awareness and conscious project of landscape architecture and ancient road layouts.

We will walk in the countryside, enclosed in an amphitheater of hills, then get to the resort Valsanzibio, which takes its name from the monastery dedicated to San Zibio and preceded by "downstream" in the sense of marshy lowland.

The Valsanbizio true, the old center of town, is at the bottom of the creek as to "escape" to the old marshes and is signposted from the church of San Lorenzo. The old church occupies this site eight centuries, oriented to accommodate the traveler who traveled on the oldest section of the Hills.

Villa Barbarigo, photos of denvilles_duo via Flickr

Villa Barbarigo, photo by denvilles_duo via Flickr

Our road is an old track, then the busiest, which runs around the Villa Barbarigo and its impressive gardens. We climb for about 1 km on the trail of the ridge from where he wanted to be discovered and admired the Villa, with the whole complex of landscape architecture at the center of which it is located. It 'a real Venetian villa so has the role to show off its social role and wealth of the client. We will enjoy the so-called "you appear", lookout points, noting the symmetry axis of the garden of the villa, the double row of cypresses.

We continue downhill to the east and on our right is a landscape-champion of the Mediterranean vegetation: will welcome beautiful crops of olive groves and orchards with delicious terraces. There resurface in the plan of the campaign and hiking path leads us right across the Tenuta San Zibio. After a trip like this, a glass of wine is well appreciated. What do you think? But then it depends on what type you are ...

Authoress: Carmen Dalia Gurinov

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 Cover photo: Valsanzibio, one of the most important baroque gardens in the world, photo by be_am25 via Flickr