In the Norwegian fjord of Lysefjord (fjord of light), there is a natural wonder, unfortunately only little known by most of us: the Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock, a cliff overlooking the water formed during the Ice Age, about 10.000 years ago.
  • Travelling time: 6,5 hours
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Why we love it: For the wild beauty of the places you're going to pass through
  • Length: 54 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 0 m
  • Way to travel: by bike and on foot
  • Cost: 0
  • Our Advice: The weather is very changeable in Norway: be carefull and well equipped!
map of the area of tau
Map of the area

My journey begins in the small town of Tau, in the West part of Norway. Going by bike towards  Preikestolhytta, the starting point of the second phase of my itinerary,  turned out to be not that easy! The streets were uphill and the sun made me sweat. Nonetheless, secular trees, the unspoiled land and beautiful landscapes helped me to go along!

a small lake surrounded by white rocks
Small lake - photo by Susanna Trino

It took me about an hour and an half to arrive at the base Preikestolen. After some chocolate and refreshing water, I started walking towards the top of the rock. The walk on the Pulpit Rock is very steep indeed and only experienced and brave cyclists can go by bike! The route starts from Preikestolhytta, at a height of about 270 meters above the sea level and ends up to 600 meters . The trek turned out to be much harder than I expected, with stony, steep paths. Sometimes you also need to climb! I made several breaks to rest and to look around. Although the way is well marked with red dots on the rocks, it is a good idea to wear good hiking shoes and clothing.

a blu lake surrounded by green valleys
The landscape along the way - photo by Susanna Trino

Despite the initial efforts, as long as I walked towards the top, I started to enjoy the wonderful landscape all around: natural ponds among the rocks, valleys of a thousand of colors, green open spaces dotted by wooden bridges and streams of fresh water. After an hour and a half walking through mountains and valleys of Ryfilke region, I was almost on the summit of the pulpit. I walked a narrow rocky road overlooking the sea and then I saw the top, in all its natural beauty. The view on the fjord was something indescribable: silence dominated everything, giving me peace and serenity. I sat on the top, and so did the group behind me. No one could talk: the effort and the beauty of the view left us breathless!

the landscape from the top: the sea and rocky fjords
The view from the top - photo by Susanna Trino


I took a long break and then went back, ready to return to Tau. It took me almost as much as climbing up to walk down! It was raining, so rocks wer slippery: more than once i was about to fall! After two hours I was again at the foot of the rock. I reached Preikestolhytta and resumed the bike to return to Tau. The way back has been much more relaxing: it wasn't raining anymore and it was all downhill.

After my holiday in Norway, back to the office, I found myself thinking about this experience very often, fantasizing of those places, so pristine, inctact and pure, sometimes even difficult to imagine.


Cover image: photo by Susanna Trino

Author: Susanna Trinio - prize "Share your Green Adventure"