The "Orridi of Uriezzo"

On the trail of the ancient glaciers of Formazza Valley, to admire the "Orridi of Uriezzo", carved by water and time
  • Travelling time: 1 hour

  • Difficulty: Family

  • Why we love it: for the natural silence surrounding everything

  • Length: 1 km

  • Total Elevation Gain: 0 m

  • Way to travel: on foot

  • Cost: 0

  • Our Advice: visit these places with no hurry, to enjoy colors and shapes

Glimpse of the Orridi - picture by Fabio Malacarne

The "Orridi di Uriezzo" are deep gorges "dug" into the rock by streams that once flowed from the glacier that occupied the Formazza Valley. The walls are carved by the swirling motion of water and violent waterfalls. In some places they are so closed to each other that you cannot see the sky, forming niches and grooves.

Glimpse of the Orridi - picture by Fabio Malacarne

The southern gorge stretches for about 200m with depths from 20 to 30 meters. While walking through this gorge, you will meet only few steps really tight and narrow. There are also some stretches equipped with ladders, but without any particular danger and difficulty.

Glimpse of the Orridi - picture by Fabio Malacarne

This is a walk of about an hour but it can last longer if you are caught by the spirit of the place and its the natural silent, looking for unusual shapes and profiles, where the viewer can imagine and find anything...

Glimpse of the Orridi - picture by Fabio Malacarne

Author: Fabio Malacarne - "Share your green adventure" prize

Cover image: picture by Fabio Malacarne 

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