Looking for that perfect gift to give to someone (or even to yourself)? Why don’t give an eco-friendly trip as a gift?

Eco overnight-stay for two: €129  €99

An eco-sustainable stay with breakfast for two.

The Package “Eco Stay” offers the chance to experience two days in harmony with nature, staying by an accommodation that reduces its environmental impact using clean energy, offering organic or local food, reducing the consumption of water and energy, choosing natural soaps and products with low environmental impact (such as recycled paper), and encouraging the use of green means of transportation.

To make the experience even more sustainable we suggest you to travel by train, or by public transport, and to plan a hike on foot or by bike!

The package “Eco Stay” includes: one-night stay for two people, aperitif/tasting with local specialties and local wine, and organic or local breakfast. Traveling expenses to reach the chosen location will be for the account of the beneficiary. The voucher is valid for 24 months from the day of purchase.

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How does it work?

1) Choose your favorite gift, tell us the name of who will receive the gift, and proceed with the purchase.

2) Create an email package gift to give to your loved one, along with the utilization code.

3) When they want to use the gift, they’ll contact Ecobnb, by email or phone, indicating the code and the region of Italy that they want to visit. They’ll then choose between the eco-friendly accommodations that are available for the chosen days of stay. Ecobnb also will give them useful tips on green itineraries and places not to be missed.

Why give an eco-friendly travel experience?

Because tourism is the fourth leading cause of environmental pollution, and when we choose our holidays is always better to do it responsibly. This means minimizing the environmental impact choosing eco-friendly accommodation and sustainable means of transport, but it also implies getting in touch with the reality of the place, finding less touristic destinations, promoting the local economy, living a real experience, such as one in an Albergo Diffuso in a small Italian town.

How to pack your gift?

You can create an original package of your gift at home in just few minutes, using recycled cardboard.

What do you need? Recycled paper, scissors, glue.

First: press (or draw) on recycled paper the two images here below.

Cut out the two profiles along the lines filled. Fold following the dotted lines.

Glue the corners, and you’ll have the lower part and the upper part of the box-case.

At this point you just put the travel voucher gift along with a small message inside the box-case and close it.

To make it look like a real case, cut out a piece of paper and paste it on the narrow and long side of the box like a handle.

Finally, you can complete the package by adding a colored ribbon around the box.

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