Walking from Obizzi to Battaglia Terme

A slow rowing in the Euganean Hills and the Venetian lagoon through ancient river ports to the rediscovery of the Venetian nautical tradition: from shipbuilding to fishing.
  • Travelling time: 2 hours

  • Difficulty: Family

  • Why we love it: Because a boat ride to the discovery of hydraulic structures can only be considered at least original. Moreover, given the lack of reputation they enjoyed water sports, the path may spread the practice.

  • Length: 6 km

  • Total Elevation Gain: 590 m

  • Way to travel: By boat

  • Cost: 0

  • Our Advice: Wearing sports wear, preferably technical but also obtain from time to want to row!


View from the bottom of the Euganean Hills, photo by Luca Fasolo via Flickr
View from the bottom of the Euganean Hills, photo by Luca Fasolo via Flickr

It is a boat trip, you have several traditional boats rowing, their tradition of Venetian rowing: caorlina, pupparin, mascareta, sandal.

We are in the lowlands in the Euganean Hills and the Venetian lagoon, crisscrossed by major river routes, but also by minor routes that connect homes and small villages, built during the secular construction work agricultural landscapes. Sailing with the traditional technique of 'Venetian rowing', on board of typical Venetian rowing boats in wood, on Channel Battle

An excursion on board of typical Venetian boats rowing wooden
Rowing Venetian in the Canal Battle

We start from Battaglia Terme, the coastal settlement and ancient river port, and meet hydraulic structures and bridges, each with its curious history. The waters of the Bacchiglione, which along Bisato flowing in south-north direction, meet the Arco di Mezzo the waters of the Channel of Battle, which run north-south. We are within a complex network of rivers and canals, and here in the Battle amphibious character is well represented.

Canal-Bridge of Montaigne (Veneto), waterworks heritage by Serenissima
Canal-Bridge of Montaigne (Veneto), waterworks heritage by Serenissima

You reach the Rivella where you stop to present the story of a curious artifact plumbing: the Canal-Bridge Montaigne. The occasion is welcome to compare the landscape ordered land reclamation recently awarded on Retracted Monselice with the landscape just beyond the Channel Battle of oldest colonization. 

The river route proposed here will recall a neglected and heritage that is facing extinction, that of nautical tradition hinterland, amphibians knowledge related to inland navigation, shipbuilding minor, the ports, fishing, coastal settlements.


Trachyte rock and limestone flakes from the Euganean Hills, timber from the Alpine foothills, sand extracted from riverbeds, coal, cereals and sugar beet were just some of the products that started towards the Laguna. In contrast, salt and fertilizers from the port of Marghera. In the past the transport of goods and people was therefore easier on the water than land routes, the latter often impassable because of the mud or dangerous for the criminals.


The hike along the water offers a different view of the landscape from the road or embankment
A slow rowing in the Canale di Battaglia

The hike along the water offers a different view of the landscape from the road or embankment. In addition, the slow rowing offers a different perception of time, also by relaxing the tired traveler.

After the landing, continue on foot to the old quarter Ortazzo to visit the Museum of River Navigation and for an unprecedented meeting with the last of the boatmen.

Authoress: Carmen Delia Gurinov

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Cover photo: Channel of Battaglia Terme, photo by Mia Augusto Battaglia via Flickr

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