Castel Beseno and nature, where time stopped

  • Travelling time: 1 hour

  • Difficulty: Family

  • Why we love it: For its grandeur: the Castel Beseno is the largest fortified structure of Trentino Alto Adige. But also for the incredible nature that surrounds it and the magnificent waterfalls of Rio Cavallo

  • Length: 5 km

  • Total Elevation Gain: 100 m

  • Way to travel: by foot

  • Cost: 0 €

  • Our Advice: Plan your visit in a weekend in late August or early September: at that time the Castle is often the scene of suggestive medieval pageants.

While crossing the highway A22, between Rovereto and Trento, you can see a hill with a majestic castle, surrounded by a great wall. It is Castel Beseno, the largest fortified structure of Trentino Alto Adige. Not everyone knows that, in the immediate nearby, with a small detour from the path leading to the castle, you can see the waterfalls of Rio Cavallo, one of the two destinations of a beautiful, simple excursion by foot, suitable for all, with a vertical drop of 100 m.

Castel Beseno
View from the main square of the castle

How to get here:

From the A22, exit at Rovereto Nord and go to Calliano, then head towards Folgaria. After a few hundred meters on the right, before a bend, you will find a small parking lot, with an area equipped for picnics, where you can leave your car and start walking (red signs on the map). When you'll return you can stop for a meal outside on the tables near the parking lot, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

The path to reach the waterfalls

Natural trail :

When you leave the car, follow the sound of the falls, which are about ten minutes away, taking the nature trail on the right after the bend. The descent is easy, suitable for everyone and it leads you after a few zigzags and some top step, with a magnificent view, to the waterfalls of Rio Cavallo

Waterfalls of Rio Cavallo
The waterfalls

My advice is to take the proper time to fully enjoy the panorama that you face, and it's the perfect time to shoot some photos for the people who have this passion like me.

History of the Falls:

The waterfalls of Rio Cavallo are artificial. There's a building made of blocks of stone which allowed to channel the waters of the river, between Folgaria and Calliano, into Adige river. This embodiment was used to produce mechanical energy, for the mills and medieval sawmills, as well as for agricultural purposes. We also assume that one of the channels produced by waterfalls served to feed a ditch, around another medieval castle, located between the river and Castel Beseno, the smaller Castel Pietra. The manor, which is not part of the this itinerary, but that might be a fair alternative for the history lovers, is named after the large boulder broke off from Mount Cengio Rosso, on which it was built.

Castel Beseno:

For lovers of nature trails, a detour of the trail to th ewaterfalls can lead to lesser extent falls, towards Folgaria, but the main objective of the hike described here is the visit of the Castle, which overlooks the valley. The fortress can be reached from the path that starts close to the initial parking spot. Travel time is estimated in an hour. For those wishing to reach the Castle by car, return to Calliano, where you can follow the direction to the castle and park freely in the spot inticated in the signals. The Castel Beseno overlook the village below which is Besenello and it has a vision of 360 degrees across the surrounding valley.

The valley from Castel Beseno
The valley from Castel Beseno

The castle has large courtyards, majestic walls, cellars and many bare rooms, some of which are frescoed.

A square inner the castle
A square inner the castle

In the castle there are numerous historical armor and weapons, and you can touch themm by hand and wear them too.

One of the room of the castle
One of the room of the castle

In some rooms you can find historical information and scenary of battles.

Additional information:

The caste is closed on mondays (check the webiste of Buonconsiglio castle for more information). During this trail there are many spot where you can have a pic-nic. The first is next to the parking spot and the others are in the castle. The castle has a charateristic bar and a tavern. The staff is very nice and they will clarify any of your doubts or curiousity about the history of the building.


Authore: Nicola Bisi - prize "Share your Green Adventure"

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