Are you thinking of a 100% eco-friendly holiday? Here’s the 30 most virtuous Eco Bnbs in Italy, Austria and Croatia

They use only clean energy and offer biological or local food. They reduce to the minum water and electricity waste. They collect separately more than 80% of their garbage. They chose green architecture and they use the sun’s heath. They collect and reuse rainwater and use LED and low power lights. They promote soft mobility and propose to their guests ecological cleaning products. In Italy, 30 virtuous Ecobnbs decided to implement all the 10 main sustainability practices identified by Ecobnb. With no exception.

Eco-Excellences Eco BNB in Italy, Austria and Croazia

It’s true “Eco-excellence”: These Ecobnbs meet all the 10 main sustainability requirements, from biological or local food, up to collection and reuse of rainwaters to avoid wasting such a valuable resource.

30 excellent eco-hotels in Italy, Austria and Croatia, among the thousands of eco-friendly accommodations found by Ecobnb that already reached the top of sustainability. Carefully planned details, green architecture, aware purchases and contact with nature. The most virtuous ecobnbs, in addition to be the best for their green choices, are beautiful and offer unique experiences. Let’s discover them together!

1. An ancient customhouse surrounded by nature, near Grosseto

A fascinating 17th century customhouse turned into a stunning biological holiday farm surrounded by nature. The Biological Holiday Farm “Sant’Egle” offers virtuous examples of energy saving, biological breakfast and original artworks made of recycled materials.

Why it is green: The structure has zero environmental impact. 100% of the energy comes from renewable sources and the wastewater is treated and re-used to irrigate the fields.  In the holiday farm, they cultivate spirulina, saffron and even truffle following the biodynamic method.

Must do: A trip to Grosseto to visit its charming corners.

2. A relaxing immersion in the Bolognese hills

An eco-friendly accommodation among the rolling hills of Bologna offers the opportunity to spend a relaxing holiday focused on your wellbeing. The perfect place for those who want to live a beautiful and peaceful holiday following the good sustainability practices.

Why it is green: Planned to reduce every kind of energetic waste, the Holiday Farm “Il Cavicchio” was built using natural materials such as wood and cork. The electric energy comes only from renewable sources and the rainwater is collected in big tanks to be reused. Simple and smart.

Must do: From this virtuous holiday farm, you can discover several itineraries on foot or by bike and reach easily Bologna.

3. A virtuous B&b in the hills of Parma

The Bed and Breakfast CIVICO 75 is located in a panoramic and evocative position among the hills of Parma. It’s the ideal place to spend a regenerating holiday in contact with nature. Perfect for those who love walking or biking surrounded by greenery

Why it is green: the B&B is realized with natural materials and following green architecture’s directions. The accommodation has solar and photovoltaic plants. The furniture is ecological, the household appliances are low power and this virtuous B&B makes separate collection possible even for its guests. Water saving and ecological cleaning products are just another example of the green spirit of this accommodation, just like the generous and biological breakfast.

Must do: A bike tour from Parma to Torrechiara’s castle.

4. A dive in the carob and olive trees of the Monti Iblei

If you’re looking for simplicity and tranquility, far away from the frenetic rhythms of the city life, this is the place you were waiting for. Located at the foot of Monti Iblei, Sicily, the B&B “Case Caro Carrubo Rustico”, lies among 4 hectares of meadows, olive, almond, carob trees and many others planted and attended during the years. A unique opportunity to discover the peace of Ragusa’s countryside.

Why it is green: Here, they use products of the biological garden and the surrounding territory. In the choice of products, special care is given to fair trade markets. Breakfasts are always home-made and, if you ask, gluten-free and vegan. In this accommodation there’s and independent photovoltaic plant and solar panels.

Must do: A visit to the astounding baroque cities of Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Scicli and their characteristic coastal towns. And for those who are a bit trained, a beautiful bike ride between rocks and reefs from Pozzallo to Scicli.

5. A virtuous hut among the snowy peaks of Valle d’Aosta

An authentic 2.526-meter-high mountain hut just a stone’s throw away from the National Park of the Gran Paradiso and the Avic Park. The hut offers a healthy cuisine, thought also for all those who love paying attention to both their bodies and the environment.

Why it is green: The Mountain Hut “Sogno di Berdzè” is a guarantee of eco-sustainability. Here, the electricity comes from 100% renewable sources and food is biological or local. Cleaning products are ecological and more than 80% of the garbage are collected separately. Warm water comes from the solar panels and the hydraulic system of the house includes recollection and reuse of waters and the installment of flow reducers.

Must do: A dive in the magnetic mines of Cogne, amog the highest of Europe.

6. A green and virtuous hospitality

A pleasant stay between History and Nature. In the Regional Park “Spina Verde” of Como, the “Cascina Rodiani” Green Hospitality is guarantee of an eco-friendly accommodation. The building realized following green architecture‘s instructions, looks over a gorgeous natural landscape. Breakfasts consist of biological, eco-sustainable and local products. In the Cascina’s park, there’s a beautiful natural pond used also to treat waters, with an exquisite wooden sauna.

Why it is green: The accommodation received the Climate Award from Lega Ambiente Tourismus in 2012. In 2014, it reached the Platinum Level in the EcoLeader project. These Certifications recognize how, in just a few years, this accommodation managed to integrate wonderfully the sustainable innovation with the building’s history.

Must do:  Just a few miles from Como, the hiking path to Mount Sasso.

7. In contact with the nature of the Chianti hills

The Holiday Farm “La Fontaccia” is a welcoming bilogical holiday farm in Tuscany. Lying among the Chanti Rufina hills, just a few kilometers away from Florence, here you can enjoy astonishing landscapes and unique experiences in contact with nature.

Why it is green: The farmhouse where the holiday farm grew was renovated following green architecture’s directives. In summer, it’s possible to sunbathe between the old refurbished washtub and the fragrant aromatic herbs garden. You can taste the delicious Tuscan food coming from the farms of the Val di Sieve, which respect the local particularities and the short supply chain.

Must do: an enchanting walk in the Chanti Rufina hills.

8. Breathtaking view of the sea from the Etna’s sides

“BagolArea EcoFarm” on Mount Etna lies on the sides of the biggest European volcano. You can live a unique experience between mountains and sea, staying in the ancient masseria (a large farm) renovated, in the wooden eco-chalet or in a tent. Here, are waiting for you also culinary delicacies made of biological fruits and vegetables grown by the hosts, magical walks in the terraces made of igneous stone, among olive trees, vineyard and orange groves.

Why it is green: All the buildings are provided with photovoltaic and solar plants, linked to a furnace powered through vegetal waste. There’s also an area for water treatment and a pond for the collection of rainwaters to reuse to irrigate the gardens. In the renovation of the buildings were used natural and eco-friendly matierials.

Must do: The “Circumetnea”, an original way to discover Mount Etna on an evocative historical train.

9. An ancient stone-made mountain cottage surrounded by nature

An ancient mountain cottage became a virtuous biological holiday farm surrounded by the unspoiled woods of Mounti Lessini. Holiday Farm “Malga Riondera” is surrounded by the regenerating nature of the Lessinia and Piccole Dolomiti Natural Park.

Why it is green: It was completely refurbished according to green architecture’s principles. The solar panels warm up the water and participate in the heating system of the rooms, making it possible to save some energy. Breakfast’s products comes from local producers: honey, mountain cheese, home-made bread, elderberry juice made with mountain flowers.

Must do:  A beautiful hike following the wolves’ traces.

10. A warm welcome in the heart of Abruzzo

The hosts of B&B “Abruzzo nel cuore” will take you to discover Abruzzo’s places and tastes. A marvelous ecological house realized entirely with wood and with several adjustments to reduce the environmental impact.

Why it is green: The eco-house is made entirely of wood, it’s earthquake-proof and natural. The water is warmed up by the solar panels and the electric energy comes from the photovoltaic panels. The gardens are irrigated through the rainwater collected in tanks made of recycled materials.

Must do: On the Adriatic Sea’s shore, visit the “Roseto degli Abruzzi”, a rose garden whith the cleanest air.

11.  Comfort and relax near the beautiful beaches of Conero

A biological B&B in the hills of Osimo, just 25 km away from the Conero’s shores. The rooms of “Agri BnB – AIRONE” Country House are planned according the Feng Shui principles. Available for the guests, there are a biological restaurants and a pool with a hot tub.

Why it is green: The rooms are lit by 100% renewable energy and furnished according the Feng Shui theories. Breakfasts are made of local and biological products. The holiday farm promotes soft mobility and offers its guests free bikes to explore the surroundings.

Must do: An unmissable itinerary in the Cornero Park.

12.  Sustainability and green architecture near Milan

The “Cascina Santa Brera” is the Milanese farmhouse of sustainability. It is located in the heart of the South Agricultural Park of Milan, surrounded by greenery and tranquility. For years, it has been working with the fair purchase groups of the city, promoting biological agriculture and organizing projects with the schools, such as petting zoo activities. The Cascina invented also the “Adopt a garden” project, an idea to bring people closer to the earth.

Why it is green:  Cascina Santa Brera pays attention to the energy saving practices. Warm water is produced through solar panels. Renovations were made using green architecture’s techniques and natural materials.

Must do:  Join the practical courses on green architecture or energy saving, the meetings on permaculture and the shared biological garden.

13. A refined Eco Hotel on the Garda Lake

Eco Hotel “Ariston” is a virtuous eco-friendly hotel surrounded by a wonderful garden just a stone’s throw away from Lake Garda. It’s in the heart of the picturesque Malcesine, near its historical center, the cable car to Mount Baldo and the most beautiful shores of the Lake.

Why it is green: Eco Hotel “Ariston” is welcoming and well finished in its every little detail. Surrounded by a stunning garden, this relaxing oasis benefits from the position suitable for every means of transport. Ideal for those who don’t like using their cars, but prefer walking, biking or using public means. To promote soft mobility, the hotel offers its guests a free service of electric cars charging. The accommodation received several quality recognitions, proving its virtuous eco-friendly behaviors.

Must do: A beautiful bike tour discovering the Lakes of Sovenigo.

14. Art, green architecture and nature near Florence

Nature and relax near Florence. An ancient farmstead of the 16th century renovated according to green architecture’s principles.

Why it is green: “Podere Montisi Firenze” is a guarantee of eco-sustainability. Green architecture, natural stones, whitewash plasters, casein and egg paintings. There’s more, renewable energy, water from the well, water treatments, products cultivated according the biodynamic agriculture’s methods. And no TV.

Must do: A bike ride along the Arno River, among water, art and nature.

15. Regeneration and digital detox near Perugia

A biological farm 100% off the grid, meaning with no connection. “Podere Vallescura Off The Grid” offers a pure holiday through which live an actual digital detox.

Why it is green: The farm self-produces the necessary energy from renewable sources. With no telephone poles, no electric cables, no aqueduct. The electricity is produced thorugh photovoltaic panels and a wind generator. Warm water comes from solar panels or wood radiators.

Must do: Enjoy dreamy landscapes biking from Ponte Pattoli to Umbertide.

16. Eco-sustainability adìnd silence in the heart of Umbria

Relaxing holiday in the heart of Umbria. Biological Holiday Farm “Panta Rei” is the place where you can learn the best environmental sustainability practices.

Why it is green: The accommodation was built according the virtuous principles of green architecture. There are plants for the eco-friendly management of water and for the energy production from the Sun and biomasses.

Must do: The ring bike itineraries around Lake Trasimeno. 

17. An ancient farm where to find again nature’s rhythms

Surrounded by the mountains of the Alto Mugello, there’s “Le Costarelle”, an old farm where life follows nature’s rhythms.

Why it is green: Home-made pasta, made with the eggs of the house’s hens and the spelt cultivated in the valley. The water comes from the near spring and it’s warmed up by the wood; while the electric energy is produced by solar panels. Wine and vegetables comes from the farm’s gardens or the near farms.

Must do: Travelling among woods, fields, castles and monasteries up to arrive in Florence, along the spectacular Renaissance Ring Path.

18. A marvel in the nature of Dalmatia (Croatia)

 “Villa Anadi” is a family-run accommodation. It’s in a quiet area, just 8 km away from Trogir, a medieval city part of the UNESCO Heritage. This wonderful villa offers peace and relaxation to all those who are fleeing from the city.

Why it is green: Villa Anadi is surrounded by a unique landscape. Between a pine groove and an olive trees grove, the structure is just 200 m away from the sea. Just like all our other 30 most beautiful and virtuous Eco B&Bs, Villa Anadi respects all the 10 main sustainability requirements.

Must do: To all nature lovers we suggest an excursion among beech and pine trees in the Paklenica National Park.

19. A special Biohotel among secular woods and Alpine lakes (Austria)

An enchanting place surrounded by the unspoiled nature of Carinthia (Austria). At the “Biolanhaus Arche”, the cuisine uses only biological and local products. The rooms are furnished with natural materials and offer a breathtaking view of the landscape.

Why it is green: The Biohotel offers apartments in wood and clay. Here, all the good sustainability practices are 100%satisfied. That’s how this structure conquered a place in the list of our 30 most beautiful and virtuous Eco B&Bs.

Must do: A tour in the unpoiled nature along the Ossiach path.

20. In Tuscany, where to share simple and virtuous lifestyles

Holiday Farm “Poderaccio” is the perfect place where to share a simple and sustainable lifestyle. Here, you can taste the homemade bread and enjoy the green and flourishing nature surrounding the holiday farm.

Why it is green: The farmhouse of the 18th century was renovated giving value to the original architectural particularities. They used only material coming from demolitions and other green architecture products. The furniture is essential. At the “Poderaccio”, the sun warms up the water and gives the energy necessary to the house maintenance. The accommodation received the Certification of the Bio and Ecological Holiday Farms.

Must do: A beautiful boat trip in the oasis of the Natural Reserve of Bandella and the Valle dell’Inferno (Hell’s Valley), along the Arno River.

21. 100% green hospitality in the National Park of Abruzzo

A farm in the wild nature of Abruzzo. An ecological accommodation surrounded by Monti Simbruini, Mount Velino and the National Park of Abruzzo. Here’s the B&B “Casale Le Crete”!

Why it is green: Particular attention was payed in the renovation of some rooms, following the virtuous principles of green architecture, using mostly wood and stone. Several ecological solutions: natural furniture, bedrooms with wooden roofs and natural futon mattresses, adjustments to save water and reduce waste.

Must do: Not far away from L’Aquila there’s a wonderful walking itinerary from Forca Canapine to Pantani di Accumoli.

22.  Relax and tradition just a stone’s throw away from Alberobello

An evocative white masseria in Apulia, with warm pool, hot tub and many bike paths. Here you can stay in an actual trullo, in the welcoming bedrooms or in the small houses surrounded by greenery!

Why it is green: “Masseria Torricella” is one of our 30 most beautiful and virtuous Eco B&Bs and respects all the 10 eco-sustainability requirements, from solar panels to separate collection. A unique place for the wellbeing of the body and the spirit.

Must do: An interesting horse ride on the Apulian coast.

23. A luxurious Bio Hotel among the mountains of Meran

A biological hotel surrounded by mountains. In Gargazzone you can enjoy a regenerating swim in the pool, a relaxing wellness area and the tastes of biological food. Welcome to “Theiner’s Garten Bio Vitalhotel”!

Why it is green: This beautiful Bio Hotel was realized in hardwood, following green architecture’s directions. The field surrounding the hotel is cultivated fully respecting biological agriculture.

Must do: A wonderful trip to the Lakes of Sopranes.

24. The pleasant life on the Garda Lake’s shores

A wonderful relaxing holiday in nature, in the spirit of sustainable tourism. Bio B&B “Vivere la Vita” lies in the heart of the morainic hills of Valtenesi. A land rich of vineyards and olive groves on the stunning shores of Lake Garda.

Why it is green:  Bio B&B Vivere la Vita pays particular attention to virtuous behaviors. To clean its bedrooms, the beddings and the dishes uses only ecological products, biodegradable and not tested on animals. The sheets and the towels are made of soft biological cotton.

Must do: An itinerary along the Adige River, following the Alzaia path.

25. Picnics among the woods of beech in the Valle Tiberina

A biological holiday farm in the heart of Valle Tiberina. It’s near the birth house of Michelangelo Buonarroti, among evocative woods of beeches and chestunut trees: what better place for a stop to have a genuine picnic?

Why it is green: Holiday Farm “La Casina” is in a welcoming accommodation, perfect for those who love nature, relaxation, art, culture and authentic Tuscany’s tastes. An ecological holiday farm that respects the good sustainability practices.

Must do: In October and November, you can join dinners in the woods or lunches with following chestnuts collection.

26. A welcoming cruelty-free, vegan holiday farm

Made from an ancient rural building, here’s a vegan and cruelty-free holiday farm surrounded by the nature of Parma’s Apennines. The Vegan Holiday Farm “Il Borgo di Tara” lies at the border with Tuscany and Liguria, in Borgo Val di Taro, the homeland of the PGI Porcini Mushroom (the one and only in Europe, it’s definitely worth a try!)

Why it is green: The ancient rural stone-made building was renovated using green architecture’s virtuous methods. The solar panels plant produces warm water and supply the heating system of the bedrooms. The photovoltaic panels plant produces 100% clean electric energy.

Must do: A trip discovering the landscapes and the nature from Collecchio to the Fluvial Park of River Taro.

27. A magical Ecobnb where to cultivate the human spirit

The search for a balance with natural cycles, with Mother Earth and the universe. A simple yet deep concept on which based its activity “Lama di Luna”, one of the most beautiful and virtuous Eco B&B in Italy.

Why it is green: a masseria renovated according to green architecture’s and Feng Shui’s principles. Surrounded by olive groves, almond trees and vineyards cultivated following biological methods. Each bedroom has its own fireplace; warm water and heating are powered by solar panels. The beds are made of pine and olive hardwood, the mattresses of natural latex, bedsheets and towels of raw cotton, the sinks of terracotta and the soaps of olive oil.

Must do: A beautiful slow itinerary from Old Bari to Lama Belice.

28. Wellness and nature in Trentino

An eco-sustainable hotel in Trentino, with natural rooms and a wellness center where you can taste typical dishes and discover the mountains’ pleasures. This is the Chalet “Pineta Naturale”, another example of a beautiful and virtuous Eco B&B.

Why it is green: The Alpine chalets are independent cabins made of local wood. Each of them has a stube, just like every typical house in Trentino: a room with a stove, the dinig room and a full-equipped kitchen. All around a wide green field for a holiday surrounded by nature.

Must do: The mountain path going from the Thermal Baths of Comano to Mount Casale.

29. An irresistible virtuous holiday farm in the heart of Marche

An ancient rural town ecologically renovated in the heart of the Marche region. Surrounded by rolling green hills, their wonderful and fragrant orchards and the Arso River. This is where the stunning Holiday Farm “La Curtis” was born.

Why it is green: The building was refurbished fully respecting nature. The roofs and the attics are made of natural materials. To guarantee the wellbeing of its guests, all the rooms were soundproofed and isolated from the cold. The necessary energy is provided by photovoltaic plants.

Must do: Near the Monti Sibillini, we suggest a bike ride along the ancient railway Spoleto-Norcia.

30. Mountain bio-products in the wood of Trentino

Among the woods of the Cimber uplands, just a few miles from Rovereto, the Holiday Farm “La Fonte” is the last but of course not the least of our 30 virtuous Eco B&Bs. A biological mountain farmhouse, lying among meadows, woods and the relaxing sound of the creeks.

Why it is green: The biological mountain farmhouse disposes of buildings renovated using natural materials. The energy comes from photovoltaic panels and the rooms are heated through solar panels. The holiday farm grows and transforms its biological vegetables, mountain fruits and herbal teas. The garden and the several animals (goats, hens, a cow,…) assure the production of genuine biological products.

Must do: A visit to Castel Beseno, the largest fortress of Trentino Alto Adige.

Our list of the 30 most beautiful, eco-sustainable and virtuous ecobnbs has come to the end. Now it’s your turn to discover the luxury of staying in a eco-friendly structure close to nature. What are you waiting for?

Cover photo of Aaron Burden on Unsplash