2022 is going to end very soon, a year that has marked the recovery of the tourism sector after the pandemic and that has brought us back to normality. 2023, based on research by booking.com, is going to be rich in surprises since there is going to be a new way of thinking about trips. This is especially thanks to the desire of people to start to discover the world again. Ecobnb has selected five of the most requested experiences of 2023 that you can experiment with thanks to the eco-friendly facilities you can find on our website. So, if you are curious to discover which are the most requested experiences of 2023, keep reading this article.

1. Community-minded

Torre della Botonta and Borgata Sagna Rotonda
Torre della Botonta and Borgata Sagna Rotonda. Holidays in ancient villages, in contact with the local community, are the most requested ones in 2023, according to booking.com

As you responsible travellers know already when you visit a place is important to respect the local community and the site, without defacing it or disturbing the people who are living there. Moreover, is important that the richness brought with your vacation has an impact on the territory and sustain the community which lives there. According to the survey by booking, 80% of travellers will look for one of these experiences in 2023.

So why you don’t think about sending your holiday in a small charming village or a diffuse hotel? Italy has many villages located in remote places but rich in history and beauty. Spending a vacation in one of these magical places will make you reconnect with traditions and it will leave you with your mouth open. And why not, also staying in a diffuse hotel made from conglomerates of ancient houses is also an experience you must try.

Where you can spend your vacation in a diffuse hotel or an eco-sustainable ancient village:

  • At Torre Delle Botonta, close to Perugia (Umbria), an ancient fortress from the XIV century turned into a diffuse hotel;
  • At Borgata Sagna Rotonda, an ancient village immersed in the uncontaminated nature of Maira Valley (Piemonte).

These are two experiences you must try!

2. Out of comfort zone

On the left the glamping Pian delle Ginestre, on the right the tree house Il Giardino dei Semplici
On the left is the glamping Pian delle Ginestre, on the right the tree house Il Giardino dei Semplici

When you think about the comfort zone regarding vacation, what comes straight to mind is a person who is 20 years that goes to the same place and in the same hotel to spend his/her vacation.

Well, the trends from the 2023s experiences say that 73% of travellers want to choose a vacation that goes out of their comfort zone.

The definition of the comfort zone is very subjective, but why don’t you think about spending a holiday in a glamping or a tree house? For sure unusual accommodations are always requested from whoever wants to live an adventure without giving up any comfort.

Holidays in an eco-glamping are suitable for everyone, even for families with children or for whoever wants to experiment with an alternative romantic getaway. Furthermore, they are environmentally friendly and they have less environmental impact compared to a vacation in a hotel.

On Ecobnb you can find numerous facilities that propose this type of vacation, such as:

Here you can live an experience in contact with nature without giving up the comforts of modern life!

3. Adventurous backpacking but with all comforts

On the left the glamping at the organic farmohouse Sant'Egle, on the right the agricamping Yuptala
On the left is the glamping at the organic farmhouse Sant’Egle, on the right the agricamping Yuptala

Backpacking and leaving for an adventure have been one of the preferred vacations by youngsters from all over the world. Nowadays this tendency is kept alive.

If back in the day, this type of vacation led to sleeping in uncomfortable places and giving up the comforts of everyday life, today is not like that anymore. Nowadays you can organize a holiday with a backpack without renouncing the comforts for a relaxing vacation. This type of experience is interesting for 72% of the people interviewed.

So, why don’t you think about spending a holiday in a farmhouse next to a natural park? Here you can hike and live a wild experience but instead of sleeping on the floor, you can sleep on a comfortable bed in a tent. Or if you are not afraid of camping, also an agricamping in the middle of an organic farm could be the right place for you!

On Ecobnb you can find various agricamping and organic glamping such as:

  • Sant’Egle, in the Tuscany Maremman;
  • Yuptala Agricamping, close to Pisa.

If you are looking for an adventure without renounce to comfort, these places are the perfect ones for you!

4. Spiritual stay and silent retreat

Yurte Soul Shelter
Yurte Soul Shelter. A silent retreat is one of the most requested experiences of 2023.

Among the most requested experiences of 2023, there will be a spiritual stay (44%) and a silent retreat (40%). Various travellers will take advantage of their days off from work to heal their body, soul and mind and to concentrate more on their mental and physical health.

The pandemic times have been hard for everyone and we have been forced to live in our houses. So it’s obvious that a lot of travellers want to take back their mental health and discover new sides of themselves. A lot of people, around 55%, want to experiment the digital detox and they want to deprive themselves of technology and in particular of smartphones.

So if you are looking for this type of vacation, a spiritual stay in a yurt could be the right place for you. Here you can meditate in the peace and silence of nature, and you can find again your interior peace and regenerate mentally and physically.

On Ecobnb you cannot miss two facilities:

  • The first one is Yurte Soul Shelter which are some Mongolian yurts immersed in the woods of Turin;
  • The second one is Casale di Montondo, located in the province of Arezzo, which has a yurt as well and also a little flat.

5. Surviving in the wilderness

On the left Adventure Park in Madonie, on the right the eco-camp Banana Cabana
On the left is Adventure Park in Madonie, and on the right is the eco-camp Banana Cabana

In these difficult times is important to go back to the essentials that tie us to nature, trying to collaborate with it. Because of that, 67% of travellers are considering dedicating themselves to a vacation surviving in nature. in particular, 58% want to use their vacation to learn survival strategies, 53% would like to learn how to provide clean water for themselves, the 42% would like to learn how to light a fire and the 39% want to learn how to find food in nature.

A vacation in wild nature could be the right place for you, as well as an eco-stay in an adventure park where you can train your survival skills. Also, a stay in a B&B close to a natural park could be an occasion to test your survival skills.

Ecobnb suggests you:

In this article, we have illustrated to you which are the most requested experiences of 2023 based on the survey from booking.com and we give you some advice on how to realize this vacation.

So, if you are curious to experiment with one of these experiences don’t wait anymore and book your next stay!

Author: Beatrice Maffei

Hi! My name is Beatrice and I am a student, attending the course Sustainability and Tourism Management at the University of Trento. I like travelling and discovering new places, trying to behave like a local, and immerging myself in the native traditions and culture. I love nature and I like doing long walks and hikes with friends and family. During my studies, I lived for a while in Spain and Finland.
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