Are you split between the idea of your next trek in the Himalayas and long relaxing days in the Italian countryside catching up with those books you’ve been meaning to read? Well, the Albergo Diffuso is exactly what you are looking for and you may find yourself morphing into one of Jane Austen’s characters, gazing into orange sunsets and living life at your own pace.
Since their creation in 2006, the Alberghi Diffusi have been popping up all over Italy.

But what makes this kind of hospitality experience different to a normal hotel?

  • All the Albergi Diffusi are living and proactive members of a local community. Most of them have actually been the catalyst for community regeneration.
  • The rooms and apartments are located in different buildings.
  • The central management of the hospitality units are not necessarily in the same building.
  • They offer the possibility of acting as a bridge between the guest and the surrounding territory, both culturally and socially.

We found 5 Alberghi Diffusi where you can live out your idyllic dream. Whether it’s a short weekend or a longer stay, you’ll come back home physically and spiritually reinvigorated!

Albergo Diffuso Sotto le Stelle, in Picinisco, Frosinone

Right in the centre of the National Park of Abruzzi and the Val Comino, the Albergo is nestled in the old Bishop’s palace, opening out onto the small village main square. It’s, that same square that D.H. Lawrence depicts so vividly in his novel, “The Lost Girl”
We love it for: its concierge service. Is there a better way to welcome you than suggesting a selection of the many activities the area has to offer and arranging something special just for you? Would you like a special delicatessen selection brought up to your suite? Were you thinking of finding a local market that sells goat’s cheese and fresh fruit for a picnic? Ask the concierge and you won’t be disappointed.
And for Valentine’s day, find here a special offer

Albergo Diffuso Casa delle Favole, in Ferriere, Piacenza

Have you ever been in the “Hawk’s home”? Ever thought of calling at the “Fox’s home”?
This is your chance: the Albergo Diffuso Casa delle Favole are each named after one of Aesop’s fairy tales.
The reception is located in the “Hawk’s home”, together with the breakfast room and the restaurant areas. But if you’d rather experiment with the local food and wine and whip up a local speciality, each apartment has a kitchenette.
We love it for: the Albergo Diffuso is a work of preservation. The buildings were originally homes to the local farmers, charcoal-burners and, woodcutters (we’re at the foot of the Monte Nero) who got by on very little, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. But over time their sons and daughters left the small village and …the Albergo Diffuso project is helping the area to live on.

Villa Asfodeli in Tresnuraghes and Albergo Diffuso Aquae Sinis, in Cabras (Oristano)

An active holiday?
Villa Asfodeli is the answer to all your holiday dreams: trekking in the area of Montiferru and Maraggiu to admire the soaring local vultures and sharing a picnic with the last shepherds who still roam part of the country with their herds.
Dreaming of immersing yourself in a book on a sunny beach?
The Abergo Diffuso Aquae Sinis is a few kilometres away from many beaches and you just need to make up your mind:

  • sunbathing at Is Arusas on the smooth quartz stones?
  • Or walking on the sand at San Giovanni di Sinis, where sunbathers can relax and stroll among the remains of archaeological towers (nuraghi), and explore a small church dating back to the3rd-5th century A.D.

We love it: travelling with your best pet friend? At Aque Sinis your friend will be provided with food and water and access to a 24 hour vet. Travelling with your bike? At Aquae Sinis you’ll have access to a small mechanical lab to fix any problems and your menu will be created specifically for your sporting needs. Looking to do some exercise? Villa Asfodeli staff will be able to arrange horse riding lessons, bike tours and trekking in the surrounding area.

Albergo Diffuso Borgo Sant’Angelo, Gualdo Tadino (Perugia)

Here the spiritual and physical dimensions go hand in hand: the Albergo Diffuso Borgo Sant’Angelo is a place rich in religious relevance where the mind will find peace and joy and the eyes will wander over green valleys and fields. Your body will find its lost energy and vigor, biking and trekking along miles and miles of paths.
We love it for: the silence of the place.
In a chaotic world where we constantly hear everybody and everything, it’s wonderful to finally hear…. The sound of silence.

Cover image: ph. by Remo Pomposini, via flickr

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