From the Dolomites to the Po Valley, from Garda Lake to the sea, Veneto is a Region where landscapes keep changing, surprising you.
a small water channel in Venice, with houses and boats
Venezia - trinchetto via Flickr

Veneto is a Region rich of art and past architectures and where local handicraft is still one of the most profitable economic activity. You will be surprised by amazing and colorful landscapes. Discover this land reading our green travel guide:








Nature and landscapes in Veneto

If you are looking for some time surrounded by nature, in Veneto it won't be that easy to choose where to go!In the north part of the Region you will find rolling hills and high mountains: from the Dolomites in the area of Belluno, to the Tre Cime, from the wide plateau of Asiago to the Piccole Dolomiti mountains, and then to the south where you can admire the Colli Berici and Euganei, in the middle of the flat land. 

pelmo mountain with its pale rock on blue sky
Monte Pelmo - Giovanni via Flickr

Other interesting naturalistic places that travelers can visit are lakes: Garda Lake in the west part of the Region, but also lakes in the mountains, such as Mis, situated in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park. Along the coast, in the east part of the Region, there are many sandy coves and islands which can be reach with the boat. There are also itineraries running along rivers that can be followed on foot or by bike towards the sea. 

A lake in the muntain with woods around
Mis Lake - Andrea Omizzolo

Crossing the Po Valley you will be see fields dotted by countryhouses and farms, where your children can learn about animals, plants and rhythms of nature. 

fields and a country house
The countryside - Paulo Ghizzi via Flickr

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, don't miss the spa in Terme Euganee, Padova. Here you will find the hottest water in the world!

Cities, Villas and gondolas!

You won't get disappointed if you like art and culture. In most of the cities in Veneto, there are monuments and historic buildings, such as the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, designed by Palladio, a famous architect, lived in the Rinascimento who left his traces in the many villas, disseminated especially in the countryside between Vicenza and Padua that can be visited. 

one of Palladio villas with its gardn alla around
La Rotonda - fuss via Flickr

In Verona you can see Giulietta House and the places that inspired Shakespeare's novel. In Padova you can enjoy a coffee in the magnificent Caffè Pedrocchi, built in 1800, and admire the Palazzo del Bo', home of the renowned University of Padua. And what about Venice, this extraordinary city built among islands and bridges, surrounded by the lagoon, which hides treasures to admire in every corner. And be ready to get surprised also by small cities and villages: in Possagno, for example, you can visit  the Temple built by Antonio Canova, a famous artist who lived in 1800.

a square in Padua: statues and fountains
Padua - konstantin via Flickr

Traditional Flavours

Many are the typical products that you can taste in this Region, especially these coming from agriculture: the crispy radicchio and asparagus, in the area of Treviso, sweet cherries in Marostica, near Vicenza, the rice Vialone Nano from the area of Verona, used to prepare Risotto. Well known is also Baccalà alla Vicentina, fish eaten with corn mush. There are also many vineyards, for the production of renowned wine, such as Prosecco, Soave and Valpolicella.

rice with red salad
Risotto - Hotel Monaco via Flickr

Where to sleep in Veneto: eco-friendly accommodations

In Veneto it is possible to sleep in eco-friendly hotels as well. Here are some suggestions:

Bio Agriturismo "Campo di Cielo" Vegan, Cesiomaggiore, Belluno. It's a B&B surrounded by nature. Here you can enjoy a vegan restaurant, that uses local farm products, a sauna and a library. It's the perfect place for all those who want to take a break from stressful modern life.

Albaspina Bioagriturismo, Monticello Conte Otto, Vicenza. It is a farmhouse that dates back to the early 18th century. It lies in an area known for its panoramic beauty, just a few kilometers outside of Vicenza, set in a very peaceful setting among fields.

Find out other eco-friendly accommodations in Veneto

vineyards on hills
Vineyards - Mionetto Prosecco via Flickr

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Author: Anita Cason

Cover image: Villa Cantarini by Palladio, ph. by dvdbramhall via Flickr 

Eco-friendly accommodations

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Campo di Cielo bioagriturismo vegan

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B&B La Lanterna da Floro e Claudia

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