The eco-friendly accommodations that are part of Ecobnb can take advantage of many benefits and discounts with our affiliated partners. They are virtuous reality and companies that share our commitment, making the world greener.

These are companies that share our commitment to make the world greener. From clean energy to organic and natural products, from ethical finance to ecological soaps … by choosing the affiliated suppliers present in the Ecobnb catalog you can improve the environmental sustainability of your accommodation facility, and at the same time receive a discount on your purchases. Together we can help support companies engaged in the circular economy and save the planet.

Ecobnb’s Affiliated Partners

alce nero organic food

Alce Nero

Farmers and organic products since 1978

Alce Nero has been guaranteeing 100% organic products and eco- labels for over 40 years. The raw materials are grown without synthetic chemicals, respecting the fertility of the soil and the land, by over a thousand farmers in Italy and small family farms in Central and South America. From pasta to rice, from tomato pulp to legumes, from biscuits to fruit juices, from honey to jams… you can choose from dozens of certified organic products.

Exclusive benefits for you: 10% discount on all Alce Nero organic products in the catalog already discounted for hotels, restaurants and catering.

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è nostra

Renewable Energy

è nostra is a cooperative that produces and supplies electricity 100% from renewable sources. Founded in 2014, to date the cooperative has over 7,000 members, including cooperators and donors, united by the desire to mitigate their ecological footprint through conscious choices, reduce their consumption, use shared renewable energy, contribute to the energy transition.

Exclusive benefits for you: 5% discount on the energy price for the first year of supply



evway by Route220

Revolutionary and Complete Service for Electric Drivers

evway improves and enhances the charging stop for those traveling by electric car, promoting commercial activities, accommodation facilities and territories that believe in sustainable mobility. The dedicated evway Travel Network portal allows travelers to find and get in direct contact with the structures that offer charging service for electric vehicles.

Exclusive benefits for you: 10% discount on the Station + Services package

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Officina Naturae

Ecological cleaning products and natural soaps

Officina Naturae has been producing 100% bio-sustainable detergents and cosmetics for over ten years. For the cleaning of accommodation facilities, hotels and bed & breakfasts, it offers universal detergents, universal degreasers, laundry detergents and other products made with natural and ecological raw materials. You can also buy high quality organic and ecological soaps, shower gels and shampoos, available in bulk, for your hotel rooms.

Exclusive advantages for you: 30% discount on products (receive the discount code by writing to

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officina naturae


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