Visiting Venice is an experience to do at least once in life time: who has not experienced the true and intimate atmosphere of this city has lost a multisensory experience. The sound of footsteps through the narrow streets, the reflections of the ancient buildings in the channels, the strong smell of salt and... a moment of communion with his soul...
Venice, piazza san Marco
Venice, piazza san Marco, ph. by an.yonghua, via flickr

1. Best things to do in Venezia (Veneto)

Why not to start your tour with a stop in one of the many "wine bars"?

Do not miss the spritz also called "Spriss", the quintessential Veneto aperitif made of white wine, Aperol or Campari and an orange slice. If you arrive from the train stop at “Da Lele”, here the aperitif is a ritual not to be missed.

Let's start with the must see: Rialto Bridge observes the Venetian life that literally flows beneath you: in the Grand Canal. Boats of all shapes and sizes, gondolas and ferries, with their precise route, which are caught in impossible maneuvers in the waves.

And yet St. Mark's Square, enjoyable at night: with its bell tower and the winged lion. A few steps away on the corner of Palazzo Ducale you will find the Bridge of Sighs and the “Ponte dell'Accademia”.

Campo Santa Margherita is an excellent alternative to enjoy the Venetian nightlife: each local is characteristic and is "packed" in the midst of others. Narrow streets enclose the tale of a "Boule de neige" city...

Last tip: in Venice you walk right again, in a very British for not clash when the streets become too tight, do not forget it!


Relaxing at Campo Santa Margherita, Venice
Relaxing at Campo Santa Margherita, Venice, ph. by Città Vita, via flickr


2. The Venecian Lagoon and surroundings

Too often Venice blinds travelers.

Actually Portogruaro might make you change your mind immediately: serene, flourishing and graceful, suspended between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, with elegant homes, between Gothic and Renaissance. Do not miss the Piazza Cavour and the Palazzo Marzotto.

Caorle is instead a village full of narrow streets and charming eccentric, colorful homes.

After exploring its streets you will find an imposing sight and very special: the cathedral of 1038 and the bell tower topped by cylindrical and conical spire, Romanesque, from the same era. A stone's throw from the cathedral is the waterfront and also has a lot to tell and I perceived as a place melancholy, like a first love gone and never forgotten. Here you will find the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Angel and the works of art in the open.

Each year the competition is held in Caorle "Cliff alive", for which sculptors from different countries are called upon to decorate the rocks of the promenade with sculptures of great value which can be enjoyed all year round.

green itineraries in Portogruaro, Venice, Italy
Portogruaro, Venice, ph. by Susanna A., via flickr


3. Nature, sport and green itineraries

What could be better than to book a boat trip?

You can start from Portogruaro going down the river passing in front of Concordia Sagittaria, accompanying the nature experience with a visit to the archeological sites, and then on to the lagoon of Caorle.

These are the lagoons evoked by Hemingway and right here you can have a chat with the typical 4 fishermen of Caorle.

Do not even miss a visit to Vallevecchia naturalistic oasis lagoon between Caorle and Bibione, Concordia Sagittaria, Portogruaro (Venice) at the mouth of the valley Zignago, between the rivers Tagliamento and Livenza Lemene, which covers about 150 hectares obtained from reclamation took place in 60s.

It is a oasis for numerous birds, perfect for lovers of birdwatching and equipped with a nature trail and a cycle path. Explore this oasis bike along with a guide ...

Nature and birds in the Vallevecchia natural oasi, Venice, Italy
Vallevecchia natural oasi, Venice, ph. by Vincenzo Salvagnin, via flickr


4. Tastes and local food

Even Venice, like many other Italian cities, has its typical street food that evokes fish and chips in London: the "scartosso" or the “walking fried”. From Aqua & Mais, in Campiello dei Meloni, with € 3 or € 5 you will find shrimp, polenta and calamari served in a paper cone ready to accompany you in your walk.

Finger food to try is a lot: from small samples of super tasty sliced or meatballs to small morsels of fish stew. To be enjoyed at the bar with a goto de vin.

Do not forget the meatballs Alla Vedova!

Sunset in Venice
Sunset in Venice, ph. by Chris Chabot, via flickr


5. Where to stay in Venice and surrounding

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in Venice and surroundings: small bed & breakfast with gardens, bio hotels set in the beautiful city center, eco houses and much more!

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in Venice

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Author: Angela Sebastianelli

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