From the sweet pre-Alpine spiers to the big and amazing Dolomites: flying like a bird you will catch the real beauty of Belluno, with its variety of landscapes and vegetation, with its National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, the Alps and the Grappa... on foot or by bicycle, enjoy this place not only in winter.
Here are the most beautiful architectural monuments of the city: Justice Palace  (called Belluno Palace), old Vescovado (now the headquarters of auditorium), Red Palace (town hall), the Cathedral. Green guide,  Venetp
Piazza Duomo, Belluno, Manuele Sangalli, via Flick

1. Best thinks to do in Belluno

Unlike its “sisters” provinces in Veneto, Belluno has no real attractions but encompasses a multitude of small and precious jewels not to be missed: first of all the lovely old town.

The city has a picturesque location on the hillside and this allows her to impress with many beautiful panoramic views from the historic center, inviting streets and fresh air in every season.

A peaceful walk watching the beautiful Gothic and Renaissance buildings is a must. If it is art to keep you awake, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Municipal Museum and the magnificent Cathedral of Belluno.

The Belluno Dolomites, form a complex mountain range that includes Vette di Feltre to Schiara and overlooking one of the largest alpine valleys (media Valle del Piave). Variety of rocks and landscapes and a remarkable biological diversity. Green guide, Veneto
The Belluno Dolomites, Fernando The March, Flickr 

2. The Dolomites and surroundings

Once in Belluno let’s walk or bike to explore the real pride of the area: the beautiful Dolomite mountains. Here you can feel really close to the nature and live an unforgettable experience.

Belluno Dolomites National Park is waiting for you for a picnic or a complex route. There are many points of vegetation and animals observation, such as Salet (Sospirolo), outstanding for observing deer and ungulates in general or Caiada (Spar) where you can effortlessly come across robins, woodpeckers blacks, deer and foxes.

For those who never stops learning it is also possible to combine the observation to some interesting knowledge to bring back home, with a brief visit to the Botanical Garden Campanula Moretti, in the nearby of the Lake Mis, in Sospirolo.

The garden allows observation of many plant species of high altitude and the principal features of the Natural Park have been perfectly recreated: rocks and scree slopes, wetlands, meadows and forests.

During the winter, Belluno and surroundings are colored in white offering breathtaking views, white coats and impenetrable light and hundreds of opportunities for fun and entertainment.

Skiing in the Dolomites is skiing in Nevegal, Mount Avena, the Marmolada, the Three Peaks or on the slopes of Mount Civetta: beautiful scenery, the unknown beauty for those who have never seen them live.

All kind of skiing can be practiced: downhill skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemark, carving and off the track. Do not forget the old snowshoes for those who do not want to ski!

In winter on the mountains of the Bellunese you will find a large variety of ski areas that will meet your every need. The ski areas are located mainly in the upper Bellunese and offer well groomed ski runs and swift ski lifts, among valleys, forests and lakes creating a charming atmosphere. Cortina and Cadore, Civetta and Comelico, Marmolada and Tre Cime di Lavaredo, these ski areas alone make the Bellunese one of the most important ski resorts in Europe.Green guide,Veneto.
Alpine skiing, Alessio, Flickr

3. Nature, sports and green itineraries

Stone is the true character of this land: cold, untouched, unchanged while changing. Enjoy some slow travel, finding the happiness of today. There are many routes.

The one departing from Certosa di Vedana, visiting the nearby church of San Gottardo, guardian of extraordinary paintings. Above these missed beads and the small lake of Vedana stands the farm "Le Brandere", with unsurpassed products and renowned cuisine.

Then downstream, passing the town of Sedico to stop "Castelliere of Noal", an extraordinary discovery recently brought to light is waiting for your visit.

The gastronomic tradition of Belluno is linked breeding cattle ( but also of sheep and goats ) , the main economic activity until the second post-war period . Cheeses , meats and salamis include the
Tipical products of Belluno, National Park of Dolomities

4. Tastes and local food

Enjoy the best recipes of "Cusina de Belun" and of the "Old Brewery Mezzaterra", you will know the true and genuine taste of the traditional cuisine of Belluno often unknown to the Italians.

Let’s start from the bacon, smoked and matured with mint, pepper, juniper, laurel and cabernet and served with platters of cheeses and savory flaky, such as the famous Piave.

Enjoy the excellent “pastin”, succulent mixture of pork and beef mixed with pepper and bacon, grilled and served with the amazing polenta.

Do not miss the apples, in all their "sauces" and fried donuts covered with powdered sugar and IGP beans, to be cooked with ham bone or rind.

View of the bell tower by Juvarra and Martyrs Square. Green guide, Veneto
Belluno, Veneto. Photo by Domenico Marchi,via Flickr

5. Where to stay in the city and surrounding

Discover all eco-friendly accomodations in the province of Belluno: chalets and huts in the mountains, bio hotels, small bed & breakfast family-run offering various activities during the vacation to accompany relaxation mountain: hiking, snowshoeing, teaching farms.

Discover all eco-friendly accomodations in the province of Belluno

Author: Angela Sebastianelli 

Cover photo by Dino Stego, via flickr

Eco-friendly accommodations

Una stanza nelle Dolomiti Bellunesi - Friland

Province of Belluno (Veneto)

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Campo di Cielo bioagriturismo vegan

Belluno (Veneto)

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CASA NOVECENTO, marchio Ecolabel UE

BL (Veneto)

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B&B terra e nubi

Belluno (Veneto)

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Fattoria Agriturismo Ortoalpino

BL (Veneto)

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Hotel La Caminatha

Belluno (Veneto)

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Appartamenti Primiero

Autonomous Province of Trento (Trentino-South Tyrol)

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Benvenuti a Casa Faoro!

Autonomous Province of Trento (Trentino-South Tyrol)

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Relais Le Betulle

Treviso (Veneto)

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Rifugio Settimo Alpini

Belluno (Veneto)

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Da Fosa

Pordenone (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Dormì e Disnà

Belluno (Veneto)

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Provincia di Belluno (Veneto)

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Alloggio Rurale Eco-friendly

Belluno (Veneto)

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