Going on vacation means enjoying a few days of rest and fun, taking a break from daily commitments and rediscover oneself. Who said it has to be done in company? Going on vacation alone is an excellent way to indulge in self-discovery and improve your overall well-being. Here are 10 wonderful ideas for a solo travel. Ready to leave?

1.On top of the mountain

landscape of mountains
Go to the mountains alone to rediscover your well-being, photo via CanvaPRO

The mountains are a real blessing for body and soul: they reduce stress and offer plenty of activities to do even on your own. By staying in mountain huts surrounded by forests, bivouacs or retreats, you will experience the high altitude at its fullest and admire the pristine landscapes around you.

If you are a sports lover, you can spend your time hiking, walking through the woods or rock climbing. The satisfaction of reaching the summit will contribute to the feeling of overall well-being that will stay with you throughout your holiday.

2. On vacation alone to learn something new

eco-hotels offering courses
Learn on vacation with courses, photo via Canva PRO

Going on a solo trip can be the ideal opportunity to enlarge your background of experiences. Whether it’s cooking classes, pottery courses, yoga or horticulture, you can enjoy the benefits of a vacation while learning something new.

There are currently many eco-hotels offering courses: don’t miss them and learn during your sustainable trip!

3. Immerse yourself in natural hot springs

natural hot springs
Solo vacation in natural hot springs, photo via Canva PRO

If you wish your solo vacation to be totally regenerating, spend some time in natural hot springs and take care of your body and soul. Lulled by the soothing and enveloping waters of the thermal pools, you will spend your stay in total relaxation and well-being.

This choice, besides being environmentally friendly, is also low-cost: many natural hot springs have reasonable prices or can also be free!

4. Cycling holiday

go on holiday and ride your bike
Cycling holiday, photo via Canva PRO

Do you want to spend a holiday in close contact with nature without giving up fitness? Consider a cycling trip. It is an eco-friendly way to explore the world without impacting the environment. Moreover, it is perfect for a solo vacation: during your ride you can relieve your daily stress by feeling the wind in your hair and the lovely chirping of birds.

If your plan is coming to Italy for your vacation, the peninsula is full of cycle paths to be discovered: saddle up and explore new destinations!

5. A walking holiday

walk during your holiday
Choose a walking holiday, photo via Canva PRO

Walking is a great alternative to biking: it is a beneficial activity, suitable for everyone. By exploring all the most beautiful hiking trails in the world, you can enjoy every moment and stop to admire the landscape whenever you want. Whether through religious, nature or cultural paths, the thrill of backpacking remains incomparable!

6. In a tent under the stars

go to a eco-camping or to a glamping in your holiday
Vacation in tent in an eco-camping or glamping, photo via Canva PRO

A camping vacation offers a lot of benefits, including the opportunity to dedicate some time to yourself and immerse yourself in unspoilt nature. By choosing an eco-camping, you will also contribute to the preservation of the planet and enjoy a cheap and rejuvenating vacation.

If you don’t want to sacrifice comfort, opt for an eco-glamping: a camping which combines with glamour to spend a fabulous holiday by yourself.

7. On a yoga retreat

on yoga retreat during your solo trip
On retreat to practice yoga and meditation, photo via Canva PRO

Going on vacation alone is a great way to rediscover your psychophysical wellbeing: what could be better than a yoga retreat to achieve this goal? This practice promotes muscle and mental relaxation and regenerates you from the first session.

Choose breathtaking locations for your retreat: whether you are surrounded by nature or by the sea, your solo vacation will be even more special if you admire wonderful landscapes.

8. Food and wine tours

savour local wine and food
Savor local food and wine on vacation

A holiday marked by good food and wine is ideal for pampering yourself a bit, especially if you are going alone. Delight your palate with refined and heady flavours by tasting local specialties.

In addition, if you want to minimize your environmental impact or you just love to try out new things, a vacation can be the perfect opportunity to rey different types of cuisine, including vegan or raw food.

9. Guests in a sacred place

former monasteries trasnformed into eco-hotels
Guests in a sacred place to regain your inner peace, photo via Canva PRO

A retreat in a sacred place will give you serenity and inner peace. It is a perfect stay for an introspective journey and, why not, to immerse yourself into rituals and customs of religious you do not know or practice.

If religious life does not suit you but you still want to experience an almost surreal atmosphere, you can come to Italy and stay in some of the former monasteries which have been transformed into eco-friendly accommodations: don’t miss out on them!

10. Staycation: on vacation by staying at home

staycation: go on holiday while staying at home
Staycation: on vacation by staying at home, photo via Canva PRO

Who said that you can be in vacation only if you get away from your home? Dedicate some time for yourself with a “Staycation“: a vacation spent at home or in unexplored areas of your city. Your “trip” will be 100% green!

By changing your mindset, you can give yourself moments of pure relaxation. You could do hobbies you like or activities you usually leave on the background because of your everyday commitments. In this way, you can bring the benefits of vacation directly home!

Cover image via Canva PRO