Fly like a bird here is the dream run on the bike here today pleasure. You become young, you become poet” (Alfredo Oriani)

No other means, such as bicycle , makes us light and free. While our body is all brawn to accompany the movement of the wheels and pedals, our soul becomes lighter , the thoughts run faster , run the ideas flowing in the air so still that we could not imagine. Sometimes you just need a bike to feel good, and on vacation.

So today we wanted to meet Andrea Mozzarelli, president of Bicinsieme – Fiab Parma (Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle), who made the two-wheeler a philosophy of life and travel.

Convinced that the bicycle is the ideal transport for a relaxing holiday, short or long, we ask Andrea some tips for planning your next holiday riding on two wheels:

– 3 Tips for Choosing the route, in Italy of course,


– 5 Key ingredients for your successfull cycling holiday


bici mare


3 bike paths not to miss in Italy, what are they?

Did you know that, as there is a network of hightways, there is also a national network of bicycle paths?

To be exact, there are 18 thousand kilometers of cycling routes, tells Andrew, crossing Italy “coast to coast”. All of this is now visible on the site of Bicitalia, designed by Claudio Forgive, that within the association FIAB. On this website are gathered so all cycling in Italy, visible to all, with just one click. The great work of mapping has been done thanks to the many cyclists, who, like Andrea, have cycled discovered and reported the paths.

But let’s get to the three routes recommended by Andrea (who better than he could do that?) For our next vacation the bike.

1 . A weekend on two wheels, from Caldonazzo to Bassano del Grappa

It starts from the Caldonazzo lake, the largest lake in Trentino, swimming from June to September, surrounded by lush vegetation. The cycle route starts from the town of Pergine and continues on a stretch of city street to the center of Borgo Valsugana, which runs along the picturesque streets and arcades of the town center, up to the market place enlivened by colorful stalls and fragrant fruit. From Borgo Valsugana starts the bike path, well marked, which continues to Primolano. From Cismon del Grappa instead continue on a road shared with cars, but very quiet , which crosses the cheerful interior villages , until you get to Bassano del Grappa, a picturesque village in the heart of the Veneto region .

Why choose this route by bike ? Because it is easy and suitable for everyone, including families and children. In fact, the bike path is completely flat and slightly downhill from Lake Caldonazzo to Bassano, almost all paved and in good condition and well cared for. The route is 80 km long , and along the way they meet various possibilities for rest and refreshment (Bicigrill). The return can be done by train, to the delight of allyoung and old.


2 . Cycling with the whole family, from Mantua to Peschiera on Lake Garda

A picturesque path that begins before Mantua, between Lakes and Castles, and along the surprising nature of the Mincio Natural Park comes to the gates of Peschiera and Garda Lake. The route begins at the station in Mantova (perfect for arriving by train) , with a short stretch of road normal, but continues on a long, quiet bike path down to Lake Garda.

The route is 43 km long, almost all flat, with very few difficult stretches, making it suitable for everyone . The journey time is approximately 4 hours. A handy bike-bus service offered by the company APAM, allow to load and unload your bike in each of the four intermediate stages of the itinerary (Mantua, Pozzolo , Valeggio, Peschiera).

For a longer holiday , suggests Andrea, you can continue your journey along the cycle path “Ciclovia del Sole”, coming up to the Brenner Pass, or along the “Tibre Dolce”, coming to Livorno, passing Sabbioneta and Parma (no more on cycle paths but on secondary routes).


3 . By bike, on dirt trails of the Crete Senesi, Tuscany

A fascinating journey from Siena to Asciano, on dirt roads , through the rolling hills, dotted with cypress trees, farmhouses set in a perfect nature and unforgettable colors. The beauty of this path, and the thing that sets it apart from the previous two, is in direct contact with the place – points out the President Fiab of Parma – easy to get in touch with local people. The bike paths are certainly comfortable and safe , but the secondary routes dedicated to the bikes allow a more direct contact with the place, facilitate meetings and exchanges, enhance the trip. Andrea remember the people met along the white roads of the Crete Senesi, promptly available to offer advice, hospitality and tips to continue the journey. Human relationships are essential, even in the journey, and the bicycle is the best way to develop them. Pheraps is it because you are traveling more slowly, with less protection and more open to others with respect to the car.

The 5 ingredients of a successfull cycling holiday

We ask Andrea some practical advice for a successfull cycing holiday. What do we must keep in mind?

Here’s what he replied:

1 . Organization minimal. The trip should not be too programmed to make room for improvisation and meetings. Sometimes it is better not to book and plan everything in advance but rather follow the course of events. In short, decide to table the whole holiday is not recommended, you might be disappointed by unexpected path or you may lose valuable opportunities to meet a free holiday would have to offer. The advice is therefore to define a starting point, an end point and a rough itinerary. Along the way we will outline the steps, stops and meetings, places to eat and sleep.

2 . Right equipment. Council to choose a bicycle is not too sophisticated , ideal bike is a “hybrid” , ie an approach to mountain-bike wheels but relatively small . Do not forget your helmet and a first aid kit for bicycle repair.

3 . Training. It’s advisable to have a minimum of experience and training before taking on long paths and it is always better to be covered in the group.

4 . The righteous companions. The trip, especially when you are cycling, it is an adventure to share with people with whom you are in tune.

5 . Minimize the luggage. I know it is not easy. Along the way you’ll see what you should not take it with you!

Thank you Andrea! Now we must only inflate the wheels of the bike, fill the bottle with water and go, enjoying the wind and the absolute freedom of the bicycle!


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