Sunday, 7:00 am. Why are you awake so early?!?
Do you want enjoy every minute before Monday morning begins?
Can’t stand to stay at home even a moment longer?
Or do you just feel like trying something new?
Come on, follow me! I know what is right for you.

As we pass through  the valley which leads to the path, we read the road signs and peek into the bars and the houses… Everything arouses our curiosity, even the topographical names.
When we arrive to the car park, you start to feel better: we are now at 1504m above sea level where you can start to breathe in the pristine mountain air. Well, let’s start!

During the ascent, we are charmed by each element of our hike: flower varieties, groundhog whistles, mountain goats… They create an ode to nature, to the beauty of existence… To say nothing of the emotions felt facing the iron way!

Lost in thought, we barely realise that the sloping roof of the Hut Luca Vuerich is starting to peek up from the midst of the rocks. You have now ascended to 2531m above sea level. The building you’ve begun to observe is something more than a cozy little house: its design, its materials (mostly spruce timber), even its position, studied to maximize the exposure to sunlight, are all made in Italy (more precisely in Friuli Venezia Giulia). It was built in memory of Luca Vuerich, a mountaineer whose life was prematurely taken from him.

Here, guarded against elements, our eyes are free to take pleasure in the valleys, the peaks, and the asymmetrical abysses grown out of the marriage between the two.


You learn that this hut can host up to 8 persons and it is possible to stay overnight here for free! You just need a sleeping bag, some supplies and (why not?) a gas camping stove to make a cup of tea.

Here, surrounded by nature, each celestial event – from the sunrise to the starry night sky – turns into a priceless show, able to keep your waking dreams alive through the work week, and leads you towards next weekend, with another ViaggioVerde adventure…

hut Luca Vuerich

How to arrive
By car from Sella Nevea head toward the Piani del Montasio; after around 6 km there is a car park.

Hiking trail:
It starts from the car park. Follow the signs to Hut G. di Brazzà (1660t m); once you reach it, go up along the path which leads to the peak of Terrarossa. Go under the peak, towards the Forca de lis Sieris. Once there, the path becomes more challenging (the iron way begins!) until you arrive at the panoramic peak of Foronon del Buinz, where is the Hut Luca Vuerich.

Elevation gain: 979m

Best travel period: Mid-June to mid-September


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