Czechia is a country, which has so much to offer. Wandering the streets of historical and small towns is magical. Magic touched also the nature and thus, Czechia offers a great combo of natural and historical treasures.

There are many places to visit in Czech Republic. Itineraries, we suggest are just few of them. We tried to find balance between touristy places and not so known itineraries to offer you authentic green experience of Czechia. Will you try one of them?

Adrspach-Teplice Rocks

The most famous rock town in Czechia. There are many tourists during the season, but we found a solution for your comfortable trip. The rock town is divided into Adrspach Rocks and Teplice Rocks. Visit Teplice Rocks. They are as beautiful as Adrspach, but less people visit them. And they are just 3 kilometres from each other!

Teplicke rocks
Photo by Arcadiuš via Flickr

From the capital of Czechia to Melnik

Prague is a must see for all travellers- no doubt about it, it is beautiful city. But what about visiting towns and villages also outside the Prague borders? We prepared quite easy and relaxing itinerary during your stay in this elegant metropole.

Photo by Moyan Brenn via Wikimedia

Around Trebon

South Czechia, especially Trebon, is considered as one of the most popular cycling destination of Czech Republic. This itinerary leads through the educational path. There are 22 stops, which will teach you something about the region. If you are planning a cycling holiday, south Czechia is a right choice.

Trebon czechia
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From Boubinsky primaeval forest to National Park Sumava

“Don´t worry about the magical beings, they are kind as long as you are kind to the forest.” Boubinsky primaeval forest is famous for its magical legends. National park Sumava will also surprise you by its wilderness. The whole itinerary is perfect for a day trip.

Boubinsky prales
Photo by chmee2 via Wikimedia

From Brno to Novy Prerov

The second largest city of Czechia will fascinate you by its modern and historical sites. It is a student city full of markets, good restaurants and fast-foods and many social events. The itinerary is interesting, because it will lead you all the way to Czech-Austrian borders. If you feel like, you can continue the itinerary all the way to Vienna.

Brno itineraries
Photo by Norbert Aepli via Wikimedia

Jeseniky in two days

The second highest hill of Czechia will provide 2 days in connection with nature. Even though the itinerary is two days long, it is suitable also for not-so-experiences hikers. The itinerary is perfect for all, who want to recharge their body and mind in nature.

Jeseniky itineraries
Photo by ufoncz via Flickr

Kost castle and the valley Plakanek

A perfect family trip in Bohemian paradise. You will visit one of the most preserved, the most important and the one of the last medieval castles in the Czech Republic – all in one. You will also explore amazing valley of Plakanek (some says, the most beautiful valley in Bohemian paradise) and spend some time in the village popular among Czech film-makers. A great combination for all families.

Photo by Olaf1541 via Wikimedia

Moravian Karst

Moravian Karst is a natural wonder of Czechia. If you are planning your holiday here, you can also take the bike with you. We suggested an itinerary, which is not so known among tourists but still offers a great amount of sights and attractions. You will visit the castle, museums, chateaus and historical churches while enjoying this itinerary.

Moravian Karst
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This magical place is another rock town in Czechia. It is part of many legends and stories.. and films as well. Pathways around the whole Prachov Rocks area makes them an ideal place for families with children. You can choose between two routes, shorter and longer one based on your capabilities and time pressure.

Photo by Pavel Podlinnov via Flickr


One of the most beautiful chateaus is Czechia has a large areal to explore. Therefore, we suggested the itinerary, which will lead you through all places, which are worth visiting. You can decide, which places you want to see from the inside. Even the park itself is beautiful enough.

Lednice itineraries
Photo by Marcin Szala via Wikimedia

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