Boubinsky primaeval forest is the right place for people with fantasy. It is a place of dark beginnings, ghosts and spirits and a source of magical and hidden power. People believe, that the forest provides home to mythical beings from all fairy-tales. Everybody, who is not scared can entry.
  • Travelling time: Day trip
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Why we love it: The nature connected with history, beautiful views of Alpes and mystic beings hidden in the forest
  • Length: 48 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 355 m
  • Way to travel: by bike
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: After 30 km of itinerary, you can choose to take a bike-bus. The bus line operates 2x during the afternoons.


Boubinsky primaeval forest is a natural reserve in the heart of Sumava. Some of the trees are 400 years old, but the forest itself is older than humans. Don´t worry about the magical beings, they are kind as long as you are kind to the forest. You can explore the place by bike- there are several bike paths.


From the primaeval forest, you will go to National Park Sumava. The national park still provides the atmosphere of wilderness, even though during the history, people were trying to destroy it due to natural resources. These two forests are slowly connecting each other and they are finding the way to become as wild as they were thousands years ago.


Sumava National Park
Photo by Huhulenik via Wikimedia

The itinerary


Map of itineraty
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Our itinerary is a perfect choice for a day trip. After some time spent in Boubinsky primaveal forest, you will go to the west. We will start from Kubova Huť- a small village of Czechia. Following the bike path, you will get to Lipka. Already now, you have 6.4 km passed.


From Lipka, you can stop at Alpska vyhlidka. It is popular lookout of tourists. From Lipka, follow the red marker to get there. And what is so special about it? Well, in a good weather, you can see Alpes from here and it is definitely worth seeing it.


From the lookout, continue to Borova Lada. Borova Lada is a crossroad and you will continue to peat lake. It is the largest peat lake in Czech Republic.


Follow the path to Kvilda. You are half way through the itinerary and we can disclose, that the hardest part is over. Kvilda is, by the way, a tourist centre. There are several restaurants and buffets. Have some lunch or a little refreshment (maybe a good Czech beer) and continue the itinerary.


After only 3 km from Kvilda, you will be passing the spring of Vltava – the longest river in Czechia. Following the path, you will enter Bučina quite soon. Educational trail of Sumava will lead you to Knížecí Pláně. In a good weather conditions, you can see Salzburg´s Alpes from here.


Continue through Polka to Račí. Along the river Tepla Vltava, you will soon get to Horni Vltavice. From here, you will arrive back to Kubova Huť, where you started.


There are many attractions around- from chateaus, castles and caste-ruins up to natural beauties. We therefore suggest you to spend longer time in Sumava region. It is a beautiful place to explore.


Photo by chmee2 via Wikimedia
Path in Boudunicky forest
Photo by chmee2 via Wikimedia

Author: Nikola Meciarova

Cover Photo: Keete 37 via Wikimedia 

Inspiration: Boubinsky Prales official webpage


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