Discover amazing hiking through the second highest hill in Czechia- Jeseniky. 2 amazing days full of nature, walking and enjoying the view are waiting for you!
  • Travelling time: 2 days
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Why we love it: Even though it is a long itinerary, it is not that hard and therefore suitable for not-so-experienced hikers.
  • Length: 43 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 1600 m
  • Way to travel: by foot
  • Cost: 400 czk (accommodation)
  • Our Advice: If you are a little faster than our itinerary is planned, you can sleep in Jeleni Studanka with capacity 8-12 people. You are not paying for accommodation here.


We will start in Chalet Ramzovske Sedlo. The Chalet is located right next to train station in Ramzova, so don´t be afraid you will get lost.

Go to the ski slope and follow the red marker leading through northeast side of a slope all the way up. Follow the way to crossroad Nad Dobrou vodou. Along with red marker, blue one will start appearing. After 50 min., you will get to crossroad Cernava where you still follow the red marker. From Cernava, you will go cca 2.5 km, till you will arrive to crossroad called Serak. You can find Chalet here, so if you feel like having a short rest, feel free to visit it and buy some refreshment.

From the wide path, you will descend to crossroad nad Kaprníkem. Here, you will again ascend following the stony path.

From the top-hill of Kaprniky, you will see beautiful 360° panorama views. Here, you can see hills like Kralicky Sneznik, Orlicke hory and Beskydy.

Going to southeast, you will come to crossroad Trojmedzi, where you are still following the red marker. Continue through the forest and also a nature reserve, which is, by the way, the oldest protected area in Moravia.

Through the forest, you will continue to saddle Pod Vrestovkou. This part is one of the most beautiful ones and very picturable. If you like taking photos, here is your photo paradise of this journey.

After this wonderful part, you are coming to Vresova Studanka. Here, you can refill the water bottles thanks to so-called “magical” spring.

Continue through nature reserve Sněžná kotlina to Cervenohorske saddle. You can eat and drink here and find some energy to continue.

For a while, we are leaving the red marker and start following the blue one. Through Skalni Tabule, U vyrovky, Nad Petrovkov and crossroad Kamzik, you will get to to Slate. Here, you will again start following the red marker.

From Slate, it is very close to Chalet Svycarna, which is right around the corner. Here, you can sleep this night.

Photo by ufoncz via Flickr

Second day

From the Chalet, follow the asphalt road to crossroad Praded. Turn left and you will get to the highest fixed point in the Czech Republic. There is a lookout tower, a restaurant and beautiful views.

Now, you are descending back to crossroad Praded. Passing the Chalet Barborka and Chalet Kurzovni, you are getting to Ovcarna. Here, you will find many people. No doubt about it- they can come by bus and car all the way to the top. That is the reason, why we are changing the direction and continue right on red marker to crossroad Nad Ovcarnou.

Following the route, you are getting to Petrovy kameny, famous because of the legends about witches. From Petrovy Kameny, follow the ascend to Vysoka Hole. The path along the ridge has a dense stick marking to keep tourists from wandering through frequent fogs. Following the way to southwest, you will get to crossroad Nad Malym Kotlem. After 1.5 km you will arrive to Jeleni Studanka, where you can rest a little.

On Jeleni studanka, you are leaving the red marker and start following green one instead- the direction to Bridlicna Hora. Another beautiful and picturable surrounding is waiting for you here.

From Bridlicna Hora, follow the way to Pecny hill. Through Pec, Ztracene Kameny and Nad Skritkem, you will arrive to Skritek.

Here the itinerary ends. You can take some lunch in the roadhouse. To come back home, you can use bus or car. It´s just up to you.


Jeseniky 2
Photo by Derbeth via Flickr
Pecny, Jeseniky
Photo by Jiri Brozovsky via Flickr
Praded, Jeseniky
Photo by Jiri Brozovsky via Flickr

Author: Nikola Meciarova

Cover Photo: Photo by Marek Stránský via Wikipedia


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