One of the most beautiful chateaus in Czechia is waiting for you in Lednice. This itinerary will take you to Chateau Lednice, Minarett, John castle and hunting lodge Lednice.
  • Travelling time: 6h
  • Difficulty: Family
  • Why we love it: The Chateau is simply breath-taking. We felt like we are in a fairy-tale.
  • Length: 10 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 14 m
  • Way to travel: by foot
  • Cost: check in text
  • Our Advice: Visit Greenhouse as well.
Map of itinerary
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If you arrived to Lednice by car, you can park in the end of the village. It is very close to the chateau. The parking lot is payed and costs 10CZK/ hour.

Chateau Lednice

It is not only one of the most beautiful chateaus, but also one of the most visited monuments in Czechia. In 19th century, it was reconstructed into neo-gothic style. The chateau is surrounded by one of the Europe´s largest parks, where you can find the Palm House, the Venetian fountain, Roman aqueduct, the Chinese Pavilion, artificial ruins minaret and Johns Castle. The Chateau is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.


It is possible to book an individual guided tour in foreign language.

The price is:

Adult ………. 260 CZK

Seniors over 65 years old ………. 190 CZK

Children between 6-18 years ………. 190 CZK

Children up to 6 years ………. FREE

Family ticket (2 adults and 3 children) ………. 710 CZK


If you don´t want to visit the castle inside, it is totally fine. You can just walk in the area and park for free, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the castle.

Lednica Chateau
Photo by Harold via Wikipedia
Lednice zámek
Photo by KLMircea via Flickr


To walk a bit further, Minaret is waiting for you. In fact, it is the oldest lookout and the only Minaret in Czech Republic. It is also the highest building of this type outside of Islamic countries, reaching a height of almost 65 meters.

Entrance fee to Minaret is:

Adults ………. 50 CZK

Seniors over 65 ………. 40 CZK

Children 6-18 ………. 40 CZK

Children up to 6 ………. FREE

Family admission ………. 140 CZK

Photo by Dage - Looking For Europe via Flickr
Photo by Dage - Looking For Europe via Flickr

John Castle

Originally, it was a hunting lodge built in 1801-1808 based on project by Joseph Hardtmuth. The building consists of four towers. Inside the castle you can find a large Knights Hall, used for feasts and hunting feasts.

Guiding tour in foreign language costs:

Adults ………. 60 CZK

Seniors over 65 ………. 40 CZK

Children 6-18 ………. 40 CZK

Children up to 6 ………. FREE

Family admission ……….160 CZK

John Castle
Photo by Dezidor via Wikimedia
John Castle
Photo by Martin-h via Wikipedia

Hunting Lodge Lednice

Another hunting lodge built by Joseph Hardtmuth. It is a small building and a part of Lednickovalticky area. The lodge was used as a manor house and allowed the monastery to watch the hunting on meadows. Unfortunately, hunting lodge is inaccessible.

Hunting Lodge
Photo by Harold via Wikipedia

Except of attractions and sights selected by us, you can visit Greenhouse, Grotta - artificial baroque cave and Children`s room & Museum of marionettes. All of them can be found in the area of the park. You can´t miss it.


Author: Nikola Mečiarová

Cover Photo: Photo by Marcin Szala via Wikimedia


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