A little bit of relax in beautiful Czechia. We would like to introduce you TOP 10 natural pools and lakes you can find in this country. Discover natural alternatives with us!

Trhové Kamenice in Kamenný vrch

Flooded quarry lies only 2 km from Trhové Kamenice. It has beautiful clean water and till now, not many tourists know about it. It is perfect for diving and snorkeling.

You can get there by yellow marker to Kamenny Vrch. It will lead you through the forest. Next to the building KP Pardubice, turn right and after a while you will see beautiful scenery of crystal clean water with stony walls around.

GPS: 49,788018 15,838209

Trhove Kamenice, one of the best natural pools in Czechia
Trhove Kamenice, photo by Palickap via Wikimedia

Harasov Natural Pool

Bath under the beautiful castle from 14th century. This natural pool is located 12 km from the town Melnik. If you would like to connect it with a trip to the castle, we strongly suggest you to do so. However, the natural pool has 2 sand beaches and water is a bit colder.

GPS: 50,411177 14,570731

Harasov pool
Harasov, photo by Atillak via Wikipedia

Probostske Natural Pools

Close to Stara Boleslav, you can find lakes perfect for fishing and natural bathing. Near the lakes, there are toilettes, changing rooms, buffets, restaurants, parking lot and many others. It is a favorite place for windsurfers and families with children.

These lakes are not free of charge, but the fee is quite small- only 40 CZK/ person.

GPS: 50,204562 14,654286

Probostske lake
Probostske natural pools, photo by probostskajezera.com

Milada Lake

The lake lies close to Usti nad Labem. It is a great stop on your itineraries to National Park Czech Switzerland, Krusne Hory or Ceske Stredohori. Milada is 252 hectares large and the maximum depth is 24,7m. It is perfect place for all kinds of recreational activities- from water sports, through BBQ up to cycling on beautiful bike trails around the lake.

GPS: 50,654360 13,953555

Milada lake
Milada Lake, photo by jezeromilada.cz

Machovo Lake

One of the most popular lakes in Czechia lies in the town Doksy. It is called lake, however, in reality, it is pond- the largest pond in the country. You can rent boats, pedal boats, surfboards and small sails on several places in the area. Machovo lake has 4 main beaches, where you can find toboggans, attractions or restaurants. From May to September, you can sail through the lake on steamboat.

GPS: 50,563896 14,655046

Machovo lake, one of the best natural pools in Czechia
Machovo lake, photo by LaSo via Wikimedia

Bolevacke Ponds

Built in 15th century, Bolevacke ponds are important recreational areas in the city of Plzen. It is formed by 12 ponds and the largest one is Velky Bolevacky pond (54ha). Plzen cooperates with Exodus, to create perfect conditions for disabled people with their families in this area. A barrier-free route around the lake waits for you in the city of beer- Plzen.

GPS: 49,748240 13,377461

Bolevacke ponds
Bolevacke ponds, photo by Jakub Hlavaty via Wikimedia

Veselske Piskovny

5 lakes of Veselske piskovny lies in protected landscape area Trebonsko. There are beautiful sand beaches and even more beautiful water. It is often compared to the sea. The lakes offer great place to relax, bath, sports and cultural activities.

GPS: 49,167590 14,716232

Veselske piskovny lakes
Veselske Piskovny, photo by veselskepiskovny.cz


Alum lakes of Chomutov are the only one of its kind in the world. It is searched by many domestic and foreign tourists. Bathing in the water of lakes is very healthy for your organism. There are restaurant, buffet, camping sites, table tennis, volleyball, football pitch, beach volleyball, rental of boats, pedal boats, and paddleboards. You can also find the longest route for waterskiing here.

There is separate beach for nudists. Several pools created from the lakes are suitable also for children or not-so-good swimmers.

GPS: 50,468659 13,421859

Chomutov lake
Chomutov, photo by Petr Kinšt via Wikimedia


The water in flooded quarry is clean and pure. You can see what is under you up to 3m depth. It is quite close to the city Olomouc.  It is allowed to dive in Vykleky, because of beautiful and rich underwater life.

GPS: 49,558075 17,482746

Vykleky lake
Vykleky, photo by Petr Filippov via Wikimedia


A group of small flooded quarries is situated north from the town Necin. The romantic surrounding of quarries was a part of several movies and series. One of the most beautiful one is Spic, where jazz festival is taken yearly. The water is colder and you have to be careful of rocks.

GPS: 49,705999 14,229398

Necin, one of the best natural pools in Czechia
Necin, photo by clarinet factory

Have you been to one of the mentioned pools or do you have other natural pool suggestions? Share it with us !


Cover Image: Photo by Petr Filippov via Wikimedia

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