Discover the best-known part of Bohemian paradise! Nature Reserve of Prachov Rocks is a magical place full of history. It is also cradle of many movies and fairytales and in the same time, it is perfect place for rock climbers. Pathways around the whole Prachov Rocks area makes them an ideal place for families with children. We promise - you will be amazed by the scenery you will see!
  • Travelling time: 2 h
  • Difficulty: Family
  • Why we love it: Mouse Den is a narrow cleft in Prachov Rocks. Not everyone can pass through, can you?
  • Length: 4 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 75 m
  • Way to travel: by foot
  • Cost: 70 CZK (basic ticket)
  • Our Advice: Withdraw some cash in the city of Jicin. It is not possible to pay by card in Prachov Rocks.


The Prachov Rocks with children, Photo of prachov rocks in Bohemian paradise, Czech republic
Photo by Jirka Matousek via Flickr
A map of Prachov Rocks
Photo by

You can see Prachov Rocks in movies like The Mists of Avalon or Hellboy. Director Karl Kachyni filmed parts of his Little Mermaid also in this beautiful rocks. Even a song was written about them! Thus, there is no doubt, it is a special place to visit while being in Czech Republic.


The Prachov Rocks with children, Photo of Prachov Rocks in Bohemian paradise, Czech Republic and trees
Photo by Pavel Podlinnov via Flickr


Prachov Rocks are accessible during the whole year. In the main season (from April to October), there is an entrance fee of 70 CZK for basic ticket. Family ticket costs 170 CZK (2 adults+2 kids), what can be considered as very cheap fee for what will you see later on. (prices may change during the time, always check official webpage of Prachov Rocks for actual pricelist)

It is only allowed to visit the rocks by foot. Bikes and other forms of transportation are strictly prohibited. You can park your car at Tourist Cottage- the beginning of the route. If you would like to use public transport, bus stop is right at the entrance and train station only 2 km from Prachov Rocks.


The Prachov Rocks with children. Photo of Prachov rocks in Bohemian paradise, Czech Republic. Detail of rocks in the forest
Photo by Pavel Podlinnov via Flickr

Two routes

You can choose between two routes. First one is shorter- only 1.5 km and takes around 45 min. There are 2 lookout points and one ascent. The route starts at Tourist Cottage following the yellow tourist markers. It is suitable for families with very small children or people limited by time. However, it is suggested -especially for newcomers- to take second, longer route.

Second Route is 3,5 km long and takes around 2 hours. Following this route, you can be sure that you have seen everything. It is the most attractive and interesting path. Green tourist marker is the one dedicated for second route. It starts at the same point as shorter route – Tourist Cottage. Pecha’s Lookout- Pechova vyhlídka is the first one you will visit. There is also a red marker along with green one, however around 200 m from Pecha´s Lookout, the markers separate and you continue following just the green one. You will find a view of Green Ravine- Zelená rokle on the way. On the crossroad Nad Fortnou you again align with red mark and continue to Leaning Tower - Šikmá věž. A labyrinth of boulders is waiting for you on this route, but we are sure you will get out of it easily. From Leaning tower, you will follow the marker to the Hotel Under the Leaning Tower - Hotel Pod Šikmou věží. Continue towards the crossroad U Buku, where you will start following the yellow marker to Peace Lookout, where you can see into the Emperor’s Pass. Continue on the ridge of Bukovina to the crossroad above the Emperor’s Pass - Nad císařskou chodbou - and then to Hlahol Lookout - Hlaholská vyhlídka. You will then follow the path between the giant rocks. Walking the steps, you will see 2 lookouts- Rumcajs and Haken. Follow the zig-zag path and you will arrive to Všetečka’s and Schlik’s Lookouts - Všetečkova and Šlikova vyhlídka. There, you can see another side of Emperor’s Pass. Finally, you just need to descend to the mouth of the Emperor’s Pass and come back to Tourist Cottage.

Photo of Prachov Rocks with children, Photo from Bohemian Paradise in Czech Republic from up.
Photo by Jaroslav Kuba via Flickr


Interesting Facts

  • Goblin Pelisek – according to an old legend, kind-hearted goblin named Pelisek lived in these rocks. His mission was to take care of beautiful nature of Prachov Rocks. You can see a statue of Pelisek at the Tourist Cottage.
  • The name of Prachov Rocks comes from the word “prach”, what means dust in Czech. At the time of deforestation and the dry and windy weather, rocks whirl up the dust and therefore they were named Prachov.


Author: Nikola Mečiarová

Cover image: Photo by Jaroslav Kuba via Flickr


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