Are you planning a romantic holiday in Prague? It is, of course, a great choice. But instead of sitting in restaurants and tasting Czech beers, what about half-day trip to Melnik by bike? It will be a great ride and you will spend some time exercising as well. Rent a bike and follow this itinerary!
  • Travelling time: Half a day
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Why we love it: Nice itinerary with not many ascends is very easy and relaxing activity during your holiday
  • Length: 45 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 70 m
  • Way to travel: by bike
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: If you have enough energy, you can follow the same route back to Prague, if not- take the train from Melnik or shorten the trip by using "ferry" from Bukol to Lužce nad Vltavou.

The itinerary has number 7 and starts on the north of Prague, directly follows on the right bank Vltava river route A2. You will go through Klecany, Vodochody, Chvatěruby, Kralupy nad Vltavou, Nelahozeves, zámek Veltrusy, Dušníky nad Vltavou, Zálezlice and Hořín to Mělník.


We will start by connecting to Prague´s cycling itinerary A2. You will follow the river to Klecanky “ferry”. From this waterway, turn right to the hill leading to village close by. The ascending will be 70m.


After passing the hill, you have completed first and only ascend on the whole itinerary. You can take some rest on the town square. You can find restaurant with Czech beer or a shop here.


Leaving the town, you will follow the road through Drasty to Vodochody. In the centrum, after passing the football stadium, turn left. Close by is a museum of butter. If you want to learn something about butter´s history, turn on the road 7A.

Museum of Butter
Museum of Butter, photo by


Descent to Vltava will bring you to the “ferry” Na Dole, connecting Maslovice and Libcice nad Vltavou. You, however, continue right, along the river called Vltava. The road continues to Chvatěruby. On your right side, you will see the ruins of a castle.


After a short ride on the road, turn left, back to Vltava river. You can find info centrum of this itinerary, open every work day from 14-22.h and weekends from 10-22h. The itinerary continues all the way to Kralupy nad Vltavou.


In Kralupy, the route leads along the embankment of J. Rys, then follows the TG Masaryk bridge, and crosses the Vltava Bridge and Pedestrian Bridge. Passing the panel houses, you are turning back to the river. You can see three sandstone rocks and three old tunnels. They were built in 1850 and are in use till now.


When you will come to Nelahozeves, you definitely should visit one of the most beautiful renaissance buildings in Czechia- castle. Another interesting attraction is the museum of Antonín Dvořák Memorial with an exhibition dedicated to this world-famous composer. In Nelahozeves, continue through the street called Zagarolska, turn right behind the factory. Through the bridge you will get on the right bank of the river Vltava. After a while, you will come to the castle Veltrusy.

Nelahozeves castle
Nelahozeves castle, photo by Derbrauni via Wikimedia


From Veltrusy Castle, the road continues through the park to the ruins of the Egyptian pavilion with the statue of the sphinx and around the repaired Red Mill to the village of Všestudy. Through underpass under the D8 motorway follow the itinerary to Dušníky nad Vltavou and Dědibaby. Follow the route to Bukol. Go through Kozarovice and Zalezlice. The road will take you back to the river. Go through the bridge to the left bond of river. Here, the itinerary turns right. You will get to Horin.


Veltrusy castle, photo by Karelj via Wikipedia

Around the castle Horin, you will get to the Old bridge, where the cycling path n. 7 ends.


We, however, suggest you to visit Melnik town centrum. It is lovely small square surrounded by beautiful colored houses. In Melnik, there is also renaissance castle and the temple of St. Peter and Paul.


Melnik, photo by palickap via Wikimedia

Author: Nikola Meciarova

Cover photo: Photo by kirkandmimi via Pixabay  


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