Great walk for the whole family! You will see the castle from 13th century, beautiful valley with interesting rock formations, nature and a small village with charming old houses.
  • Travelling time: 2.5 h + 50 min. in the castle
  • Difficulty: Family
  • Why we love it: It is one of the most beautiful places in Bohemian Paradise.
  • Length: 7 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 60 m
  • Way to travel: on foot
  • Cost: 90 CZK (castle entrance)
  • Our Advice: There are often many interesting events. Check calendar of events on Kost's webpage.

Kost is one of the most preserved, the most important and the one of the last medieval castles in the Czech Republic. Kost means “a Bone” in Czech. There is the legend, that the castle was named Kost, because it has not been conquered more than once- it was as “hard” as a bone. There are many legends about Kost and Plakanek valley and it is only up to you, in which one you will believe.

You can park your car at a parking lot under the castle. The nearest train station is in Libošovice. It is 2 km from the castle and you have to follow either yellow tourist marker or a blue one to get there.

Guided tours

The castle itself offers 4 guided tours, so you can choose which one will fit you the best.


1. The family line of Kinsky in Czechia: The tour has 50 minutes. You will learn something about the history of the castle and look out over the courtyard, the chapel, the castle palaces and the black kitchen. The price is 90 CZK per adult, 60 CZK for discounted ticket.


2. Medieval torture chamber: Another 50-min. tour will show you the courtyard, the ground floor of the White Tower, the Salou and the cellars of the Vartemberg Palace, where a medieval torture chamber is situated. The price is 90 CZK per adult, 60CZK discounted ticket.


3. Shorten tour: Takes only 30 min. The entrance is 60 CZK for everybody. You will see the courtyard and the ground floor of the Vartemberg Palace.


4. From one fairy-tale to another: A tour dedicated to children with the princess Karolina. Children will receive a game card and they will fill in the answers to questions, they will be asked by the princess.


The KOST Castle
Photo by Olaf1541 via Wikimedia

The itinerary



After a nice tour around the castle, we will follow yellow marker to Střehomský Plakánek. The valley is one of the most beautiful places of Bohemian paradise. You will continue through Šrámkova tower to Pilský pond. The pond is so clear, that it is a home to crayfish. If you will be lucky, you can also see deer, hare, polecat, badger or marten. Can you see the cottage next to the pond? It belongs to water sprite named Čochtan.


On the crossroad Plakanek, turn left. You will change the yellow marker for blue one and continue through Vesecký Plakánek and former stone mill to Vesec u Sobotky. This village is favourite village of film-makers. Vesec is a picturesque village with timbered houses whose shields are decorated with so-called "hinges" - planks with the date of construction.


From the village, you will continue to popular Semtínská linden. You will not follow blue marker now. From the village, turn left and follow the road. The linden was planted in 1730. It was so beautiful, that many writers and poets mentioned it in their writings. It however, died in 2000 during the storm. Nowadays, there is a new linden planted on the same place.


Through the baroque statue of st. Donát from Arezz and a small campanile, you are entering the parking lot under the castle and finishing the amazing trip.


Vesec u Sobotky
Photo by Martin Simeor via Wikimedia
The valley
Photo by Laso via Wikimedia

Author: Nikola Meciarova

Cover Photo: Photo by Yardak via Wikimedia


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