It is in the imagination of the inhabitants of Friuli that their land, with the mountains of Carnia, the hills of Udinese, the plain, the lagoon landscapes along the coast, the different races and the bright colors of a time oldest than ours, it's really an universe in its variety - Guido Piovene

Friuli Venezia Gulia is a Region on the board where three main different cultures, latin, german and slavic, are braided together, creating a sort of a small and different community. This multiculturality can be easly seen in architecture, art, dialects and typical dishes. The Region has also many beautiful natural sites, from the Alps to sandy beaches on the Adriatic Sea. Read our green travel guides and discover the sustainable accommodations to find out more about Friuli Venezia Giulia: 





Holidays in the nature

Bring your backpack and put on your hiking shoes: if you love trekking, the Region offers many possibilities: from the itineraries in the Alps (Carniche and Giulie), to the ones crossing the Dolomites, in the area of the National Park, where you can walk through green forest and relax along the river of peaceful little lakes. You can enjoy mountains also in Winter: if you love winter sports there are many places where you can go skiing, for example in the area of Forni di Sopra and Piancavallo, near Cansiglio Forest.

pale rocks and a red hut
Val Montanaia, Dolomites - Andrea via Flickr

Another interesting place to visit is the Foce dell'Isonzo Natural Reseve, along the flow of Isonzo river, crossing lagoons, fields and forests, and reaching the Triest Gulf: an unusual way to explore this land and enjoy beautiful landsacapes, on foot or by bike, along many itineraries which follow the river. You can also choose to ride horses: in particular you will find the Camargue, small but strong horses, breeded in this area.

the river at the sunset. Trees on the bank
Isonzo River - Michele Catania via Flickr

If you prefer some peaceful time at the sea side, but also some fun, we suggest you to try the golden sandy beaches in Lignano Sabbiadoro and Grado: perfect place for a great holiday for all the family! In Triest Gulf there are also small coves and rocky bays. Near the city of Duino for example, you can visit the Falesie di Duino Natural Riserve, with its amazing landscapes and itineraries, such as “Rilke path”, running from Duino to Sistiana.

the sandy beach of Lignano and the sea at the sunset
Lignano Sabbiadoro - Lignanoweb via Flickr

Cities and their art

You can se the history of the past in the architectural style of buildings and in art of cities. An example is Aquileia, a Roman city, founded in 181 a.C.: here you can admire the ancient market area, the forum, the necropolis and also many Domus, with their decorations. From Roman origin is also the city of Sacile, rich of monuments, also of other different historical periods.

the Church and the graveyard of Aquileia surrounded by green grass
Aquileia - Miguel via Flickr

In Monfalcone you can see the medioeval castle built on the hill behind the city. Worth of a visit are also Grado, built on the lagoon and looking like a small Venice, Porcia, with its castle and Cividale del Friuli, built at the time of Longobardi, where you can taste the traditional Gubana cake.

the blue sea and the coast. An old white house standing between trees
Trieste - Simon via Flickr

Taste the tradition!

The mix of different cultures, characterizing this Region, has also an influence on traditional dishes. They are for most simple and genuine but also very tasty. Famous all over Italy is San Daniele ham and DOC wines, such as Ramandolo or Rosazzo. Many dishes are also made with fresh fish and shellfish: you can try the spicy “scampi alla busara” or “sardoni” in Triest.

the fish ready to be cooked
Scampi alla busara -

Fom alpine tradition typical dishes are Frico, a sort of homelette made with cheese and Cjarsòns from Carnia Region. Coming to the dessert, accorting to some legends the Tramisù was invented in Friuli Venezia Giulia. This is a very common dessert in Italy, made with buscuits, coffee and cream.

the dessert in a plate: biscuits, cream and chocolate
Tiramisù - wEnDy via Flickr

Where to sleep in Friuli Venezia Giulia

We suggest you some eco-friendly accommodations if you are thinking about an holiday in this Region:

Rural Park "Heights of Polazzo", Fogliano Redipuglia (GO). The park gives space to 8 apartments, observing criteria of sustainability and energy conservation. The structure has a relaxation area with swimming pool, sunbeds, solarium and also a barbecue area. Many itineraries, on foot or by bike are accesible from this place.

Albergo Diffuso Forgaria Monte Prat, Forgaria nel Friuli (UD). The accommodation is immersed in the peace and quiet of the green plateau of Monte Prat: the perfect place if you are looking for an unforgettable holiday in the nature! You will sleep in ancient rural houses, entirely built in local stones.

Hotel San Giorgio, San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD). It is an hotel of modern design, functional and comfortable with a familiar atmosphere. It has a large parking, a spa and beauty center. It is really closed to many places: in 30 minutes you can reach the beaches of Lignano, Bibione and Grado, in 25 minutes you will reach Aquileia, the beautiful Trieste, with its famous castle of Miramare, is only 55 minutes distant, and the romantic Venice is easily reachable by car or by train, in 60 minutes.

Discover all the eco-friendly accommodation in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The village with the church and some houses. in the front you can see the tagliamento river
Forni di Sopra - Strolic Furlan via Flickr

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Author: Anita Cason

Cover image: Xenja Santarelli via flickr

Eco-friendly accommodations

Una stanza immersa in Val Saisera - Friland

Province of Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Una stanza sul Monte Joanaz - Friland

Province of Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Province of Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Una stanza nella natura di Tribil - Friland

Province of Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Una stanza nella piana di Campo di Bonis - Friland

Province of Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Una stanza panoramica a Sauris - Friland

Province of Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Province of Pordenone (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Una stanza panoramica a Monte Prât - Friland

Province of Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Una stanza panoramica in Curiedi - Friland

UD (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Organic Vacation Farm Pri Plajerju

Municipality of Bovec (Tolmin)

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Venezia (Veneto)

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Slovenia (Tolmin)

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