In an increasingly hectic world, finding moments of peace and tranquility becomes essential to preserve our well-being. This article explores 10 perfect places for a natural wellness getaway, all available in the Ecobnb catalog, where the beauty of nature merges with the opportunity to relax and regenerate. Let’s discover together how these idyllic places can become the perfect refuge for a regenerating escape, away from daily stress!

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1. AROSEA Life Balance Hotel

Located in the picturesque Val d’Ultimo, the AROSEA Life Balance Hotel in Merano and its surroundings is a wellness retreat that embraces the rich tradition of the region, harmoniously blending it with a modern vision of hospitality. Immersed in the pristine nature of Alto Adige, the hotel actively commits to the protection and sustainable use of the environment. The interior design is strongly influenced by the beauty of Val d’Ultimo, creating a space where past and present merge into a unique vital balance.

Why it’s green: 100% renewable energy, organic and local food, green building.

Wellness experience: Wellness and beauty treatments, Body Point, chlorine-free indoor and outdoor pool, spacious and diverse sauna area on two floors, natural and swimable pond.

AROSEA Life Balance Hotel
AROSEA Life Balance Hotel

2. Nuit a Pleiney – Natura e Relax

Nestled among larches and spruces in the picturesque setting of Saint Rhemy, Nuit a Pleiney – Nature and Relax is a jewel of Valdostan architecture that transports visitors on a journey into the past. This ancient house offers five rooms and an apartment, combining unique style with modern comfort. Its secluded location provides peace and tranquility, while its proximity to tourist attractions and sports facilities makes it a versatile destination.

Why it’s green: More than 80% waste recycling, water flow reducers, recovery & reuse of rainwater.

Wellness experience: Spacious green areas, wellness area with a Scandinavian hot tub and Finnish sauna.

Nuit a Pleiney – Natura e Relax
Nuit a Pleiney – Natura e Relax


ARPA DI PIETRA | Luxury B&B SPA BIO is a wellness retreat located in Mori, just 15 minutes from Lake Garda, nestled between the majesty of Mount Altissimo and the serenity of two hectares of terraced meadows at the edge of the forest. With only six rooms, the property offers a unique experience of tranquility and well-being, immersed in nature and the philosophy of healthy and sustainable eating. If you’re considering booking a stay, please note that it is an adult-only facility (16+), emphasizing the desire to create an environment of peace and tranquility, away from daily stress.

Why it’s green: Car-free accessibility, ecological cleaning products, solar thermal panels for hot water.

Wellness Experience: Wellness area with bio-sauna, Finnish sauna, panoramic hot tubs, emotional shower, relaxation area, gardens, and outdoor sitting area.


4. Elle EcohoIiday Ecofriendly B&B

In the heart of one of the most romantic locations on Lake Garda, Malcesine, stands Elle Ecoholiday B&B, a resort that turns the dream of a harmonious and sustainable environment into a welcoming reality. Away from the crowds, the resort offers a secluded and eco-friendly retreat, just steps away from the magic of Malcesine. Elle Ecoholiday is an oasis of comfort and sustainability. The bright hues and refined lines in the rooms and common areas are designed to ensure comfort and reduce environmental impact, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Materials such as wood, stone, and natural fibers, along with local products and solar energy, create an eco-friendly and unforgettable environment.

Why it’s green: 100% renewable energy, green building, solar thermal panels for hot water, organic and local food.

Wellness Experience: Outdoor pool, centuries-old olive grove.

Elle EcohoIiday Ecofriendly B&B
Elle EcohoIiday Ecofriendly B&B

5. Rocche di Montexelo

Nestled in the heart of Roero and Langhe, Rocche di Montexelo is a haven of tranquility away from mass tourism, framed by the beauty of the magnificent Monticello Castle. With four spacious studios, it provides an ideal starting point to explore a network of trails spanning about 200 km, perfect for hiking or cycling, all with the convenience of a complimentary GPS. The resort boasts a rainwater-heated pool, powered by solar panels and/or biomass, using hazelnut shells, offering a picturesque relaxation experience from May to September. Attention to detail also includes treats like fresh fruit, organic tea, and a selection of services for the comfort of guests.

Why it’s green: Solar thermal panels for hot water, recovery & reuse of rainwater, Green Key certification.

Wellness Experience: Rainwater-heated pool, private spa with hot tub, emotional shower, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, chromotherapy, mint/eucalyptus, floral, and ocean aromatherapy.

Rocche di Montexelo
Rocche di Montexelo

6. Sesta Terra Natural Resort

Sesta Terra Natural Resort stands as a tranquil gem, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Cinque Terre, around the ancient village of Framura, overlooking the sea and shielded from the constant tourist flow. Immersed in lush and captivating nature, Sesta Terra is a refuge where the owners share the wonder of silence, the sea, and colors with those seeking harmony with nature. The architecture adapts to local forms and materials, integrating wood, fabrics, and stone into the natural accommodations that surround the guests of Sesta Terra. Oak, pine, oak, olive trees, and vineyards create an enchanting backdrop, separated by glass walls to ensure the privacy of the Cottages and Lodges.

Why it’s green: Car-free accessibility, green building, more than 80% waste recycling.

Wellness Experience: Swimming pool, dedicated spa area with massages, sauna, Turkish bath, hot tub, solarium, and emotional showers.

Sesta Terra Natural Resort
Sesta Terra Natural Resort

7. Sant’Egle Eco BIO Resort & Glamping

Sant’Egle Natural Eco BIO Resort & Glamping is a charming organic farmhouse and eco-glamping nestled in a former 17th-century customs house transformed with passion into a unique structure. Located near Grosseto, it offers a refuge sheltered from tourist crowds, exclusively reserved for an adult audience aged 14 and above. The philosophy of sustainable travel is evident in the organic-biodynamic cultivation of spirulina, saffron, stevia RebA, fruit, vegetables, and truffles (tuber brumale), adhering to certified organic synergistic and biodynamic methods.

Why it’s green: Promoting “eco” activities, ecological cleaning products, water flow reducers.

Wellness experience: Relaxation center and massage area with a sensory deprivation tank, and the option to take private yoga lessons and Gong baths.

Sant’Egle Eco BIO Resort & Glamping
Sant’Egle Eco BIO Resort & Glamping

8. Acanto Country House

Acanto Country House, nestled in the beauty of the Conero Riviera in Sirolo, is a relais that offers an eco-friendly and luxurious experience in an ancient farmhouse made of white stone. Positioned near a sun-kissed hill, it provides a spectacular panoramic view that encompasses the sea of Sirolo, Numana, the hills of the Marche region, the Basilica of Loreto, the hills of Recanati, Castelfidardo, Osimo, and Camerano, all the way to the Sibillini Mountains and the peaks of the Monti della Laga. Acanto Country House has been recognized with A3 certification and received the Ecotourism Oscar from Lega Ambiente in 2013 and 2022 for its continuous investments in eco-sustainability, boasting almost total absence of CO2 emissions.

Why it’s green: Supporting the local economy, 100% renewable energy, green building.

Wellness Experience: Saltwater pool with hydromassage, spacious garden, outdoor fitness area, sunbathing area, picnic area.

Acanto Country House
Acanto Country House

9. Country Relais Coroncina

Nestled among the gentle hills of the Marche region, Country Relais Coroncina offers a unique experience of connection with nature. Located on an organic farm, the farmhouse embraces sustainability and a love for the environment. The privileged location allows guests to enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating environment, surrounded by the beauty of the hills. The property welcomes animal lovers with the presence of adorable four-legged companions, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, the restaurant offers a cuisine that celebrates the seasonality and local origin of ingredients, with 85% of the ingredients sourced directly from the farm’s organic land.

Why it’s green: Organic or local food, ecological cleaning products, more than 80% waste recycling.

Wellness Experience: Swimming pool, private use SPA center Kalyaan.

Country Relais Coroncina
Country Relais Coroncina

10. Villa Asfodeli

Located in the heart of the historic center of Tresnuraghes, Villa Asfodeli is a charming eco-friendly scattered hotel that captures the authentic essence of western Sardinia. Overlooking the sea of Bosa Marina and surrounded by the hills of Montiferru, this eco-friendly hotel offers a unique vacation, ideal for exploring the spectacular surrounding landscapes. The beating heart of this property is the Villa Liberty, an architectural gem with an atmosphere steeped in history. A few steps away, Casa Deriu offers equally charming hospitality, connected to the villa through a lush garden.

Why it’s green: Supporting the local economy, 100% renewable energy, recovery & reuse of rainwater.

Wellness Experience: Swimming pool, spacious garden, relaxation area.

Villa Asfodeli
Villa Asfodeli

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