Rocche di Montexelo is a holiday home located in Monticello d’Alba, in one of the oldest and most picturesque villages of the Langhe-Roero. The Tanaro river separates the two territories and brings them together as a family, like husband and wife. Green hills, eco-tourism itineraries, excellent food and wines. Less famous than the Langhe, Roero takes its name from the family that dominated all the lands to the left of the Tanaro river from 1372 and still owns the castle of Monticello d’Alba. From this oasis of tranquillity, far from mass tourism, Rocche di Montexelo offers eco-friendly hospitality with a splendid panorama of the ancient medieval castle. Discover all the curiosities about this eco-friendly accommodation by reading the interview with Irene and Roberto, the owners.

How did the Rocche di Montexelo holiday home first come about?

Rocche di Montexelo was born from the idea of creating a hospitable, welcoming place that respects the environment and nature. The idea came in 2014, with the total demolition of the structure. Its construction has a thread, a basis of respect for the environment, in years when, unfortunately, there was still no talk of safeguarding it.

Rocche di Montexelo

Which sustainable best practices have you adopted?

Rocche di Montexelo is the ideal destination for those seeking an eco-sustainable holiday. In fact, thanks to the good sustainability practices we have adopted, we are certified by Green Key, the standard of excellence for sustainability in tourist hospitality.

Green Key certificate for Rocche di Montexelo

Green Key is an eco-label that certifies, through a series of specific parameters, the eco performance of tourist facilities. After a series of checks on our green facilities and services, we first obtained the certification in 2019, which was renewed again this year.

Starting with small everyday gestures, such as waste separation, to more elaborate measures.

These are the green practices we adopted:

  • Clean energy: through ‘solar-thermal’ energy exchange panels we produce hot water for heating, sanitary facilities, the whirlpool and the swimming pool.
  • Natural heating: the flats, swimming pool and whirlpool are heated using biomass with natural eco-fuels from 0 km, such as hazelnut shells.
  • Water reuse: thanks to a water collection tank, we use rainwater for watering the green areas, flushing toilets, the pressure washer and filling the outdoor pool.
  • Intelligent air conditioning: hot and cold air conditioning in the rooms is automatically blocked when doors and windows are opened.
  • Charging stations for electric cars: in our tiled garage you can find charging stations with a type 2, 2×7.4 Kw socket for electric cars and bicycles.
  • Intelligent lighting: in all spaces there are LED lights and in the common areas we have incorporated a time-controlled automation process.
  • Separate waste collection: we sort waste by plastic, paper, glass and cans.
  • Recycled toilet paper: we do not use toilet paper from wood processing, but recycled paper.
  • Microfibre bathrobes: We provide microfibre bathrobes in our spa and swimming pool, thus providing a comfortable service with less water consumption when washing and less energy consumption when drying
  • Natural cleaning: The products we use to clean the rooms contain ingredients of plant origin.
Garage with charging point for electric cars
Garage with charging point for electric cars

The latest addition is the eco-sustainable swimming pool, with rainwater heated by solar panels.

What green attentions do your guests most appreciate?

Room in the holiday house Rocche di Montexelo
Room in the holiday house Rocche di Montexelo

Firstly, the installations that have been built for biomass heating. A large container underneath the structure accommodates about 200 quintals of hazelnut shells, which are a waste product of a typical fruit of our land. Our 0 km fuel. We chose not to have gas, not even in the kitchens that have induction hobs.

Cooking corner with induction hobs at Rocche di Montexelo
Cooking corner with induction hobs

Then there is the new swimming pool, an environmentally sustainable novelty! Because it is filled with rainwater and heated with solar panels and biomass.

The new swimming pool with water heated by solar panels, seen at night
The new swimming pool, seen at night

The third thing I would say is this: thanks to a collection tank we use rainwater for watering the green areas, for toilet flushing, for the pressure washer and for filling the outdoor pool.

Unfortunately, the lack of rain for a long time and the dramatic drought situation in northern Italy have meant that we have been able to appreciate very much what little we can harvest without wasting it.

Another green focus that our guests appreciate is the internationally renowned Green Key Certification.

Our private spa for exclusive use is very popular. You can enjoy pastries, fresh fruit, a bottle of wine and exclusively organic herbal teas from the Cuneo valleys. This in a customised path with Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, emotional shower and whirlpool bath. There is also TV and 432Hz music for true relaxation, even in the soul.

Relaxation in the wellness area of Rocche di Montexelo
Relaxation in the wellness area of Rocche di Montexelo

What nature attractions you can’t miss in the surrounding area?

A few steps from Rocche di Montexelo we are lucky to have:

The Rocche di Roero Eco-museum

The Rocche del Roero Ecomuseum brings together in a single open-air museum the eight summit municipalities that arose after the year 1000 on the ‘Rocche’ fault line. From Cisterna to Pocapaglia one encounters a unique territory. It is made of villages perched on the ridges of the hills, a unique flora composed of dry microclimates that coexist alongside others that are extremely humid. The landscape is in fact very varied, with a suggestive alternation of woods and crops of different colours.

Ecomuseum of Roero
Picture by Canva Pro

Just as the vineyards create waves in the Langhe, among the hills of the Roero the hazelnut groves seem like so many little soldiers guarding biodiversity. In addition to the hazelnut groves in the Roero we find vineyards and orchards. The Madernassa pear is a typical fruit and one of the most prized products.

The Ecosystem of Rocche

In the gently rolling hills of the Roero, deep chasms open up. They can reach up to hundreds of metres in height. In the Protection Zone, suggestive rocks and steep valleys alternate between 247 and 436 m above sea level.

The sandy hillside walls form fascinatingly shaped and beautiful spires, majestic and imposing natural amphitheatres into which one can venture following the farmers’ paths.

The Rocche di Roero ecosystem
The Rocche di Roero ecosystem, photo by Virginia Scarsi via Wikimedia

250 km di Sentieri immersi nella natura

The Rocche del Roero Ecomuseum has set up a series of themed trails in the Roero, a short distance from Alba and the Langhe. They allow visitors to get to know the beauty and characteristics of the area. Through itineraries immersed in nature, it is possible to discover the traditions, work and products of the Ecomuseum.

For all trails, a map and GPS track are available, indicating points of interest, route characteristics, walking times and difficulty.

Path through the hills of Roero
Path through the hills of Roero, photo via Canva PRO

More than 250 km of trails winding among the ridges and hills of this unspoilt part of Piemonte offer the possibility of walking, strolling, venturing through woods and orchards, discovering castles and breathtaking views. This is the best way to discover the Roero for both expert walkers and families looking for simple itineraries immersed in nature.

What does being part of Ecobnb mean to you?

Surely we can offer a truly green stay, where guests can discover for themselves that they can pollute much less. Our guests can see our facilities for themselves!

Ecobnb has given us an opportunity: that of making our structure and all the love we have for the environment known. We are grateful for the good fortune we have living in the splendid land of the Roero. And together with us, so many structures offer unique experiences, it is only up to the guest to find them … by choosing Rocche di Montexelo of course!

Enclosing respect for Nature by many people in one place. A very good thing!

Rocche di Montexelo at night: view of the outdoor pool from above, and view of the castle under the snow.
Rocche di Montexelo at night: view of the outdoor pool from above, and view of the castle under the snow.

Thank you Irene and Roberto for the interview!

We invite you to experience for yourself the green innovations of this fairytale holiday home in the Roero Hills!