Experience amazing panoramatic views of the country and enjoy the atmosphere of untouched nature. We will take you to the beautiful part of Slovakia- Vysoke tatry for a trekking through Strbské pleso- Chalet under Solisko- Predne Solisko- Chalet under Solisko- Fukortská dolina- Strbske pleso. The medium effortfulness of 5 hours will bring you unforgettable memories for the lifetime.
  • Travelling time: 5h 15min.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Why we love it: For its breathtaking views of mountains and valleys. With a little luck you can even see chamoises "climbing" the rocks near by.
  • Length: 10 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 738 m
  • Way to travel: by foot
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: You can use the cableway from Strbske pleso and thus make your trekking much easier.

Are you looking for a breathtaking panoramic views? Read more about a nice 10 km walk from Strbske pleso to Predne Solisko and back. 

A map of Strbske pleso- Chata pod Soliskom- Predne Solisko- Furkotska dolina - Strbske pleso
Photo by Dela via vysoketatry.com



small bridge in Strbske Pleso with panoramatic view of Tatra Mountains
Photo by Martin via Flickr

Our journey starts in Strbske pleso (1355m), the highest positioned settlement in Slovakia. If you arrive by train, you can follow the path from train station to hotel FIS in Mlynecka Dolina. You will walk alongside the post office. After the small bridge for cross-country ski, turn left to a path to Strbske pleso. Following the path, you will reach the crossroad, where you turn to a blue-marked hiking trail, which is rising to a steep slope. You will pass ski jump turned to Mlynecka dolina. Already now you can see the beautiful scenery behind the sparse forest. From the ski jump, hiking trail follows the ski lift above the ski slope of Interski. The chairlift is on your right. Through the mountain pine, you will reach the main ski slope below Solisko. You will follow this path up to the top station of the cable car. Chalet under the Solisko (1840m) is the only opportunity for a small refreshment.

After few snacks, you will follow the red marker (0935) to Predne Solisko (2093m). This is quite hard part of the trip, but you will easily forget it after seeing outstanding view from the top. In nice weather, you could see the Furkotska dolina, Mlynecka dolina and the village of Strbske pleso.

Predne Solisko scenery with rocks
Photo by Karlis Dambrans via Flickr

Now, you need to come back to the Chalet under the Solisko. In this point you can decide if you want to take a cable car or continue by foot. Following the foot option, you will turn right to the blue-marked hiking trail. On the crossroad in Furkotska dolina (1750m), you will start to follow a yellow-marked path (8853). The path is a bit downhill through the Furkotska dolina, passes the mountain pine. It ends in the forest zone at the crossroad below Furkotska dolina (1450m).

You will arrive to the village of Strbske Pleso by a slightly sloping and wide forest road, which is also a part of the Tatra Trail (0930). You will arrive to the nice southwest shore of Strbske pleso, where you can relax with a panoramatic view of the Tatra mountains and mountain lake Strbske pleso.

Strbske pleso scenery with the view of Tatra mountains
Photo by Petr Vilgus via Wikimedia

Author: Nikola Mečiarová 
Cover image: Photo by Karlis Dambrans via Flickr 


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