Genoa: clothes hanging out of the little windows, narrow, small streets hidding the blue sky, sea breeze, moments. Portals, murals, kiosks, songwriters, darkness, rocks and fish. Genoa is poetry, and you can just tell about it by the sound of assonance, flavors and suggestions.
View over the city
View over the city, photo by Emanuele Benigni


1. Best things to do in Genoa (Liguria)

The narrow streets, the alleys, the Via Del Campo De André's music shop containing one of his old stringed instrument. Not far from here, you can find the dark streets, Via Pré, in the middle of ancient buildings, window sills and typical Ligurian shutters.

The lighthouse, placed near the old harbor, is the symbol of the city and it’s also called la Lanterna (the Lantern).

View over the Lantern of Genoa
View over the Lantern of Genoa, photo by Emanuele Benigni


Do not leave Genoa without a visit at the Palazzo Ducale, historical seat of the Doge, the Teatro dell’Opera Carlo Felice and San Lorenzo Cathedral. Have a quick look to via Garibaldi, the so called Strada Nuova ("New Street"), built by the Marine Republic in the golden age, between the 16th and 17th centuries.

Don’t even forget the Aquarium of Genoa, the biggest in Europe, with 10,000 sq. m. large and 71 pools, which every year welcomes more than a million visitors from every corner of the world.

Boccadasse of Genoa
Boccadasse, photo by Paolo Margari


After the historical center, the Rolli and the ancient palaces, the city traffic and the chaos of the streets, Boccadasse stands proudly.

A treasure of sounds and colors. Salt air, the headquarters of the fishermen.

Everything is quaint, everything is unusual: here you can find the oldest ice cream shop in Genoa, and a lot of people out of the restaurants and cafes.

Not only tourism, but bits of life, hidden by a small balcony. The old boats, toothless smiles, the acrid smell of fish and seafood.

Trofie with pesto is a typical dish of Genova
Trofie with pesto


2. Taste and local food

Traditional cuisine made of local products: pesto and focaccia are undisputed masters. The first one in all its variants (olives, onions, cheese, sage), the second one in its unique and ancient recipe (basil, pine nuts and olive oil). You will love them both.

The stuffed pasta is a must, lovely pansotti, with ricotta cheese and eggs. Buy km0 fish at the port market, it is the raw material for every italian dish. Especially the blue fish, sardines and anchovies but also squid and cod. Do not miss the lean cappon with vegetables and garlic.

A real treat is Mercato del Carmine, a container of all the good in Liguria: fish caught in the early morning, meat, Ligurian regional wines and local products.

Mercato del Carmine offers just km0 food, fresh and seasonal. A little curiosity: immediately before the closure of food banks, highly perishable foods is scheduled for auction, such as fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.


Paraggi, Santa Margherita Ligure
Paraggi, Santa Margherita Ligure, photo by David Jones


3. Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure and surroundings

Liguria is a land of mountains and sea. Starting from mountains you should not miss Ne, a little town overlooking the mountains in the countryside. In the heart of Val Graveglia behind the coast of Chiavari. This is a must stop at the farm The Marpea, where everything is strictly km0. Starting from meat, cattle and sheep, reared and slaughtered in the company. Then cheese, buns and bread.

Along the ebony rocky coast, the gallant Portofino, Chiavari, tasty Recco, home of the homonymous focaccia, Santa Margherita Ligure with churches and abbeys and Sestri Levante. All gems of a fairy-tale coast, will leave you breathless.

Here the sports available are endless, from canoeing to swimming, from walks on the beach to mountain biking.

Windsurf to Arenzano, photo by Umberto Fistarol


4. Where to stay in the city and surrounding

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in the province of La Spezia, from small B&B set in pastel-colored villages overlooking the turquoise sea, to organic farms surrounded by olive groves and vineyards on the Ligurian mountain.

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in Genoa


by Angela Sebastianelli

Cover photo: Boccadasse, Genoa, ph. by Andrea Pucci via flickr

Eco-friendly accommodations

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Metropolitan City of Genoa (Liguria)

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GE (Liguria)

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