La Scellana B&B rurale sul fiume

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via Tiglieto 20 - Frazione Acquabianca - 17048 Urbe - Province of Savona - Italy

What we offer you is the opportunity to spend a few days with us in this somewhat magical place away from the stress of metropolitan life. You will have at your disposal large outdoor spaces, both for relaxation and for meals

Surely the summer of 2020 will be special and it is difficult to predict what the holiday will be like.
But surely one thing of common sense can certainly be said: the slightly less crowded and known vacation spots will be preferred. The Upper Orba Valley is certainly one of these places. Located in the Beigua Regional Park, it has a low population density and a vast extension of forests (the ancient Selva dell'Olba known since the times of the Lombards).
So those who come on vacation here have vast spaces available. At Scellana guests can enjoy a large garden, equipped with tables and barbecue for dining and preparing fabulous barbecues. Then beyond the garden there is a vegetable garden, a large lawn and the river that flows near the house and which forms a small swimming pond with an adjoining beach next to it.
Considering the period, we have organized ourselves to make your stay safer and easier:
- the premises will be sanitized at each customer change using ozone (natural and safe method that limits the use of dangerous chemicals) as well as meticulous cleaning
- only one nucleus will be housed in the structure at a time
- given that there may still be limitations to the activities of the restaurants and extended time frames to make the purchase of food, we thought of:
-possibility for the guest to prepare meals in the structure or to share what is prepared by us
- propose to guests the use of products from our garden
- carry out a service of purchase of local products from small farms or local shops (milk, cheese, meat, sausages, honey, eggs)
Obviously the additional services will be agreed with the guests at the time of the stay according to their needs.
So basically in the structure (including all external parts) the only contacts you will have are with us two, Maurizio and Serafina. Upon your arrival, based on what will be the general provisions and our mutual needs and cautions at the moment, we will decide together what will be the common rules to follow.
As for the activities in the valley, we decided to make a small guide who, starting from the Scellana, provides itineraries and activities in isolated areas with a high naturalistic interest. We point out that the valley is as a whole an uncrowded territory, but some areas such as the Alta Via or some lakes can be quite frequent at particular times of the year. Our guide aims to offer lesser known places, but equally interesting from a landscape point of view.

So we invite you to book a stay at a B&B La Scellana. We know that in a moment of great uncertainty it is difficult for everyone to make plans, for this reason the deposit that we will ask you (20% total amount) will be kept valid, in case of your cancellation until the spring bridges of 2021 (1May 2021).

Regardless of the particularities of this year we give some information about our structure.
It is a traditional B&B, with the same spirit that characterized these structures when they were born, that is, with the pleasure of sharing their home with guests.

We want to share with the guests first of all the spirit with which we approached these places when we came here from the city. We have tried to respect what this place has been over time.
The house has remained what it was with just a few tweaks; rather, we did our best to clean up the wood and to rebuild the vegetable gardens in the fields once cultivated. We therefore opted for minimal impact interventions, preferring the care of what nature has made available or that the old farmers have built over time.
When we decided to open our home to guests, we thought of a very limited environmental impact that would preserve and enhance the territory. There was no need to create anything specific for this activity, because the place itself has all the characteristics of beauty and peace that allow those who flee the city to find their ideal refuge.
La Scellana is within an area rich in places of considerable naturalistic interest: here the air and waters are pure, the noise and light pollution almost absent. And it is for this reason that along the paths or walking in the woods or along the waterways it is easy to come across pristine places where nature offers new sensory experiences for a citizen. It is therefore an ideal place for what is called "slow rural tourism".
Who comes here does not find TV but the view on meadows and gardens, not solarium and swimming pool but a garden with old recovered deck chairs and a stream with clear waters where to dive, not exotic essences but the scent of freshly baked bread, wood, flowers and aromatic herbs left to dry.
The accommodation includes a double bedroom on the first floor plus two additional beds in another communicating room. The bathroom, on the ground floor, is for your exclusive use.
Then there are the common areas: a kitchen in a typical country house style with wooden beams on the ceiling and a wood stove and a living room with library and computer station (free WI-FI). The sharing of these common spaces will be agreed from time to time.
But it is above all the space around the house that in summer becomes an outdoor dining area and a place to relax (tables, umbrellas, sofas and deck chairs).
Four-legged friends are very welcome in our house.
We would be happy to introduce you directly to the area around the Scellana, the Rio Carpescio with its crystal clear waters and its swimming lakes, the woods and the paths that pass nearby. We will give you all the information to visit the Upper Orba Valley and its surroundings. You can choose between spending a holiday dedicated to sporting activities or dedicated to rest, perhaps with a good book on the deckchairs in our garden or on the banks of the Carpescio. All this however always characterized by an environment that in itself will help you find your natural rhythms and therefore true relaxation.
The upper Orba valley (name that identifies the geographical area where "La Scellana" is located) is rich in attractions both at a naturalistic level (chestnut woods, high altitude beech woods, itineraries inside the park del Beigua up to the watershed with the breathtaking view of the Ligurian coast), both of a historical nature (the rock carvings, the oldest Cistercian monastery in Italy).
If you want to spend days dedicated to the typical activities of a slow holiday, the Upper Orba Valley offers you many possibilities such as:
-Bath in streams: the fresh clear emerald waters form small lakes and natural pools in which to dive, or small waterfalls where you can make real whirlpools
-Meditation along the river or on the crest of a mountain or inside a forest: relax with the sounds of nature, the music of streams, birdsong.
-Observe and recognize the stars
-Summer walk on the high way of the Ligurian mountains on a full moon night
-Observe a field illuminated by fireflies
If, on the other hand, you are a lover of physical activity, you will be spoiled for choice: trekking, excursions along the waterways, mountain biking, biking, climbing, running, horseback riding, snowshoeing, north walking and kayak.
When you are with us, we will give you all the information that you can already consult on our site before you arrive.

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    • Motion sensors lights
    • 100% renewable energy
    • Organic or Local Food
    • Car-free accessibility
    • Ecological cleaning products
    • More than 80% waste recycling
    • Energy saving lights
    • Green building
    • Solar thermal panels for hot water
    • Water flow reducers
    • Recovery & reuse of rainwater
    • Towel change on request
    • Regional Food
    • Biodiversity of green areas
    • Recycling or Second Hand Furniture


    • Kitchenette
    • Electric Vehicles Charging
    • Internet
    • Breakfast included
    • Organic garden
    • Bicycles
    • Ecotourism itineraries
    • Wellness center
    • Accessibility
    • Small pets allowed
    • Child & Family Friendly
    • Garden
    • Pets allowed
    • Hairdryer
    • Barbecue
    • Crib
    • Parking
    • Reading room
    • Solarium
    • Beach
    • Natural pool
    • Covid-19 Safety measures

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