Calabria is a melting pot of different lanscapes, cultures, flavors and colors. Take a trip to thi Region and be ready to get enchanted by its genuine beauty!

Calabria is a Region situated on the tip of the “Boot”, as Italy is used to be called, stretching between Tyrrhenian and Ionian Sea, and looking at Sicily, on the other side of stretto of Messina. The coast shows a surprisingly variety with many coves and bays surrounded by a crystalline sea. There are also many mountains and forests that tourists can cross, hiking or cycling along paths that make their way between thick bushes of Macchia Mediterranean. Discover this beautiful Land, reading our green travel guides to the main cities of Calabria: 




Reggio Calabria

Vibo Valentia


Holidays in the Nature

A path runs through hills covered by bushes
Aspromonte - Andrew Sorensen via Flickr

Calabria offers many possibilities if you are looking for an escape from everyday commitments and appointments and you want to enjoy nature. Beautiful mountain tops are situated in the north part of the Region, at boarder with Basilicata: it is Pollino National Park, with its peaks, such as Serra Dolcedorme Mount 2.267 m and Pollino Mount 2.248 m. In the center of the Region there is a vast plateau, called Sila, covered by forests of conifers and hardwoods, extending until the Isthmus of Catanzaro in the south. Down there you can visit the Aspromonte National Park, with its highest peak, Montalto, with its 1955 m. 

a view of the park from the top of an hill
Pollino National Park - Gianni Belloni via Flickr

In Calabria you can also admire the second deepest Canyon in Europe, an immense geological complex called Valli Cupe, near the village of Sersale, not far from Catanzaro. This area is surrounded by chestnuts woods, once used to produce flour when other cereals were scarce, and forests of ash, from which the manna was extracted and used as a sweetener.

the canyon seen from an alture surrounded by the forest
Valli Cupe - Pig Sty via Flickr

A deep in the Blue

The coast in Calabria keep changing: you won't get bored! There are many coves and bays, coasts with fascinating names such as Achei, Saraceni, Aranci, Gelsommini, just to nominate a few. From rocky promontories looking down over the sea, cliffs and colored caves, to soft sandy seasides upon which you can walk bare foot. The water is crystalline and clear, with beautiful sea beds to explore, surrounded by wild and untouched nature.

a sandy seaside with blue clean water
Capo Vaticano - Simo0082 via Flickr

The most famous places to visit are the caves of Bagnara Calabra, the enchanting Grotta Azzurra, a cave in Tropea, the small and colored caves of Caminia. You can also enjoy a trip to Dino Island, with its beautiful places where to relax lulled by the sound of waves. 

the white marine cave of Tropea on a the blue sea
Tropea, Grotta Azzurra - fabriziosinopoli via Flickr


The Past tells its stories...

The Ancient Greeks had a great influence on the local culture, until today: between the VIII and the IV sec. a.C. Many important colonies where founded, called Magna Grecia, that survived with their charm and splendor until they where conquered by the Ancient Romans. Today, you can admire and walk through the traces of this civilization, preserved in archaeological sites and museums The symbol of the Region are the Bronzi di Riace, two awesome statues, made of bronze, representing heroes or gods of the Ancient Greek that can be admired at the National Museum of Magna Grecia in Reggio Calabria.

one of the two statues of heros made of bronze
Bronzi di Riace - Patrizio Boschi via Flickr

Small, beautiful villages

Also in Calabria you can visit some of the most beautiful villages in Italy that try to promote a sustainable development of their territory and of the tourism. There are many charming old towns, where you can stroll among shops, typical products, buildings of interest and small houses made of stones and bricks.  Altomonte, Bova, Cirò, Gerace, Morano Calabro, Santa Severina, Stilo...are just a few of the towns worth of a visit if you are curious of dipping in everyday life and traditions of Calabria.

houses of the village and hills and forests all around
Bova Superiore - Antonio Inuso via Flickr

Tasting what's local!

Historical manners and traditions characterize the taste of local dishes. Canned foods for example, such as salted anchovies, pork sausages, cheeses, dried tomatoes,.. have allowed populations to survive in the past, in times of famine. These products still characterize the region nowadays. Agricultural production enriches the dishes of fresh vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, hot peppers, red onions, beans, but also citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons finding the suitable climate to grow. From olive groves the Region also produces excellent olive oil adding flavor to dishes with its strong taste. It is often eaten directly on handmade bread, another typical product of this land that you have to try! Among the typical dishes, there are the parmigiana, made with eggplant  and homemade macaroni, often combine with goat meat or chickpeas.

slices of bread with tomatoes and olive
Handmade bread - Caspar Diederik via Flickr


Where to sleep in Calabria

Here you can find some suggestions if you are thinking about going on holiday in Calabria: 

Giardino di Iti, Rossano (CS). It is an old renovated house of '600, surrounded by a farm of about 16 hectares, producing citrus fruits, olives and vegetables, grown organically. There is also a breeding of poultry that can be used by the guests. The place is very close to the beaches, inviting for a swim or sunbathe and in the sutrroundings there are many opportunities to visit beautiful corners of nature (the Serre, Sila, Pollino,..). 

Agriturismo Villa Vittoria, Guardavalle (CZ). It's a beautiful renewed old farm, surrounded by orange groves and gardens where to relax in the nature. They offer local products, also coming from their own garden. The place is very closed to the sea and in the surroundings there are also many itineraries for these who love going trekking. 

Find out other eco friendly accommodations in Calabria

a street through stone houses
S. Giovanni in Fiore - Giovanni Belloni via Flickr


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Eco-friendly accommodations

Tenuta baronale “Jò-S.Elia” immersa nei bergamotti

Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria (Calabria)

Starting from €60.00

Pirapora Agriturismo Biologico

Vibo-Valentia (Calabria)

Starting from €130.00

Home 4 Creativity-Coliving Calabria

Cosenza (Calabria)

Starting from €46.00

Palazzo Scura

Province of Cosenza (Calabria)

Starting from €60.00

Villa Mimosa con giardino piscina

Vibo Valentia (Calabria)

Starting from €71.00

Chalet nel Bosco

Cosenza (Calabria)

Starting from €95.00

Casa sull'Albero

Cosenza (Calabria)

Starting from €215.00

B&B Al tetto rosso

Cosenza (Calabria)

Starting from €60.00

Agriturismo Villa Vittoria

Catanzaro (Calabria)

Starting from €70.00

Il Querceto Agriturismo

Crotone (Calabria)

Starting from €40.00

Lavinium Albergo Diffuso

Cosenza (Calabria)

Starting from €45.00


Province of Vibo Valentia (Calabria)

Starting from €70.00

Casa Vacanza B&B Santa Barbara

Catanzaro (Calabria)

Starting from €60.00

Rifugio Casello Margherita

Cosenza (Calabria)

Starting from €70.00

Case vacanza nel Cilento vista mare

Salerno (Campania)

Starting from €43.00