Even for just a moment, to feel the thrill, to fully enjoy life: traveling is to experience the world, falling in love and finding oneself. The wonders of the world are around us, near or far, and the possibilities for discovery are endless.  Here are ten ideas for a dreamy sustainable holiday, among hiking in the woods, picturesque train rides, and unforgettable experiences.

On two wheels

sustainable holiday on your bike

Roads that run among nature, the wind in your hair and a new perspective: these are the ingredients of a cycling holiday, marked by freedom. You don’t necessarily have to be great athletes to spend a cycling weekend, just choose the right itinerary and enjoy all the excitement of a slow journey.

Aboard evocative trains

sustainable holiday by train

As the world goes by from your window, you learn to appreciate the slow pace. Discover breathtaking scenery aboard of vintage carriages, from the sea to the mountains, surrounded by pristine nature. Travelling by train allows you to discover secret corners in a new and unusual way.

Farmer for a day

sustainable holiday working in a farm

They say that nothing is as rewarding as manual labor, in contact with the earth. Do you want to find out if it is true? Through WWOOF you can stay for free in farms and agricultural enterprises, learning to cultivate, to make cheese, to care for the animals. The best way to learn about rural life!

Sustainable holiday in a farmhouse

Sustainable holiday in a farmhouse

For those who want to escape the city, but want to also find time to relax you can enjoy an unforgettable experience among the gardens and animals of beautiful farms around Italy. An aperitif under millions of stars, the scents of the earth, pressing olives, relax in a hammock: the experiences to live are endless!

Low-cost wellness

Sustainable holiday in natural hot springs

Let yourself be pampered by the warm waters of the beautiful natural hot springs of Italy. Throughout the peninsula there are beautiful natural swimming pools where you can spend moments of relaxation for body and soul at no cost!

Parks and gardens

Sustainable holiday in parks

A backpack and you’re ready to explore the National Parks and Nature Reserves! Follow the animal tracks, listen to the silence of the woods and admire the wonderful colors of nature. In every season natural parks offer unique emotions, but certainly the most special time is autumn, when all is tinged with red and yellow.

Historic towns reachable only by foot

Sustainable holiday in historic villages

One of the many priceless treasures of Italy is represented by the immense network of historic towns, places sometimes mysterious and always suggestive that hide the most authentic part of the country. Among them there are some that you can not reach by car. There is for example Furore, a fishing village or Chamois in Aosta Valley. They are perfect places for an alternative sustainable holiday!

In the snow

Sustainable holiday in the snow

Perfect for a romantic getaway, but also for a trip with the whole family: a cabin surrounded by snow, the warmth of a fireplace, the infinite possibilities of hiking and snowshoeing. A sustainable holiday to discover mountain life!

Among the forests

Sustainable holiday in the woods

Woods are magical places, where every walk becomes an incredible experience. At every step you can feel the deep connection with nature and the environment around you, silence envelops you, as well as perfumes. Discover the most beautiful places to spend a sustainable holiday in the wonders of the forest!

Walking watching the sea

Sustainable holiday by foot

10 incredible walk with sea views, all along the Italian coast. So the wellness doubles: the benefits of walking meet the feeling that only sea can give, for a special trip.

What are the best ideas for your next sustainable holiday?