Every journey leaves a footprint, but you can choose if it will be green! Join us in a unique adventure that combines the convenience and low environmental impact of Trenitalia’s regional train with the environmental commitment of Ecobnb’s accommodation. Be inspired by the beauty of sustainable travel. Discover the universe of green Italy by train with our initiative that refunds your ticket.

The Perfect Pair: Ecobnb and Trenitalia

Green Italy in Train: the Ecobnb initiative that reimburses your travel on Trenitalia regional trains
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Ecobnb, our network of sustainability-oriented accommodations, has partnered with Trenitalia to promote a slow and responsible way of exploring Italy. By choosing Trenitalia’s regional train, not only will you experience a comfortable and scenic journey, but you’ll also make an eco-friendly choice compared to more polluting means of transportation such as planes and private cars.

Comparison of the amount of CO2 emissions produced per trip per person from Brussels to Berlin (780 km), by train, car or plane.
Comparison of the amount of CO2 emissions produced per trip per person from Brussels to Berlin (780 km), by train, car or plane. Source: International Energy Agency (IEA)

Italy Green by Train: How the Initiative Works to Make You Travel and Save

The Green Italy by Train initiative is an invitation to travel responsibly, choosing eco-friendly accommodations and opting for a train journey, which has emissions 3.7 times lower than a road trip and 4.3 times lower than air travel. The formula is simple. Book your stay in an Ecobnb participating in the initiative and arrive with Trenitalia’s regional train to receive a refund.

For one-night stays, Ecobnb refunds the amount spent on tickets, up to a maximum of 10 euros. For those who wish to extend their stay and fully immerse themselves in a sustainable experience, we offer an even more special discount. In fact, for stays of at least two nights, you will receive a refund on the Trenitalia regional train tickets used to reach the destination, up to a maximum of 20 euros.

Travel by train in Italy, Ecobnb will reimburse you for the journey to reach the accommodation!
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Participating in the initiative is easy and fast. Just book a stay at one of the participating properties here and purchase your Trenitalia regional train tickets to reach the destination. After your stay, within 30 days, you simply need to submit your request by filling out this form. In a short time, you will receive your refund via bank transfer, PayPal, or by redeeming an Ecobnb Gift Card.

Why Choose to Travel Green Italy by Train

  1. Environmental Sustainability. Choose Trenitalia’s regional train for eco-friendly travel and reduced carbon emissions.
  2. Economic Savings. Ecobnb offers refunds for train journeys that can help you save money. Take advantage of these financial benefits today.
  3. Unique Experience. Discover the wonders of Italy from a new perspective, through sustainable travel, contributing to the well-being of the planet.

This new initiative is the perfect opportunity to explore our beautiful country sustainably, save on your journey, and contribute to environmental protection. Choose the Ecobnb and Trenitalia duo for an unforgettable adventure, characterized by responsible travel and eco-friendly experiences. Travel green and discover a more sustainable Italy!