We are all aware of the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to be kinder to the environment. It can be hard to make these changes, but once they are put into action, you won’t even have to think about it and it will just become a normal routine. This can apply to everything, from what you eat and wear, to traveling. Many of us love to travel, but as you can imagine, flying across the world and going to certain resorts that don’t think much about their surroundings and the community can be pretty harmful to the environment. To help you become an eco-friendlier traveler, here are five things that you can do.

eco-friendly traveler
Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash

Reduce Your Waste

Reducing the amount of waste that you produce when you are at home and abroad can do the world a lot of good. For example, if you go to an all-inclusive resort, don’t overindulge in food and if you decide to explore the local markets and shopping scene, bring your own reusable bags to reduce plastic waste. Do what you can to recycle recyclable material and look into local clean-up projects.

local market
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Pack Light

When you fly, every kilo will play a part in the emissions a plane emits. When a plane weighs more, it will require more fuel to fly, which will increase its carbon emissions, polluting the environment even more than it should. If everyone packed a bit lighter, by only bringing the things that they need, they will reduce the plane’s fuel consumption.

eco-friendly traveler
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Use Public Transport

Using public transport instead of getting your own vehicle or a taxi is one of the best things that you can do for the environment while you travel because it means that you won’t be creating any extra emissions. It will also provide you with an opportunity to interact with and get fully immersed in the local culture and people. Just make sure you travel safely when doing so.

Public Transport
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Follow Rules

If you want to do something that involves getting up and close with nature, then make sure you always listen to the rules that follow to reduce damaging the environment or supporting cruelty. For example, always stick to the path and don’t do anything to damage the plants or creatures you encounter. Make sure you do your research before getting involved with any animal interactions.

path forest
Image by Thomas Hendele from Pixabay

Research Your Accommodation

Doing your research into the accommodation you decide to go to is very important. You should make sure it does its part for the environment and the local community. You can find accommodation that blends into the surroundings, like Cotton Tree Lodge in Belize. Going for accommodation like supports eco tourism in Belize, which will encourage other resorts to do the same.

Treehouse, eco-friendly accommodation in South Italy
Treehouse, eco-friendly accommodation, photo via ecobnb

Traveling can be harmful to the environment, but doing what we can to reduce how much damage we create while we are abroad is essential to encourage and support eco-tourism. Supporting the right businesses and taking part in projects to help the environment when you are abroad should definitely be looked into.

Cover image: photo via Pixabay