What can you do to make a trip as sustainable as possible? We think it’s really very simple and all we can do it, both during short weekend out and during longer journeys.

It’s not about spending more or deprive yourself of comforts, but just changing attitudes, some habits and being more conscious of our impact on the environment. Whenever we decide to leave for a travel, let us remember that tourism is the fourth largest source of pollution in Europe and that the way we travel can contribute to the destruction or the salvation of those landscapes, those mountains, those seabed that we’ve dreamed of exploring . And so it will be much easier to make the right choices for our planet and for the economy.

Your eco-friendly travel

The first thing is the means of transport. Whenever you can, when you mustn’t reach too far away places, you can choose the train instead of the plane. The transport system in Europe is the industry most responsible in CO2 emissions, but every person who chooses the train instead of the plane saves on average 76% of greenhouse gases. The best way to start your eco-friendly travel!

Where to stay when you arrive at your destination? Simple, in one of the 2000 eco-sustainable accommodations of Ecobnb. Don’t go in big chain hotel or in that buildings that are architectural monstrosity, but spend your holidays with those who have chosen to invest in a greener world. Sleeping in a B&B or in a farmhouse with photovoltaic panels, local food, water flow reducers, ecological cleaning products you can save up to 90% of CO2 emissions and save 295 trees every day. Most hospitality on our website are small businesses that, in addition to defending the environment, support the local economy and allow a more authentic encounter with the culture and the typical traditions of the destination of our eco-friendly travel.

Do not rent the car, unless it’s electric. Choosing to do without a car means not bear the stress that it entails: unknown roads and hard to find parking spaces will not be our problems. A bike lets you often experience a place as those who live there, it gives you the opportunity to discover places otherwise inaccessible and to enjoy the best of countryside and cities.

If we do what said so far but then we throw plastic and other waste at the beach or in the mountains, our efforts will have been completely vain. You can’t carry away sand jars, do not rip mountain flowers that will die before you’ll return home. In natural parks do not light a fire except in prepared points and remain within the paths. Small actions that can save biodiversity and environment.

The cuisine is an important part of a place’s culture, so why don’t taste the local products that haven’t consumed oil to arrive on our tables? The local food, and even better organic, it is certainly more good, tasty and eco-friendly. Even for souvenirs choose handicrafts, locally made: it will be a great help to the local economy.

Here is your eco-friendly travel: a few simple choices to make each holiday as natural as possible, to travel on tiptoe, to discover new places without destroying them.

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