Are you dreaming of a holiday surrounded by nature, in an eco-sustainable accommodation in the Philippines? Read the following interview and find out why Moalboal Eco Lodge is the right place for you.

Moalboal Eco Lodge
Photo by Moalboal Eco Lodge

Built by nature-loving travellers for nature-loving travellers, Moalboal Eco Lodge is an eco-sustainable accommodation situated in Moalboal, in the province of Cebu, the Philippines.

Recently, we have been fortunate enough to interview, Simon and Angie, owners of this fascinating ecolodge. Let’s discover together which sustainable practices make Moalboal Eco Lodge one of the most eco-sustainable accommodation in the Philippines.

Can you tell us something about the story of Moalboal Eco Lodge?

When designing Moalboal Eco Lodge, we tried to embody the principles of environmental friendliness and sustainability through our natural building materials, surroundings, eco-friendly products and recycling/upcycling methods. We recognised a need for more environmentally conscious businesses in Moalboal and surrounding area, which is why we chose our location in the middle of a coconut palm tree field, yet still close to the main tourist area.

Rooms and area surrounding Moalboal Eco Lodge
Rooms and area surrounding, photo by Moalboal Eco Lodge

Moalboal Eco Lodge is an environmentally friendly resort with a strong commitment to sustainability. Our passion for the environment is evident in our efforts to help travellers reduce their environmental impact and their dedication to preserving nature. By choosing to stay at this lodge, guests can enjoy a unique experience while contributing to the protection of the environment and supporting the local community.

What sustainability practices have you undertaken?

We prioritise sustainable practices throughout our operations, from energy and water conservation to waste management and responsible sourcing for both eco friendly products and building materials. By implementing these measures, Moalboal Eco Lodge aims to minimise its ecological footprint and contribute to the preservation of the surrounding environment:

  • We only offer sustainable activities and excursions.
  • Moalboal Eco Lodge actively supports local initiatives and engages in partnerships that benefit the community and the environment, such as local trash clean ups and recycling/upcycling projects.
  • In terms of construction, we used locally sourced building materials.
  • We employ local workers from nearby villages.
  • Our resort emphasises the use of eco-friendly products throughout its operations. From cleaning supplies to toiletries, we strive to minimise its ecological footprint by opting for environmentally friendly alternatives.
Sustainable products provided by Moalboal Eco Lodge
Sustainable products provided by the accommodation, photo by Moalboal Eco Lodge

Which green itineraries do you most recommend to your guests?

We highly recommend several green itineraries to our guests, ensuring they have a memorable and environmentally conscious experience.

1. Canyoneering

Embark on an exhilarating adventure through the stunning canyons of Moalboal. This activity allows you to explore the natural beauty of the area while engaging in a thrilling and environmentally aware activity.

2. Hiking to Osmena Peak

Take a hike to Osmena Peak, the highest point in Cebu. This scenic trek offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and showcases the region’s rich biodiversity. It’s a great opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate its wonders.

Osmena Peak
Osmena Peak, picture by Canva PRO

3. Environmentally sustainable dolphin watching

Moalboal is known for its vibrant marine life, including dolphins. We recommend engaging in dolphin watching activities that prioritise the well-being of these magnificent creatures and their natural habitat. By choosing responsible operators, you can enjoy this experience while minimising any negative impact on the environment.

Environmentally sustainable dolphin watching
Environmentally sustainable dolphin watching, picture by Canva PRO

4. Environmentally aware dive operations

Moalboal is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts. We only recommend dive operators who prioritise environmental conservation and follow responsible diving practices. This ensures you can safely explore the underwater world while minimising any harm to marine ecosystems.

5. Snorkelling and swimming with sardines

Moalboal is famous for the Sardine Storm! This activity can be done without a guide, guests can walk off the beach into the ocean to view them and it is quite likely you will come across turtles as well! They are not fed and feeding is highly discouraged. They are one of the world’s natural phenomena which can be enjoyed between sunrise and sunset.

Turtles and sardines
Turtle and sardines

6. Mangrove nature walks

Explore the nearby fascinating mangrove forests through nature walks. These walks provide insights into the importance of mangroves in coastal ecosystems and highlight the need for their conservation. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about the local flora and fauna while appreciating the beauty of these unique habitats.

7. Waterfall tours in South Cebu

Guests can enjoy swimming in the cool waters, taking in the beauty of the cascading falls, and immersing themselves in the tranquility of nature. Our resort promotes responsible tourism by educating guests about the importance of preserving these natural wonders and ensuring that their visits have minimal impact on the environment.

Waterfall in South Cebu
Waterfall in South Cebu, picture by Moalboal Eco Lodge

What experiences do your guests enjoy more?

Whilst staying at Moalboal Eco Lodge, guests always comment on their outdoor shower experience. They love the open feel of our bathroom, showering under the stars at night, and being close to nature at all times.

Outdoor shower experience at Moalboal Eco Lodge
Outdoor shower experience, photo by Moalboal Eco Lodge

As for activities, guests thoroughly enjoy a range of experiences which we promote that prioritise both adventure and environmental responsibility. They regularly inform us that they appreciate our educational posters about sustainable activities, and why non-environmentally conscious trips should be avoided.

As mentioned, swimming with sardines, canyoneering and chasing waterfalls are among the most popular activities that guests engage in during their stay.

What does it mean for you to be a part of the Ecobnb community?

Both Moalboal Eco Lodge and Ecobnb share common goals and philosophies in promoting sustainable tourism. We both emphasise the importance of reducing environmental impact, conserving resources, and supporting local communities. Both operations align in our aim to provide travellers with eco-friendly options to support with our values and contribute to the preservation of nature.

Details of Moalboal Eco Lodge
Photo by Moalboal Eco Lodge

By being a part of the Ecobnb community, accommodations like Moalboal Eco Lodge can showcase our commitment to sustainability and reach a wider audience of environmentally conscious travellers. This partnership allows us to connect with like-minded individuals who prioritise responsible travel and share a common goal of minimising the negative impact on the environment.

You have no more excuses. If you’re looking for a place where to have an environmentally friendly vacation in the heart of the Philippines, Moalboal Eco Lodge is the perfect choice for you!