Travel in an eco-friendly way means to think about a trip as the amount of many little things. The quality of each one makes the difference: the type of means of transport, food, air quality, landscape harmony… And a good night’s sleep obviously!

Therefore we propose this experiment: when you’ll choose where to go on holiday, try to change your criteria’s order. This time the crucial point could be not “where”, but “how”.
to arouse your curiosity, here 5 out-of-the-ordinary ideas for a “different” night that will change your way to face the day!

Choose with your heart, chasing childhood memories and dreams of adventure… Whatever is your favourite, you can sleep tight: all of these accomodations are green!

Germany: where’s the good wine?

two big overturn barrels; the bases have been sostituted by doors and glasses
from the website

An Italian proverb says “in the little barrel there is the good wine”. But what on heart could be in an old one for 8000 liters? Two beds and a table, for example! If you think I’m kidding, visit the B&B Schlafen im Weinfass website! This German B&B is in the land of Baden-Württemberg, near to the Black Forest and to the French border. Change the barrel function allowed to re-use them in a creative way. The barrels enhance the territory, its strong wine-making tradition and its landscapes. Indeed they are scattered the vineyards, so the guests can sank completely in the atmosphere of this place!

Alto Adige: magic experience in an igloo!

Inner of the igloo (Rifugio Bella Vista, Bolzano)
Inner of the igloo

Sleep at almost 3000 meters above sea level, curled up in a special sleeping bag inside an igloo… Can you imagine anything more exciting? If you built refugees just for you when you were a child, using chairs, sheets and boxes, this is the perfect place for you: close and cozy, but certainly more exotic!
You don’t have to visit the Eskimos to live this experience, the Rifugio Bella Vista offer it in Italy! It is equipped by all the comfort and it’s really careful about the environmental subjects, from the bio-architecture to the electricity coming from renewable sources.

Marche: counting star to get asleep!

the tent under the stars in the b&b la casa dei nonni (FM)
from the website

Look at the stars, sunk in the nature, waiting for the dusk colors… It’s not a youth memory, but the really original proposal of the b&b La casa dei nonni, where the guests can decide to sleep in a tent which has a transparent ceiling. We are in Monteleone (province of Fermo). The b&b is located among the hills of Marche; it is simple, but attentive to details and bound to the territory. The renovation took place respecting the original materials of the ancient farmstead; food is biological and km 0, water is heated up through solar panels. More over, there are many and suggestive strolls in the surroundings.

Umbria: a deep peace, far from the world

bihind the grating, you can see the cell used as a single room in the hotel eremito (Orvieto, TR)
a cell used as a room

In Umbria, inside a natural reserve of 3000 hectares, there was an ancient monastery. After a careful renovation according to the green building rules, in 2013 the Eremito was born. It has preserved the spirituality of this place and it managed to marry luxury, simplicity and past history.
If you are looking for a deep experience to spend your holiday sunk in the nature and to find yourself, this is the ideal place. The hotel proposes even rooms inspired by those of the heremit monks, with a view on the huge valley that surrounds the monastery. This place is also perfect to take a break from technology (digital detox): you won’t find neither television, nor wifi, nor cell phone reception!

Apulia: tiny home, big tradition

some trulli in the manor farm Sciaiani Piccola (BR)

Do you know the trulli, those nice conical buildings made of stones that are typical of the Murgia upland? When I look at them, I can’t keep myself from wondering how it is the inner space: how had the beds, the wardrobes, the burner… been disposed in a so limited space? If you are curious like me, nothing better than a stay in a trullo to still any doubts! This possibility is offeed by the manor farm Sciaiani Piccola, in the countryside of Villa Castelli (province of Bari). It’s an ideal starting point to reach naturalistic and cultural places (Alberobello, Grotte di Castellana, the beaches on Ionio and Adriatico seas…). The manor farm produces excellent extra-virgin olive oil, biological vegetables, beans and many other typical products. A last tidbit? The natural biological pool, whose water is constantly purified passing in a little lake where the plants create the right ecosystem for the purifier microorganisms.

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