Workation, the mix of “work” and “vacation”, is the trend of the post-pandemic summer. You can combine work from home and holidays to enhance your productivity and improve your lifestyle.

Over the last period, because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were forced to change some of our most consolidated habits. A lot of new rules were created to organise work and study. As a consequence, a lot of workers and students changed their routines since they had to work and study from home. In this respect, a lot of people found the situation difficult: several people lamented that they were unmotivated and lazy. Others stated that relationships with colleagues are vital in order to work well.

Cons… and pros

However, every cloud has a silver lining. Working from home, a lot of people had the possibility to better change their routines; they could also organise in a more independent and productive way their schedules. In addition to this, they gain more free time to spend with their friends and relatives or doing relaxing activities.

Consequently, a new trend has developed: the workation. This new world is a mix of “work” and “vacation” and it indicates the opportunity to work also on holiday. It is possible because of the new habits and work modalities adopted during the pandemic.

Workation: working on holiday
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Nowadays you can work everywhere. It is enough to have a computer and a stable internet connection. A lot of accommodations are taking advantage of this new trend and they offer customized holidays to those who want to combine work and relaxation. These accommodations offer silent areas, a good internet connection, and a babysitting service.

So the dream of working on holiday has become true. This modality has proven to be very convenient: for this reason, workers could also adopt it during other periods. This modality has shown that holidays aren’t just about idling. In fact, a lot of people that tested workation reported that they were highly productive and inspired.

Workation: productivity and motivation

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Working from home can be stressful: people often struggle to find a quiet place with no distractions, in particular when also children are at home. When you can’t go out, you can also be bored and sad, especially when the days are monotonous. On holiday, on the contrary, you have the possibility to relax, have fun and do a lot of interesting activities. The fact that you are in a new place to discover and where you can also relax is really good for productivity and motivation. The moments dedicated to working are not just a commitment, but a prelude of funny moments of well-being. This virtuous circle is crucial for a balanced lifestyle.

On holiday at home

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When you can’t set off, you can adopt some strategies to make your working schedule less tiring and monotonous. For example, you can work only during certain days and dedicate the others to you and your hobbies. You can hang out with your friends and try the staycation. Moreover, you can also dedicate some moments of your day to relaxing and interesting activities.

Are you tired to work from home? You only have to choose your favourite destination and leave to have the groundbreaking experience of workation.

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