Holidays are great for us all, they reduce stress levels, enable us to recharge our batteries, rest our minds and bodies ready to face our daily reality once the holiday is over. Often you get to try new activities and see places you wouldn’t normally see too.

Ecobnb suggests you turn your free weekends into a travel in the past to give oxygen to your mind and pamper your body.

Sardinna Antiga

Sardinna Antiga: live in a hut with the scent of myrtle and junipers

The village of Antiga Sardinna is on the east coast of Sardinia.Sardinia is a world famous place known for its luxurious hotels and its emerald coloured water.
There won’t be any pampering when you stay in a bungalow at Sardinna Antiga!
Be ready to live like the people of the nearby village of Santa Lucia di Siniscola used to, in small huts made from local stone with pointed rooftops in dried reeds, essential wooden furniture and fresh mountain water in red clay jugs brought to your hut door daily.
The little huts were once called “pinnate” or “pinnetu” and they can host up to 4 people so families are welcome to stay and enjoy this older way of living.
Wondering what to do?
Take a long stroll on the powder like sand beach called Capo Comino, where the movie “Swept away” was shot by Italian film director Lina Wertmuller. Or head to the pebbled beach called “spiaggia dei confetti” whose name comes from the smooth white oval pebbles that look like sugar candies that Italians call “confetti”.
More inspired by mountain views? You can reach nearby Monte Albo, visit the woods and stop to enjoy the fresh spring waters in the creeks.
A vacation at Sardinna Antiga is regenerative for both your mind and soul.

Old village in stone
Slowcanda, at Bacciardi (Pesaro Urbino) photografia by Ecobnb

Agritourism Slowcanda: cityslackers on vacation

Slowcanda is the name of the agritoursim business Betty and Lorenzo opened in the small village of Bacciardi, in the Italian region of Marche.
Bacciardi is made up of 30 houses, one main square and a village church.
If you wish to reach Slowcanda, just remember:
You cannot drive into Slowcanda due to where it is located. So, be ready to stretch your legs for about 100 meters!
There is no mobile signal I suggest you take plenty of books to read, be ready to enjoy the views or maybe just sit quietly and think.
What do you get once at Slowcanda and after spending a few days here?

  • Excellent food, homemade cheese bread, bread, marmalade and vegetables.
  • Silence, no TV, no mobile phones, no cars, my favourite? Listening to the wind as it gently blows through the leaves of the trees.
  • Physical activities, the village sits at the side of a mountain so you can enjoy some great walks around the mountain putting your fitness level to the test!
  • Great company, you will get to meet Lorenzo and Betty and their kids who have lived here after moving from their city life.

Let your mind relax and give your body time to slow down and enjoy this change of pace.

Tuscan village
Tuscan village photography by Giovanni via Flickr

B&B Antico Granaione: meet the gentle dames of the Italian Renaissance

Just imagine being in an antique village from the 14th century, with grand villas whose patios are flooded with warm rays of sunshine and elegant ladies sitting reading and sewing just like a Renaissance painting.
Visiting B&B Antico Granaione will allow to emmerse yourself in this type of world! You can get lost in the village streets and squares, stop in a local taverna grab a bite to eat and order a glass of super Tuscan red wine, then….close your eyes. You will be able to picture those Renaissance men and women strolling around the piazza speaking in ‘fiorentino’ the local dialect and carrying on about their daily business. Can you picture it now?
Pamper your body by visiting the local spa Terme di Rapolano.
Its warm waters and mineral elements have been famous for centuries, they were used by the Romans who believed they had great medicinal benefits. You too can enjoy this famous old custom!

Now, are you sure you don’t need a holiday?

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