From the Alps to Sicily, let’s start to discover the most beautiful eco-hotels, organic farms, and ecolodges surrounded by nature in Italy

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to the chirping of birds and having breakfast among hundreds of trees? Nature, of course, is good for the mind and spirit. Scientists call it the “forest effect” but you can simply experience it with a weekend away from the city.

We have selected the most beautiful and sustainable eco-hotels to spend a holiday in contact with nature in our country. Let’s find out together.

Among uncontaminated woods, one of the best Eco-Hotels in Trentino

Eco hotel in Trentino

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping among the scent of wood, in a real chalet and waking up in the forests of Trentino? In Val di Non, surrounded by woods, mountains, meadows and pastures, Pineta Eco Resort is characterized by its attention to the environment. The nature surrounding the eco hotel conveys serenity, relaxation, balance, vitality, joy and energy.

Why it’s green: there are solar panels, bio-architecture, biodegradable wrapping, organic and local products, and a photovoltaic system.

Why we like it: Because you can dispel the myth that in Trentino you cannot take a holiday without a car, well yes, in this case it is just the opposite.

Activities not to be missed: excursions to the Sanctuary of San Romedio

Eco Hotel in the Nature of Alto Adige

The Natura Rainer eco-hotel is located in Val Giovo in Alto Adige, in the three valleys of the municipality of Racines. It offers you a mountain landscape with a breathtaking panorama. It is characterized by the combination of nature, tradition and modern design, which offers a holiday following the Vitalpina Hotel philosophy.

Why it is green: Because it gives great importance to the use of clean and renewable energies, because it minimizes environmental pollution thanks to the thermo-electric energy production plants, because they recover the cooling energy thanks to the recirculating chillers, and finally because they use natural cosmetics.

Why we like it: The answer is simple, because it offers countless activities in the midst of nature, and above all to cross tradition and modernity.

Activities not to be missed: trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rafting or paragliding. While in winter you can take advantage of the ski slopes of Racines / Giovo, Monte Cavallo and Ladurns.

Vacation in nature, near Lake Como

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Cascina Rodiani is located in Como’s Spina Verde Park, on the pre-Alpine hills on the Italian-Swiss border. It is the ideal place to disconnect from the frenzy of everyday life, but above all from the city, thanks to the peace and quiet that surround it. It is also characterized by ronchi or terracing.

Why it’s green: This hotel is eco-sustainable thanks to 100% sustainable energy, water efficiency, renewable sources and finally thanks to reuse and recycling.

Why we like it: Because it is the ideal place to relax away from any distraction, where you can breathe clean air and the only sounds we hear are those of the wind and birds.

Activities not to be missed: excursions on foot or by bicycle to discover the Park.

The green side of Venice

Eco hotel in Venice, Italy
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The Settecentoalberi farmhouse is located between the Alps and Venice. Its peculiarity is being surrounded by a garden full of trees. It is characterized by respect for nature and pure contact with it. The breakfasts will be to your liking being prepared daily by a talented chef based on the products of the season.

Why it is green: This structure is made green thanks to solar energy, the organic food of the different seasons, and the whole structure is built with natural materials.

Why we like it: The answer is simple, it offers a completely natural stay where technology is put aside.

Activities not to be missed: The magnificent walks in the woods, cooking lessons.

Eco Hotel in the Nature of Lake Garda

Eco hotel Lake of Garda, Italy
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Elle Ecoholiday, is the eco-hotel in nature just a few steps from Malcinese, one of the most romantic villages on Lake Garda, which accompanies you in a symphony of sounds and smells reminiscent of the Mediterranean. It is the ideal resort that cradles you for a private holiday for two.

Why it is green: It has 0 km products, natural fibers, wood and stone, solar energy, and the lowest of environmentally friendly detergents.

Why we like it: Simple, because it is the dream that comes true, it responds to every need in a completely ecological way.

Activities not to be missed: Thanks to the proximity to the lake we can have free imagination of the activities, but the most attractive are windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing.

Among the hills of Pavia

Eco hotel in Pavia, Italy
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The Valtidone farmhouse is located on the top of the hill, overlooking the valley and in front of the castle of Zavattarello di Pavia. It offers us a beautiful holiday immersed in peace and away from the hectic life.

Why it is green: For many factors, but now let’s see the most important ones such as the rainwater recovery tanks, the heating through the fireplace stove, the water flow reducers, the photovoltaic system for electricity and finally the self-production of cleaning detergents.

Why we like it: We also chose this farm because it allows us to stay in the middle of the quiet, immersed in nature and away from city life.

Activities not to be missed: Obviously, being a very large place, horse riding, trekking and mountain biking excursions cannot be missed, for those who prefer something more adrenaline there is a rally track.

Eco glamping in the nature of Liguria

Eco hotel in Liguria, Italy
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This Glamping, surrounded by greenery and flowers, is located in the Ligurian Riviera a stone’s throw from the sea, so we are in a place between the Alps and the Mediterranean. It is characterized by the roses it is surrounded by, and which we can admire wherever we turn, from a huge green area, and from the sea.

Why it is green: Because it offers us local products, but above all a good organic wine and oil.

Why we like it: This Glamping is lucky enough to offer us mobile homes, and gives us the opportunity to place our tents, campers and caravans thanks to the large green area. It is also both a place where you can spend a holiday with your family or as a couple.

Activities not to be missed: Here we have a varied choice of activities, in fact you are spoiled for choice. We can do excursions on foot or by mountain bike, diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, sport fishing, sailing, paragliding, sport climbing, canyoning-rafting, and finally whale watching.

Farm holidays in the Tuscan countryside

Eco hotel in Tuscan, Italy

The farm is located in the most traditional Tuscan countryside, between woods and cultivated fields. It is also close to the sea and the most touristic places in the area. You can choose to stay in complete independence, or by specifying the comforts you want to enjoy. A feature of this farm is that you can also stay on the tree house in addition to the other two lodgings.

Why it is green: it has a photovoltaic system for energy, has a well for water, solar thermal panels, produces organic oil, biodegradable detergents and a drinking water dispenser.

Why we like it: Obviously because it meets all the needs that a person can have, whether as a couple or as a family, but above all to try the experience of staying in the tree house.

Activities not to be missed: trekking and excursions on foot or by bicycle.

That magnificent green weekend in Maremma

Eco hotel in Maremma, Italy

A charming organic farm located in Sant’Egle, Grosseto. Surrounded by greenery it has several apartments, and each person has their own entrance with their own private garden with armchairs and tables. It also offers fully organic breakfasts, works of art, energy savings and much more. All this for those who want positive change in the world.

Why it’s green: Because 100% of the energy used is produced from renewable sources, the wastewater is phyto-purified and used for irrigation, there is the principle of recycling and they have completely organic products.

Why we like it: Because it has a slightly strange feature, but if analyzed well it is effective, that is, it only welcomes adults, so you can spend a romantic weekend as a couple.

Activities not to be missed: Trekking in the area, as well as swimming in the pool.

Holidays in Nature near the Terme di Saturnia

Terme di saturnia, Italy

The Podere di Maggio farmhouse is located near Monte Amiata, in the Fiora river valley, one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, where nature and tranquility prevail. It offers three independent houses and two apartments, immersed in the green of nature and surrounded by a landscape of subtle beauty.

Why it is green: It is a green structure thanks to the organic food they grow, and the natural materials that surround it.

Why we like it: Because it offers the possibility to relax but at the same time be independent, ideal for family holidays.

Activities not to be missed: excursion to the surroundings.

Eco Hotel Vegan in the nature of the Marche

Country house in Marche
Country house Coroncina, Eco-hotel in the Nature of Marche, Photo by CanvaPro

A refined country house located in the rolling hills of the Marche. Surrounded by a large garden full of greenery, the structure is mainly built with compatible materials. In addition to the traditional rooms there are some original houses made from wooden barrels.

Why it is green: Because it is built entirely with compatible materials, and offers organic and vegan food.

Why we like it: Because it is the ideal place to relax in harmony, in a refined and green place.

Activities not to be missed: cooking classes, and walks in the long stretches of lawn.

In Abruzzo, where dreams come true

Eco hotel in Abruzzo, Italy

The Aperegina farmhouse is located in the center of the three Abruzzo parks, therefore it is surrounded by greenery. Beekeeping prevails, but also the breeding of sheep, pigs and poultry. There is also a vegetable garden where food for the kitchen is grown.

Why it is green: Because it recovers about 90% of rainwater, has solar panels that provide hot water, and finally they are also building a photovoltaic system.

Why we like it: Because it is the place where dreams come true, where you can spend a romantic weekend with your partner, and reflects the philosophy of Marino and Elide.

Activities not to be missed: itineraries in the green and visits to churches and hermitages.

A Charming B&B immersed in Roman Nature

Eco hotel in Roma, Italy

Delightful charming retreat, eco-hotel in the nature of Roman Tuscia, less than an hour from Rome. There is a splendid park where the olive trees are in the company of oaks, camellias and wisteria. The peculiarity of this charm is that the owner has chosen and is taking care of treccento roses himself.

Why it is green: It is a green charm both thanks to respect for nature with natural materials, but also for organic food.

Why we like it: Because it is the ideal place where you can relax and find yourself, a moment in which you can unplug from everything that surrounds us.

Activities not to be missed: jogging, yoga, guided tours of the rose garden.

One night on the slopes of Etna, in the midst of nature

Eco hotel in Catania, Italy

This accommodation between the sea and mountains on the slopes of Etna is ideal for a break from work. Surrounded by 24 hectares of biodiversity with vegetable garden, agrumento, orchards, vineyards and woods, the eco-lodges are on terraces immersed in the green of citrus and olive trees.

Why it is green: It is green thanks to the presence of solar and photovoltaic panels, a phytoremediation system, tanks for water recovery, and was built following the principles of bio-building and energy saving.

Why we like it: Because it is a place where mostly average stays are made, so anyone who wants to disconnect from everyday life is welcome.

Activities not to be missed: wine tasting, fruit picking, hiking.

On Lake Trasimeno, an ancient village surrounded by nature

Borgo Torale is an ancient residence surrounded by over 12 hectares of centuries-old plants, oaks, and olive trees, with a magnificent view of Lake Trasimeno. The naturalistic and faunal scenery is of incomparable beauty.

Why it’s green: the structure uses solar panels to heat the water, water recovery, flow reducers for water saving, and twilight movement sensors to avoid energy waste.

Why we like it: Because all the apartments have been renovated respecting the architectural style of the time, the outdoor spaces maintain the charm of the ancient rural village of the 1600s

Activities not to be missed: the itinerary on foot, of about one kilometer, immersed in the greenery of the estate, a swim in the panoramic swimming pool overlooking Lake Trasimeno.

Which of these eco-hotels in nature would you choose for your next vacation?

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