Walking in the woods helps fight negative thoughts: there is a new study to prove it, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, conducted at Stanford University by researcher Gregory Bratman.

The study (which you can read here) involved 38 subjects living in urban areas. They were subjected to a questionnaire designed to measure the trend in the formulation of negative thoughts and to brain scans on subgenual prefrontal cortex, particularly active while formulating negative thoughts. Then they were divided into two groups: one group walked for 90 minutes in a park near Standford, while the other walked long a busy street in Palo Alto.

Walking in the woods

What was the result?

Who walked in contact with nature has shown a decrease in the formulation of negative thoughts and positive change mood. When we find ourselves immersed in nature, among the trees and greenery, our heart rate slows, the pressure is lowered and the mood improves quickly.

So, if the urbanization brings with it many benefits, it also has its downsides. Never more than today man lives far from nature: about 50% of the world population lives in cities, and forecasts say that in 2050 we will reach the 70% threshold. Urbanization is often associated with higher levels of mental illness, such as anxiety disorders and depression. It therefore seems that there is a connection between the experience of nature and mental health.

Top 5 ideas to experience Nature and walk in the woods, in Italy

It is often difficult to live in daily contact with nature and  so it becomes more and more important to live this experience and find that wellness at least on vacation.

Here are 5 ideas for a weekend of relaxation and walks surrounded by nature in Italy:

1. Vegan Agrivilla I Pini, Tuscany

Agrivilla i Pini, tuscany

Here awaits you an entire hill dotted with pine trees, cypresses, olive trees, and grapevines. A detoxifying and healing oasis where you can rediscover harmony with nature and rekindle the pleasure of walking in the woods. The natural saltwater pool and the organic, locally sourced food make this place a true gem of sustainability.

2. Casa Payer, a house in the woods in Piedmont

A house in the woods in Piedmont

Find your vegan Bed & breakfast surrounded by the birch woods of Alta Val Pellice, in Piedmont, and get to know the beautiful story of Luca and Paola who created it by focusing on sustainability. It will be a holiday dedicated to relaxation and discovery.

3. La casina nel bosco, Tuscany

La casina nel bosco, and eco-firneldy accommodation in Tuscany perfect for walking in the woods

A house surrounded by tranquil woodland of chestnut trees, nearAzzano di Seravezza and 15km from the sea of ​​Versilia in Tuscany.

4. Casa Natura Villa Santi, Trentino

Walking in the woods near Casa Natura Villa Santi

In the heart of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, waiting for you an eco-friendly house surrounded by greenery. You will discover the life of the woods, listening to the roar of the deer.

5. Baglio Case Colomba, Sicily

Baglio Case Colomba, accommodation in Sicily perfect for walking in the woods

Bicycles at your disposal, a huge Arabic-style garden and  around a pristine nature where hiking. We are in Sicily, in the Trapani countryside.

6. Tree Village, Friuli

The first village on the trees of Italy is located in Claut, in Valcellina

An unique and unusual tourist village  in the green of Friuliane Dolomites Park, to discover in a new way the nature, sleeping in small houses on the trees.

7. Fattoria Ma’ Falda, Umbria

Farm house in Umbria

A retreat in the heart of the Mount Peglia natural oasis and the Tiber River Park, to immerse yourself in nature just a few steps from the beautiful villages of Umbria.

8. Orion Treehouses, France

Orion Treehouses

Reconnect with nature by sleeping in a treehouse immersed in the woods near the medieval village of Saint-Paul de Vence and the French Riviera. The breakfast basket is filled with organic ingredients, seasonal fruits, homemade bread, and jams.

9. Borgo Riccio SlowHoliday in Cilento, Sicily

Accommodation in Cilento, Campania, Italy

In the village of Torchiara there is a beautiful historic residence, surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean bush, for an holiday between the sea of Amalfi and Gebilson or Alburni mountains.

10. B&B Agriturismo Podere di Maggio, Tuscany

B&B in Tuscany

Escape in nature between Mount Amiata and the pristine valley of Fiora River, in a charming and eco-friendly B&B, close to the free hot springs of Saturnia.

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