A path in the nature of Trentino that leads to the sanctuary of San Romedio built on a limestone cliff over 70 meters high.
  • Travelling time: 3h
  • Difficulty: Family
  • Why we love it: A ring tour that makes you discover the Sanctuary of San Romedio, its canyon and the surrounding woods
  • Length: 9 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 250 m
  • Way to travel: By foot, nordic walking, snowshoes
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: All year round with backpack, boots and water bottle

Starting from the reception of the beautiful Pineta Hotel you will go down the street taking as a reference the church bell tower. Once in the square continue down the steepest road "Via della Pleu".

Photo by Fiore Silvestro Barbato via Flickr

Leave the village behind, you will meet our graveyard on your right, always go on the main country road where immense fields of apple trees color the valley. From the road that continues to descend, after about 1 km you can see in the distance some houses.. the "Maso Sicher". Once in the vicinity of the Maso, leave the house on the left, continue on the road and about 50 meters after the Maso take the dirt road to the right, which drops for about half an hour. Once at the bottom of the country road, you will reunite again with an asphalt road leading to the valley bottom.

At this point you can reach the sanctuary of San Romedio choosing between different alternatives:

Go along the panoramic path hollowed out into the rock that overhangs the road and the creek that we mentioned before, then walk the paved road for about 200 mt, on the left, and near the Mulino Restaurant, take a steep, asphalted road to the right , which rises among the fields of apples. Almost at the top to the right you will find a flat trail, which later, dug into the rock will lead you to the Shrine. This trail was made in about 1650 to allow the water to reach the upper part of the country. In 2001 it was made safe and became the destination of many tourists and rock climbing enthusiasts. The trail is flat, the last 700 m are paved, just before crossing the rocky bridge look up... you can glimpse the roof of the Sanctuary. 50 m after the bridge you will find a cobblestone steps up to the door of the Sanctuary entrance.

Or you can extend the route by stopping to visit the village of Sanzeno; therefore come to the millsteps, continue for about 500 meters and go to the center of the village, here you visit its beautiful Romanic basilica located in the most downstream area of ​​the village, which has a very important religious significance, because it is dedicated to the martyrs Anaunesi. Sison Martyrdom and Alexander, about 400 BC, at the request of the Bishop Ambrose of Milan, had come from Cappadocia to Christianize the valley. Inside the church you can find some books that explain the whole story in more detail. You can also visit Casa De Gentili, a historic noble house of Sanzeno, which often hosts exhibitions. From here up the hill to about 500 meters you will find the Retico Museum where you can start the path excavated in the canyon (see variant 1) Or you can walk along the valley bottom paved road that runs along a beautiful stream San Romedio (3.5 km) which is the fastest route but where cars or shuttle buses also pass.

Sanctuary of San Romedio
Photo by Fiore Silvestro Barbato via Flickr


Once you arrive at the Sanctuary take some time to admire the beauty of this place built on the rock, you will be enchanted by its charm and its history. The Holy Hermit San Romedio here decided to spend his life in the company of his beloved bear. To return to the Pineta, exit at the main gate you will see a straightforward road that will lead you in a half hour to Tavon. Continue by the road in the woods, after about a kilometer you will find on the right a wooden bridge crossing the creek, go on this narrow street, it's a shortcut! After a few hundred meters you will find the crossroads for Villa Canestrini, on the right, straight aheadand then resume the uphill road. Once you arrive at Agritur, continue for 150 m and you will be at the hotel

Author: Nicola Sicher


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