Global Warming is a real and absolutely current threat that poses a serious risk to some of the world’s most beautiful and famous places. Future generations, but also younger ones, may not have the chance to see some of the jewels of our planet. The famous Italian meteorologist, climate expert, environmental advisor Luca Lombroso has selected among the sites at risk of desertification, sea-level rise, glaciers merging the 10 most significant ones. Let’s find them together before they disappear.

1. Venice

Venice, one of the places that may disappear because of global warming

“When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice“: so Nietzsche described the magic of Venice. But now the Venetian city is likely to be submerged by the end of the century.

2. Alpine glaciers

alpine glaciers are disappearing due to global warming

Just look at old photographs to see how alpine glaciers have retreated, especially in the last 20 years. By the end of the century, or even before, if we won’t be able to stop global warming, only glaciers above 4000 meters will remain. We will forget the perennial snow in summer.

3. Artis and Antarctica

Antarctica, one of the places that may disappear because of global warming

A vicious circle: the increasingly evident retreat of ice at the North Pole triggers Arctic amplification, ie a further rise in temperatures, which in turn further accelerates the fusion of ice. Even in the North Pole, glaciers in the summer could disappear within a few decades or perhaps even before.

The fusion of the Antarctic Peninsula would lead to sea rising of 6 meters in just a few years.

4. Amazon forest

Amazon, one of the places that may disappear because of climate change
Amazon – Brazil, 2011. ©Neil Palmer/CIAT

The Amazon forest, with its incredible landscapes and ecosystems, is threatened by global warming and deforestation, which in turn is one of the first causes of these climate change. In fact, 17% of the increase in CO2 is due to the loss of forests. It’s time to go to the Amazon forest, before the drought leads to the total loss of biodiversity.

5. Maldives and the other Pacific Islands

Maldives, one of the places that may disappear because of climate change

Pacific Islanders are perhaps the first climate refugees. Who has never dreamed of visiting these ocean atolls? Our children may never know them. Kiribati, Palau, Barbados, the Marshall Islands and other small islands were key to reaching the Paris agreement.

6. Coral Reefs


The oceans absorb about 30% of the CO2 that we emit through the use of fossil fuels and deforestation, but this entails the acidification of oceans, which causes, among other things, the unbalancing of corals, and now the Great Barrier Reef Australian is dying, destroying biodiversity and depriving us of an unmatched natural show.

7. Ski holiday


Those who are used to spending their winter holidays in the mountains already know this: in recent years without artificial snow would have been almost impossible to ski and the result is still very different. Go skiing will be more and more difficult and ski stations will be less and less.

8. Timbuktu

Tmbuktu, one of the places that may disappear because of climate change

Desertification threatens Timbuktu, the unbelievable Mali Heritage World. Loss of land productivity, but also cause of wars and migratory waves.

9. Sydney and Australia

Sidney, one of the places that may disappear because of climate change

And if Sidney and all Australia became uninhabitable to man? It is not an apocalyptic movie, but the dramatic consequences of global warming on this fascinating continent. In particular, the southernmost cities now reach absurd temperatures, even 54° celsius. Here are many projects and concrete actions to combat climate change, but it may not be enough.

10. New York

New York, one of the places that may disappear because of climate change

Here is another city that is likely to disappear because of the sea level rise. The magic of its skyscrapers, Central Park, Empire State Building, who has never dreamed of living here? But the city that never sleeps might no longer exist in a few decades.

It’s not too late, we can still fight global warming, but for now, we’re not doing enough to save these beautiful places and the whole Planet.

Author: Chiara Marras

I'm Chiara, I strongly believe in the web as a point of exchange and dissemination and I think that one of the most urgent issues at the moment is eco-sustainability. So why not rediscover the journey as a union with nature and local culture?
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