Listening to the news talking about the melting glaciers, of the harsh causes and difficult consequences on the environment is nowadays become normal.

A very important phenomenon to do not underestimate: 

  • it is damaging our generation 
  • It may cause ruin the life on the earth forever

The melting of the glaciers is caused by the climate change, a consequence of the extended industrialization of our planet in the last 200 years. 

Is it to late to step in and change our behavior? 

No, it’s not.

We can still work hard to save the Hearth from the forthcoming disaster. 

Then, let’s try to better understand which are the causes and, later, also the consequences of the melting glaciers. 

The causes of the melting glaciers

Melting glaciers
Melting glaciers – Picture of Roxanna Desgagnés via Unsplash

Which are the causes of the melting of the glaciers?

First of all, it is important to know that the causes are not natural. 

The melting of the glaciers is due to men’s behavior.

We have seen the first effect starting from the XX century. 

Now, the phenomenon is getting worse and the temperature of the hearth’s surface is growing. 

The effects of the global warming 

melting of glaciers
Effects of the global warming, melting of the glaciers – Picture of Ciprian Morar via Unsplash

Our impact on the environment that surrounds us has brought during the time to serious consequences and to the consequently global warming. 

Which are the effects and the problems caused by this phenomenon? 

Let’s discover it together. 

The causes of the global warming

Certainly you have already heard about the global warming: an issue that is permanently damaging our planet. 

Which are the causes of this event? 

The principal causes that are bringing to the global warming of the Earth’s surface are: 

  • the important production of CO2;
  • the intensive combustion of fossil carbon;
  • The extended process of deforestation.

Main effects of global warming 

All of these causes lead to serious consequences of the global warming that are negatively affecting the planet Hearth and its inhabitants. 

Which are the effects of this phenomenon? 

The main consequences are: 

  • imbalance of the temperatures and rainfalls; 
  • risks for the life of the men and the animals;
  • Melting of the polar and mountain glaciers.

What are the Effects of Melting Glaciers?

meloni glaciers
Polar bears, the first victims of the melting glaciers

Today we have the necessity and responsibility to resolve the issue of the melting of the glaciers and the serious consequences. 

The impact that this event is having on our planet is really dangerous and is improving every day more. 

The main consequences of the melting of the glaciers are: 

  • Increase of the level of the oceans. The level of the water is growing covering a big part of the continental areas, that is some years could be completely submerged.
  • Climate change . The equilibrium of the cyclonic and anticyclonic structures and the weather conditions are getting worse. 
  • Imbalance of the food chain. The habitats of several marine and terrestrial species are changing and they are preserving the natural cycle. 

The North Pole is melting

melting glaciers
North Pole – Picture of Vince Gx via Unsplash

The North Pole is the area where it is easier to observe the melting glaciers. 

During the last 30 years, the surface of the arctic glaciers has extraordinary decreased.

Moreover, the average age of the of the arctic ice cap is diminishing: only a few parts are overcoming the 5 years. 

The majority of the ice of the North Pole grows during the winter season and melts during the summer. 

Scientists have estimated that in some years the North Pole will transform into an enormous salty lake.

Antarctic glaciers melting

melting glaciers
Antarctic Penguins -Picture of Torsten Dederichs via Unsplash

Even Antarctic is abundantly affected by the issues caused  by the melting of the glaciers. 

The surface of the ice cap of the South Pole is less, between 2010 and 2016 of approximately 1500 km2.

The ice cap is loosing every year approximately 5 meters of thickness from the base of the ice layer, near the ocean floor.

During the las 50 year, the phenomenon of the melting glacier is getting worse

Only in Italy, during this time we have lost the 30% of the glaciers. 

Scientists estimate that in 30 or 40 years the glaciers will disappear.

Or they will be unusable as water resource. 

Would we arrive to a disaster? 

No, we don’t want it and we mustn’t. 

Let’s make me a promise: starting from today you will get involved in the safeguard our our planet! 

Cover picture: Photo by Alexander Hafemann via Unsplash

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