Once upon a time, there was a lovely house standing 3metres up in the sky. It was a treehouse and lucky for you this is not a fairytale, it is reality and answers to the name of Awen Tree House!

Spending a night in a treehouse is a dream we have been keeping since we were children, haven’t we? It is the most enchanting experience, to be lulled by the breeze of the wind among birds and nature. Now it is possible: Awen Tree House, in Italy, is the chance to let your dreams come true.

A throwback – trips in the woods

garden of awen treehouse ecobnb

Awen Tree House lies in an astounding garden, plenty of plants, and wild animals. Moreover, right in front of the house, there is a lake, which attracts a lot of surprising birdlife.

Actually, you will find yourself completely delved into a natural paradise – birds, plants, and mainly a forest of oaks. As a result, you have the chance for a reconnection with pure nature. This can eventually happen by giving attention to the mildest noise and the sweetest scent. It is, consequently, a real return to the past days. Exactly as we were used to doing as we were kids – running in the woods, enjoying the genuine nature, and its particularly fresh perfume.

Authenticity, modernity and will to embrace nature

Awen Tree House

Awen Tree House is a unique stay thanks to the flourishing parc all around it, but not only! Actually, inside the house, you will find a double room with a bathroom equipped with an experience shower. The loft and the terrace are to make this eco-stay flawless.book sharing at awen tree house italy

The facilities are not only to be found on the tree, they eventually continue on the ground. Along the paths in the splendid garden, the owners had a unique idea: book sharing! You will find a box dedicated to the exchange of books. “Take a book – share a book” is the slogan! Last but not least, in the hottest days dive into the fresh big pool surrounded by green trees.big pool at awen tree house italy ecobnb

What more can we say to convince you of Awen Tree House beauty? I would fall for it instantly. On the one side, the charm of the flourishing nature all around you, and on the other side, the bio-architecture of this modern yet genuine treehouse.

Let’s now tell the story of this fairytale-like holiday, the narrator is now Fiammetta Cotti, the owner of the splendid Awen Tree House.

Interview with the owner Fiammetta Cotti

awen treehouse motto inspiration

How was the idea of Awen Tree House born?

Awen Tree House comes from the awareness that we are sadly losing our contact with the natural world, our home. Our slogan “let yourself be inspired” is a call for rediscovering the connection with Mother Earth. The Tree House, raised by 3 meters, lies in an 8000mq property filled by tall trees. The house faces a lovely lake, the ideal habitat for fauna and birdlife. Therefore, from the terrace, you can enjoy this view and nature in all its form, notably without bothering it in any way. A forest of oak surrounds the treehouse. Celts consider oaks as sacred trees, as they are people adoring nature. awen treehouse terrace facing the lake

Actually, we drew our inspiration from them. Awen is the breath of inspiration, to whom the call is open. With Awen Tree House, we want to let you live a totally natural experience. As a result, we offer technology detox and a detachment to noises and busy life.

lake in garden of awen treehouse

This is for you a revival of all amenities of nature, of which we are surrounded and often do not hear and see. We firmly believe in the power of Nature – the surprising passage of a wild animal, a nest in the trees. The flight of the gray heron, who often stops by the lake; the barn owls coming out of the darkness, the sound of leaves swaying among trees, the breeze softly playing with our hair. The ceiling becomes a starry sky and turns the night in the sigh of happiness.

What environmental practices have you decided to go for?

inside awen treehouse

We built the treehouse following the bio-building standards. For this reason, it is entirely made of wood and hemp fiber used as heat insulation and sound absorption.
You can adjust the light intensity, while you can switch all outdoor lights off or turn on two modes – nightfall or motion sensor.

What do your guests love the most?

Silence. Even though, that’s never silence. The songs of birds singing in the morning and the harmony with the rural and vivid environment are to surround our guests during their green holiday.

What green itineraries do you feel like suggesting?

features of awen treehouse garden

Definitely, Lake Trasimeno Park. It lies 2 km away from the property. From the ornithological perspective, this lake is a site of exceptional importance. So far, they found species are 199, 79 of them in the protected area. The birdlife can significantly vary throughout the seasons. We know the cane field area of La Valle Oasis as a site of passage for hundreds of bird species, who nest as well as feed there.

lake trasimeno italy
Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

As a consequence, every time of the year allows us to see different birds. Some of the most remarkable are, for example, eagle owl and osprey. However, many are the birds that you can find there. For instance, herons, storks, whooper swans, wild gooses, seagulls, coots, and many more.
On Lake Trasimeno, you will have the splendid opportunity to visit two of the three islands on the lake. Polvese Island is an educational and scientific park.

How have you prepared to safely welcome your guests after COVID?

Our region, Umbria, luckily was one of the least affected areas in Italy. However, we of course adopted security measures. Therefore, we adopted an ozone generator, which is a natural defense for the sanitisation of environments from bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, mites, and insects.awen treehouse logo on wooden piece

Fulfill the dreams of your childhood. The unique experience of sleeping on a treehouse is catching on, you have plenty of possibilities. Although, if you really are in need of getting back to nature and adoring it, here stands for you Awen Tree House. Have a good trip!