Which child has never dreamed of a secret (or not) shelter on a tree? Anyway, we all have seen at least an American movie or series in which children had one. And so we dreamed with them. Who could have imagined, 30 years ago, that this would have become a vacation trend? Today, this is exactly it! We’ve already presented you this new European popular trend (this accommodation in Piedmont, for instance). Today, we’ll tell about a particular tree-house.

A few km away from the town of Rogliano, near Cosenza, within the Bocchineri Estate, there’s the first tourist accommodation on a tree in Calabria, and in the whole Southern Italy. Find it out with us!

Outside view of the tree-house

A cosy, wooden nest

Waking up in the morning with no other sound but that of a light wind among the leaves. The sunlight filtered by those same leaves, before passing through the curtains. Stepping out of the door and finding yourself on a wooden balcony. Going down a staircase twisted around a thick trunk. No, it is not unreal.

The tree on which the house is built is a massive oak.  The 16 square meters structure is devoted to the bedroom and the bathroom. A piece of furniture placed next to the front wall at the entrance hides a comfortable retractable double bed. So, during the day the room becomes a living. With a special detail: a piece of the trunk crosses the space. In the corner, there are also a mini-fridge and a burner.

From the window in the bathroom, you can admire the monumental tree of the Estate. It is a century-old oak, recently ranked in the national list of monumental trees for its longevity and magnificence. The same window overlooks on a paddock that hosts three deers, recently arrived in the property.

deers and unspoiled nature around the treehouse
deers and unspoiled nature around the treehouse, ph. by Carmine Altomare

Eco-friendliness between branches

The building project took into account the environmental impact, safety, with specific reference to the choice of the tree. Environmental friendly materials have been used. We talk about bio-architecture: all walls (including roof and floor) are insulated with rigid insulating panels that contribute to optimize the thermal performance and consumption of the house.

The Bocchineri Estate is accessible without car. Indeed, it’s provided with a free transfer service for any guests who arrive in the area by public transport. The breakfast menu uses zero km food. Seasonal fruit harvested directly from the biologic garden, located nearby the tree-house. It is served water of notoriously excellent aqueduct. Cleaning products are natural, highly biodegradable and environmental friendly. The structure uses only energy-saving lamps and water flow reducers. A plant for the recovery and reuse of water is in progress, while two small tanks already collect rainwater to irrigate the garden. More, thanks to the system of the municipality of Rogliano, collection and disposal of waste exceeds the 80% of differentiation.

Discovering the Bocchineri Estate

The Bocchineri Estate, hosting the tree-house, has a surface of 3 hectares. Besides the biologic vegetable garden and the monumental tree, there’s also a picnic area, making it the perfect location also for children. The wide garden is full of chestnut trees. In one of those it’s been carved a small fountain, with a granitic drinking trough, handcrafted. It is possible to visit the museum of rural culture, consisting of three rooms in two tiny houses, within the property.

Last but not least, for who enjoys wandering, here you can explore 2 km of trails among the woods. Educational excursions to discover the local flora, the river “Lara”, the aquarium (typical wall of 60 meters built with dry stones), a wooden chalets, and the refuge of the Brigands.

The small rural culture museum in the estate
The small rural culture museum

Things to do and see in Rogliano and surroundings

The town of Rogliano deserves a tour. It is populated by less than 6 thousand people. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1638 and rebuilt later. The Cathedral is very nice to see, it’s dedicated to S. Peter. Then, explore the historic city center, walking through the “wrinkles”, the alleys. You’ll get to see the typical neighbourhoods (rioni, so-called).

Taste the local products, starting with Savuto DOC, red wine from mountains, known back in the ancient Rome. Then eat the typical bread, the famous pork cured meats (sazizza, prisuttu, supressate) and the chestnuts (made either with cooked must, chestnut honey, chocolate or bergamot). Enjoy the handcrafted works in leather, wrought-iron, wood and ceramic. And more, the particular embroideries applied on sheets and towels.

The town is a few kilometers away from the area of the Sila National Park. The bigger cities of Cosenza and Lamezia Terme are easily accessible by car, in around 30 and 45 minutes respectively. In the summer, don’t miss the well-known town of Amantea. The fishermen village, facing Tirreno Sea, is one hour away from Rogliano. It’s chosen also by windsurf and kitesurf enthusiasts. And of course, it’s the perfect chance for those who want to try such activities for the first time.

Adventure, good food, nature, sustainability and a dash of magic too. That reminding us that childhood wish. Now that we’ve grown up, we can still make it happen and build a memory. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well, it’s time to make sure you get your night in the Tree-house in the Bocchineri Estate. The dreamy secret shelter at a click.

Cover image by Lucia Anastasi, made with Canva. All the pictures are property of the Bocchineri Estate.

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