Who wants to look good on the earth shall keep the necessary distance” wrote Italo Calvino in his wonderful novel “The Baron in the Trees “.

The adventure of Cosimo, who decides to spend his whole life in the trees, watching the world from above, has always fascinated me. After marrying an architect with vertigo problems, I have temporarily forgotten this dream.

Then, recently, discovering this 3 beautiful tree houses in Italy, my dream of trying for a few days the life of Baron in the Trees has been rekindled!  And I discovered that the tree houses, in addition to being beautiful and sustainable architecture, can also be incredibly comfortable.

Living in the trees is to return children to listen to the whispering of the wind through the leaves, get used to the smell of resin , look at the earth from above, get rid of unnecessary worries, change point of view, to rediscover the important things, to live simply in an authentic way. It looks like a call to abandon all the mess of everyday life in order to find refuge in a real place , where contact with nature became happiness!

If you do not suffer from vertigo , here there are some suggestions to spend amazing eco-friendly holiday in Italy, of course on a real tree house!

1 . The Tree Houses in Lazio, La Piantata organic farm

In Tuscia, a few kilometers from Bolsena Lake and Tuscania, an ancient Etruscan town, the organic farm “La Piantata” offers two environmentally friendly tree houses. From 8 meters in height you can see the amazing italian lanscape, with olives trees, and fragrant lavender. One of the house is on a majestic old oak tree, designed by the French architect Alain Laurent. All the tree houses have incredibly comfortable rooms, large wooden terraces, sheltered by the branches, where you can consume the organic breakfast with homemade pastries and fresh ricotta.

2 . The tree house in Piedmont, B&B Il Giardino dei Semplici

The Bed & Breakfast “Il Giardino dei Semplici”, lying the hill of Manta, at the foot of the western Alps, in the province of Cuneo, offers a romantic tree house. It’s a small wooden bedroom (with bathroom) embraced by branches of a giant oak tree, and surrounded by a terrace where is served the organic breakfast, through a wicher basket hanging from the branch. Everything is ready to take you into a dream, suspended between the earth and the sky!

3 . The tree house in Abruzzo, L’Aperegina organic farm

In the province of Pescara, you can choose to sleep in a romantic lodge in the branches of an old almond tree, in the organic farm “L’ApereginaThis beautiful refuge suspended between earth and sky, has a misterious story: several copies that could not have children have realized their dream after sleeping some days inside this tree house . Coincidence ? Maybe so, but in the meantime the big tree has been nicknamed “the almond tree of fertility”!

Sometimes spending a few days in a tree house, can change in better our lives and give us a new perspective on the world. Using the words of the great italian writer Italo Calvino: “Even when you think of a few feet, a trip can be without return“! (Italo Calvino, The Baron in the Trees).

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Cover photo: The tree house farm Organic Planting , Arlena di Castro , Viterbo, Italy