Nature, silence, essentiality. What’s better than a vacation that is a real vacation, full of emotions and beauty? Here you can sleep on an oak tree, immerse yourself in natural thermal baths, experience farm life and taste the delicacies of the Tuscan Upper Maremma

Do you want a different holiday, far from the usual places and in contact with nature? Imagine waking up in this treehouse, among the branches of a tall oak. Go out on the terrace and admire the colors of the countryside and the soft contours of the hills. Enjoy the silence, the slight rustling of the wind among the leaves, the first rays of the sun that illuminate the Ombrone Valley, in the province of Grosseto (Tuscany).

Sleeping in the branches of a tree is a unique experience that is good for the body and soul. A trend that is also growing in Italy. From Calabria to Piedmont, in fact, there are several locations where you can experience the beauty of waking up among the leaves.

A night on a treehouse, in Tuscany

treehouse on oak

In Tuscany, there is the small house on the oak of the Glamping “Il Sole”. An eco-friendly retreat surrounded by nature, among the unique landscapes of the Alta Maremma, natural spas in which to dive (like those of Petriolo), and ancient villages to discover.

The green experience includes a rich buffet breakfast based on organic and local products, and a km 0 dinner prepared with the farm’s specialties, such as sheep’s cheese, bread, and homemade tortelli. The interior of the house is simple and essential, to let the attention focus on the spectacle of nature all around.

When the weather permits you can dine under the stars, and relax in the relaxation area under the branches of the oak, admiring the magical spectacle of the sky.

sky with stars
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You can immerse yourself in the hot vapors of the hot tub located at the foot of the oak. There is no better way to relax and disconnect from the hectic pace of everyday life if you are not lulled by the warm water enjoying the spectacle of nature, perhaps at sunset.

room of treehouse on oak
The interiors of the oak house are all in natural wood, with Himalayan salt lamps that create a warm and relaxing environment. A selection of incense and perfumed oils amplify the sensory experience and help restore balance. The small library and the selection of teas and herbal teas, with hot and freshwater dispenser, found in the treehouse are designed for moments of relaxation. In the private bathroom with a shower, you will also find a selection of perfumed bath essences.

Ancient villages and natural thermal baths

The location of the cottage on the oak is perfect for exploring the nature of the Tuscan Maremma. All around 85 hectares of meadows, pastures and cultivated fields of the Pietra Serena farm. The zero miles products of the farm can be enjoyed on the terrace of the treehouse: an aperitif with local wines and views of the surrounding landscape.

Five minutes away by car you will find the free Petriolo natural thermal baths. And then, many small and fascinating small medieval villages to be discovered, such as Volterra and Colle Val d’Elsa.

thermal bath of petrolio
The thermal bath of Petriolo, Tuscany, photo by Raimond Spekking, source: Wikimedia

The flavors at zero km and the slow rhythms of the farm

Pietra Serena farm produces various dairy products, from ricotta to the traditional Tuscan pecorino cheese. You can even decide to live a day as a farmer, participating in all the daily activities of the farm, such as caring for animals, the vegetable garden and orchard, milking and cheese preparation.

The slow pace of country life, the house on the oak, the unique flavor of local products, will make your holiday unforgettable.

Are you ready for a weekend in nature?

trehouse on oak

Author: Giulia Fasano

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